12 Feb        E - Exam in Academic Life
Online Test/Exam from Anytime, Anywhere!
Just Exam Online Test Platform enables hiring managers in companies and recruiters to accurately pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate, saving time and making faster and better hiring decisions. Get your own pre-hire testing, employee evaluation, and skills measurement tool. Use Just Exam adaptive testing platform to create ...
10 Feb        E - Exam in Academic Life
Necessary Information for Online Examinations Platform
If you are looking to implement Online Examination platform for your institute then it is essential to understand new platform implications in terms of process change, automation, security aspect during online examination process. Computer based Online Examination Online Examination 1. Defining the Process:...
27 Jan        E - Exam in Academic Life
Benefits of Online Examination Software
We are not just competing with mighty challengers from the same state, but instead are competing with the best people from across the world, through use of the new online examination software system. A student from an Asian country can today give test in the any country for globe, thus competing with other g...
25 Jan        E - Exam in Academic Life
How to Manage Online Entrance Exam of your Institute
Admission season is around the corner and educational institutes are gearing up for it. In addition to verifying academic credentials of the candidate, institute are also checking aptitude level of the applicant. Assessments and Entrance Exams have been used to check aptitude or psychometric analysis of the ...
22 Jan        E - Exam in Academic Life
How Cloud Computing Technology for Online Examination Platform can save your cost
Cloud computing is buzzword for today. Most of the applications and services are utilizing it to improve efficiency and reduce cost of managing the services and applications. Online Examination Management using Cloud Computing Online examination platform is perfectly suited for h...