Advantage and Feature Of Online Examination Module

Advantage and Feature Of Online Examination Module

Are you thinking of online exam? Give rest to your thinking because you are at the right place. We have a powerful web based online exam software, which enables educators, professionals, & survey organizers to manage their questions & conduct online exams.
 Conduct Exam/Test Online with Just Exam In this age of information technology, students are very well familiar with the internet and computer. So internet based education system is getting popular day by day. Continuing on the same trend, the web/internet based online exams/tests are also the latest vogue, and so the requirement of the time. We provides the means for Directors/ Exam coordinator of the educational / Training organizations to manage their online exams, and for students to take them effortlessly. Premium Membership is the most innovative and user friendly online test platform and promises to you to help automate online examination process completely. From registrations of students to creating test paper for them by uploading of question paper on its own - everything is in your control.

Features of Online Exam Software -

» Rank Generated
» Net Marks Scored
» Section-Wise Marks Scored
» Net Percentage Scored
» Section-Wise Percentage Scored
» Final Result
» Section-Wise Result
» Net Positive Marks
» Section-Wise Positive Marks
» Net Negative Marks
» Section-Wise Negative Marks
» Net Attempted Questions
» Section-Wise Attempted Questions
» Net Skipped Questions
» Section-Wise Skipped Questions
» Net Correct Questions
» Net Incorrect Questions
» Difficulty Level of a Questions

Examination Management

Just Exam offers everything you need to create & run tests and exams online for your candidates. You can take tests on daily/weekly basis and analyze learning the best way. Our Exam Manager is one the most advanced with the following features:
★ Create exam section wise.
★ Assign name and marks to each section.
★ Assign section wise passing marks.
★ Make password secured exam.
★ Section wise assign order to questions in a exam i.e. randomly or not.

Our Exam Manager allows:-

» Refreshing during live exam/test has no effect on reverse timer.
» Student answer selection is fed into system in real time.
» Student can the change the choosen option.
» Unmark the selected option.
» Mark for review feature.
» No effect of internet connection lost.
» Back up is maintained on internet lost or electricity diconnection.

Variety of Question Type:-

» Single Choice Questions
» Mutiple Choice Questions
» Match the Column
» Assertion and Reason Type
» Fill in the blanks
» True or False
» Integer Type
» One Word Type
» Yes or No Type

Online exam through Just Exam uses revolutionary modes to make your whole examination process quick, simple and effective. Students get results instantly and compare with others. You must be wondering how the student is able to utilize all these above features for a online exam. This is done with the help of a personal student panel. An online exam screenshot is shown in image.