Teacher- The Great Influence in a Students Life

Teacher- The Great Influence in a Students Life

The Best Master Tale
Teaching is a beautiful art of inspiring and leading. To inspire others, teachers themselves pass through learning experiences. In a good teacher’s life every moment is an adventure that he/she shares with his/her students as if narrating a fairy-tale. Best teachers may not always be the heroes of their life’s fairytales. Sometimes villains touch our hearts with the most-humane acts. Some other times support-roles receive the best appreciation from the audience. At the end of the day, what matters is if you have played your part well.

Best teachers arise from the toughest living conditions and best students are born in the hearts of these teachers. If a teacher has gone through what the student is currently going through, then it would be possible to guide the student in the best possible way.  Having a good teacher means to have someone beside you, who understands you, cares for you and suggest the best possible solutions to your problems.

The world history has seen several good teachers and how they have influenced their student’s lives. One such story is the transformation of a student, the most ‘impossible’ student in worldly terms, to one influential figure that the world rushed to see. Indeed the world waited to the words of Helen Keller, the lady who never heard any voices or saw the beauty of the earth. Her inner voice was Anne Sullivan, the blind teacher who had learnt the art of speaking into the soul, setting ablaze the spirit of improving without comparisons.

Inculcating the value of independence in students
A number of College Scholarships help to achieve the goal of financing for one’s education, presently. Independence would never mean the arrogance to never change. It is necessary to cultivate the positive attitude of accepting the suggestions that would transform you into a better individual, and teachers can help develop that behavior in a student. A number of universities facilitate independent education in the recent times. Students have learnt to be independent, both financially and socially.

Many renowned universities have transformed their way of teaching, so much similar to how Anne Sullivan began a revolution with Helen Keller. There was a time when multitasking was an unused word. But today we learn and earn at the same time.
The online programs offered by various universities have helped with this mission. Universities such as Welsh University are offering the degrees mostly via digital platform. Though the technology has improved, the tuition remains reasonable. Welsh University Tuition definitely demands a reasonable cost for what you earned. The teachers who teach on the campus teach the online students as well in most of the cases. Online education has bridged the gap between students and teachers as it is flexible and instructors are easily available.

Anne Sullivan -The charmer of voices and sights
The blind, bold and beautiful teacher is an exemplary model of ‘good’ teaching. When we say ‘good’ teaching, it can be interpreted in two ways - teaching goodness and the good-teaching-style. As the sources say, the teacher had a family, only to lose it at the age of 10. With less support but pure determination she made herself ready to take up the herculean task of teaching a deaf and blind student. When her student succeeded with flying colors, people understood that communication is more than just words, voices and sights.

Students would never remain ignorant if the teacher becomes a source of knowledge for them. They would never go astray if the tutor becomes their path. Students would not become coward if the teacher builds a castle of confidence around them. The best teacher teaches the student to be his/her own masterpiece.

How and when to correct a student?
There is no perfect time for teachers to correct their students. They can do it anytime they find mistakes or think their students can improve in certain things. But remember, corrections are not criticisms and teachers are not just meant to find mistakes. Give the students the confidence to correct themselves.

You can start by teaching them to accept the criticisms, instead of taking it in a negative way. Let them learn the art of forgiving and forgetting. Teach them the possibilities of curiosity and let them paint the zenith of their excellence. It is necessary to let them understand the importance of ‘unlearning’ as equal to learning. More than specifying how wrong they were, just tell them how different the situation would have been if the they had done it the right way. Teach them that failure is alright and how to overcome it. Teach them to think and let that thought be the cause for their change.

How affectionate should a teacher be?
There was a recently post on social media that featured a teacher who greeted each student with a unique handshake. The emotional attachment that each student had with the teacher was easily recognizable in the video. The point to be conveyed is clear. Can you identify each of your students with their unique peculiarities? Is teaching just your way of livelihood? Can you re-collect the names of the smart students of your class? Anyway, a questionnaire would never tell you how good you are doing as a teacher, however, your students will.

How is a teacher’s success measured?
Student’s success is most often measured by the grades that they receives or prizes that they get. A teacher’s success is measured by the different parameters. The biggest misconception is that a teacher who brings the maximum percentages to a school is the best teacher. There are also other teachers who live in the hearts of their students.

The victory of a teacher is definitely the number of students who remember the teacher with a happy thought. Definitely, the best teacher is the one who makes the greatest sacrifices for their students. The hard work of them can bear the best fruits in the life of a student.

Never measure the success of your teaching career with the number of your successful students or by the number of students who never went astray, but by the number of students who had the confidence to smile after a lost-battle.