How to Manage Online Entrance Exam of your Institute

How to Manage Online Entrance Exam of your Institute

Admission season is around the corner and educational institutes are gearing up for it. In addition to verifying academic credentials of the candidate, institute are also checking aptitude level of the applicant. Assessments and Entrance Exams have been used to check aptitude or psychometric analysis of the applicant. Use of technology can help to differentiate and take quick decision about suitable candidates.

Admission in institute  - Online Entrance Exam

Online Registration and payment
Applicants can register for the entrance exam using online registration process. Applicant can fill the form and can make online payment. Hall ticket of the exam can be downloaded after payment confirmation. It helps to make entire process paperless.

Defining Weightages of sections
Online assessment allows you to define weightages and cutoff for each section of online assessment. Based on weightages students can be accepted or rejected for further processing.

Calculations of Percentile Scores
Entrance Exam Score Analysis
Institute can define cutoff percentile for the entrance exam. System can calculate eligible students accordingly.

Location Mobility
Online Assessment platform like can help you to design entrance exam quickly along with scheduling option. Applicants can appear for the exam from any exam center location.

Secure Online Examination System
Online Assessment can be made more secure with invigilator password protection, web camera monitoring. Just Exam supports various feature to make overall assessment process more secure. When candidate is appearing for the exam, web camera connected to the device can take snapshot of the candidate during random times. It will authenticate candidate. Online Assessment can also be made location/ IP Specific where only machines with specific IP Address will be allowed to initiate the exam.