Best Quality Online Examination Software

Best Quality Online Examination Software


It is a comprehensive online examination software for conducting any type of exam.

If you are thinking for online examination software, then Unique Tutor Arc Pvt. Ltd will provide you with best in class online examination software. A user friendly software which is designed in accordance to the customer.
With Unique Tutor Arc Pvt. Ltd. Online Examination Software, online exams can be conducted at ease and a team of developers constantly research on making the procedure of exam easy. We aim of helping the students as well as the clients such as companies and universities.

We had develop our software keeping in view different exam patterns and user requirements, this system  have MCQs, objective questions, essay type questions, skills-based questions, simulation questions as well as personality tests etc. that can be easily integrated into a single assessment.

Silent features of our online exam software:

  • Support 4 types of question:
  • One answer (single choice) question
  • Multiple answer (multiple choices) question
  • True/False question
  • Fill in the blank question
  • Support displaying picture, audio, video in question
  • Support TOEIC exam format
  • Free and paid exam