Online Examination Software

This is the best online exam software one can have, we assure you. This single exam software lets you conduct quiz, practice test, mock test for all competitive exams in India. You can allot test package to your student from admin or a student can register directly and buy package from student panel either through web or app. Student can take test via laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile.
    This premium software has : :
  • User Management (Staff, Franchise, Associates and students)
  • Quiz Module
  • Practice & Mock Test Module
  • Monetize Package
  • Monetize Test
  • Detail Reports
  • Coupan Module
  • Tag Study Material in a Package
  • Tag Videos in a Package
  • Latest Annoncements
  • Current Affairs Module
  • Question Bank Library
  • Sales Reports


Let us have an overview of how our online exam software works?
Suppose you are a superadmin of this software. You can create 4 types of users:
  1. Staff (will get access as per permissions set by you)
  2. Franchise (can create its own packages and assign it to its own student only or can assign package alloted to him by superadmin)
  3. Associate (superadmin directly want to sell test package to an institute for example 50 student account to an institute for a test pacakge can add a new associate and import a 50 students excel sheet and its done.)
  4. Student (can be created by admin, staff or self registration)

Once you are done with users the next step is to create quiz, practice test and mocke tests. We will provide you and training of how these are done in our online exam software once you become our client.

Exam Software Working & Features

  1. Staff Management : Create staff and assign them work according to their profile. A staff can access only those features which are enabled.
  2. Franchise Management : Create franchise and provide them login details. Enable permission to allow franchise to create a new test package or allot test package/s created by superadmin with student limit per package. Franchise can also create its staff and assign them permission as per their role. NOTE : Test package created by the franchise can not be monetize. These can only be alloted by franchise to its students.
  3. Associate Management : Associate is like mini franchise. Suppose an institute do not want to do any online work but want online test packaage for 'x' number of students. All you need to do is just ask that institute a list of those 'x' number of students, and then create an associate and import the list directly into a test package. Now your sytem will show 'x' students in 'y' test package of 'z' associate.
  4. Student Management : Student can register itself from registration page in an exam board for example like CBSE, UPSC etc and will get access to all data and information as per his/her registered exam board. Student can purchase test package. Admin/Staff can even allot test package to a student. Student will get regular updates like job notifications, latest annoncements and current affairs in its student panel.
  5. Quiz Module : Create a quiz and tag quiz in multi subjects. A student can atempt a quiz any number of times. For Example you create a quiz on topic gravitation. Now you can tag it in NEET UG (Physics), JEE MAIN (Physics) and so on.
  6. Test Management : Create practice tests as well as mock tests according to requirement and allot them into a test package. Add Sections, Marking Scheme, Negative Marking, test Start & end date. Our software allows you to create test in 4 different test themes. You can add 8 types of questions into these tests.
  7. Question Bank Library : Admin/staff can add question in each test in three ways. 1. Add single question one by one. 2) Import questions from an excel sheet. 3.) Insert Questions from your personal question bank library which you have created in the software. Add Images, use mathematical formulas, scientific equation and create tables in question & answer.
  8. Monetize Package : Create a package and its details (Amount & No. of tests) and tag practice tests and mock tests into it. Live Packages can be purchased by student from its student panel. Upon sucessful payment by student through online payment gateway, the test package is added to student 'My Test Packages Tab' in its student account. A student can apply coupan and get discount before making the final purchase.
  9. Coupan Management : Student can get discount by using coupan code while purchasing a test package. Admin/Staff can create coupans. To create coupans select a franchise, enter no of coupan you want to create and discount in percentage. Then click on save. Coupans are created. One Coupan can be used only once.
  10. Sales Reports : All the reports of sales of test packages or a single test can be filter and as per GST or non-GST can be seen on a single click.
  11. Test Reports : Once a student complete a test wheather practice or mock, its result is generated. The reports of these tests can be seen anytime by admin/staff in their panel under the tab 'TEST REPORTS'. 5 types of test reports are generated i.e answer report, question report, rank report, compare with topper and scorecard.
  12. Versatile Package : This is like cream on a cake. You can even sell video lectures and study material in these test package, making it like an online course.

* Exam Management : Our examination manager allow the following :-
  • Refreshing during live exam/test has no effect on reverse timer.
  • Student answer selection is fed into system in real time.(Optional)
  • Student can change the chosen option (as per admin permission).
  • Unmark the selected option.
  • No effect of internet connection lost.
  • Back up is maintained on internet lost or electricity disconnection.
* Some Other Benefits are as :-
  • Print facilities
  • Set message and email permission for all steps.
  • Deeply student result reports.
  • No exam lost after disconnect internet connection.
  • No time lost after power failure.
  • Mobile, tablets, desktop optimization.
  • Color combination as per client requirement.
  • User friendly panel with organization name and logo.


For live demo, feel free to write at or Call at +91 - 9212462845