Need of online examination software for educational institutions

Need of online examination software for educational institutions

Long before the onset of covid-19 pandemic the universities around the world were offering open online courses as a support to face to face teaching. But with the outbreak of covid-19 in India and lockdown by the central govt the teaching and assessment methodology of educational institutions completely came to halt. The situation demanded field responses from educational institutions to adopt alternative method of teaching and conducting examination.
As a result, the education institutions moved towards an automated system of teaching and conducting examination.

Requirement of online examination software

In order to continue education of the students, their daily classes can be conducted using technology such as online conferencing and video-based learning platform such as Google meet, Microsoft teams, zoom etc but to analyse growth and progress for student performance and to conclude the academic cycle, the exam are necessary.

An online exam software simplifies the examination process and assist education institution to conduct exam by using internet. The online examination software offered by JUST EXAM is cost-effective with no variable costs, flexible, scalar and efficient in use. It simplifies the complete examination process from creation of exam paper to the declaration of results.

With an inbuilt robot server, the online exam software is designed to store, process, retrieve and generate bulk data. This feature helps institute in storing and processing data thus enables it not only reducing the operational costs but also in reducing time to design question papers, storing answer scripts, making grade card etc. In overall it streamlines different phases of offline setup such as registration of students, allocation of roll number, appointment of question paper setters, invigilators, evaluation of answer sheets grading and declaration of performance reports.

This system helps to auto evaluate the answers by comparing it with a set of predefined answers. With no delay in evaluation process and no human involvement this system ensures error free valuation. The system supports multiple language provide multimedia based multi user interface.
One of the most useful features of the online exam software is the question bank. It is a collection of test questions designed to cover prescribed test. It facilitates the generation of automatic exam script containing different types of questions. Teachers can use question bank to set up practice tests. Students can choose to attempt this question at their place and time.