Future Of Online Examination System in India

Future Of Online Examination System in India

This is a modern era of technology where everything becomes online. Internet is connecting more people at a faster rate than ever before. From purchasing of apparels to cosmetics every small item is available online and the consumers are enjoying it.

As it is also said that Digitalization is the future. 

Today we will discuss about the scope of the online examination system and whether it will overtake the pen and paper based examination system?

Constant technological development leads to a rapid expansion of the assessment industry. Many of the coaching institutes and learning centers are developing their interest in conducting online tests through the online examination software for their students instead of pen and paper-based exam. It clearly proves that the online examination software is the future of assessment methodology. 

Coaching institutes and learning centers are adopting new techniques and eliminating traditional assessment techniques. There are various reasons why institutes are swapping from the classic system of assessment to the computerized assessment of education which we will discuss below. 

An online examination software requires an active computer network or internet connection for conducting online tests. 

The education sector is completely dominated by technology in a way that pen paper examination mode is getting faded. There are the following reasons due to why so many institutes, centers, schools have made their belief in the modern assessment.

(1) Conduct Exam with Ease: Examination through a computer network allows the management to manage tasks involved in organizing the exam.

It becomes very easy to create any exam just by selecting questions from the assessment organization question bank or uploading from excel file. Student's can also check their result instantly. 

(2) Staff Arrangement: One of the major problems with the classic assessment methodology is to arrange invigilators & teachers to access written examinations and conducting an interview.

(3) Entrance Exam Applications: Every year the universities spend a lot on verifying the aspirant's applications for the written examination. Also, arranging staff for physical exams and making exam centers for examination is a tough job.

(4) Less Administrative Duties: It takes a lot of time and money to manage & supply question papers for examination and organizing transportation facility to transport completed papers to makers. While in online assessment there is no burden of any administrative duties as well as saves time and money.

(5) Competency Assessment: There is no definitive way to assess the capacity and character of children in the standard examination mode. This technique discourages educators from specifying their behavioral and cognitive competencies to the students.

(6) Global Connectivity: Candidates from different locations or areas can attempt for exams conducted by examining bodies through an online assessment. It saves them a lot of time and efforts.

(7) Transformation to Modern Computerized Assessment: Institutes, Colleges, Coaching and Training centers are know transforming to online computerized assessment and they all are getting various benefits from same. Organization and student both had adopted an online examination system delightfully.

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