Best Online Exam Software to Create Online Tests

Best Online Exam Software to Create Online Tests

The online exam software helps to take an online test in order to check the knowledge and skill of a student. Earlier for attempting the exam, students need to attend the classes or colleges. But now a student can attempt the exam online through an online examination portal with ease from their homes. All that you need is an online browser and an active internet connection.
In future, the scope of online examination system is very high and the institutes/colleges are shifting their interest towards this new technology. It is also predicted that this online technology will overtake pen and paper based examination system. Read how


Types of online exams conducted in India
Types of Online Exams

Every year various competitive exams were held for management education, banking recruitment, BBA, MCA, LIC, IBPS PO, SSC, PSI, RRB, and others are carried out.

Just Exam offers the facility of readymade online tests packages with latest pattern and questions for all entrance examinations held in India. Just Exam is the right platform for you to run the coaching institute and scan your examination method. Evaluation for each chapter / topic / sub-topic can be defined.

Types of online exams conducted in India: -

Subjective Online Exams
  • Helpful for conducting tests in which the candidate needs to type theoretical answers to the questions.
  • These tests include questions like an essay, short answer, definitions, scenario questions, and opinion questions.
Objective Online Exams
  • In objective tests candidate needs to provide a specific answer from given options and there is no room for opinion.
  • These tests include questions like matching, true/false, multiple choice and fill in the blank.
Online Aptitude Test
  • Online skill tests are helpful in understanding problem solving ability, data analysis, and the individual's reasoning ability.
  • An aptitude test can be defined with Reasoning, Mathematics, Data Interpretation.
  • Multiple organisations conducting aptitude test through Just Exam Platform to understand problem solving quotient of the prospective employee.
Personality Test
  • It is helpful to know important aspects such as leadership, team player, interpersonal skill, decision making in a person.
  • Face-to-face interview may not reveal all personality facts, so a standard evaluation process can help organizations make the right decision to hire a specific candidate.

How to create an online test?
Create Online Tests

Just Exam Platform allows users to create an online practice and mock test with various features like Negative Marking, adding images, Selecting Test Theme, Objective/ Subjective Question types, bulk questions upload, etc.

Features of online examination software

Advanced Question Bank Library - Administrators/staff can add questions in three ways to each test.

  • Import questions from an excel sheet
  • Insert Questions from your personal question bank library which you have created
  • Add single question one by one
Add Multiple Types of Questions - Limitless questions can be added and associated with the question bank. Adding different types of questions feature is available in Just Exam platform such as multiple choice, multiple response, true-false, fill in the blanks, match following, match matrix and essay. Add Images, use mathematical formulas, scientific equation and create tables in question & answer.
Image Based Questions with Various Formats - Defines questions using various writing formats and can add images to create an interactive online examination system. Multi-language creation, combination of variant scoring, smooth use of special symbols and complex mathematical equations. English is the default language and can support Hindi or other regional languages.
Questions Import & Export in Bulk - Just Exam facilitates to upload & download questions in bulk using excel format.
Multiple Test Themes - Just Exam offers 4 different test themes to optimize and customize student exposure on the online examination. You can add 8 types of questions into these tests.
Provides Multi Language Support
  • Online Exam can be conducted in English, Hindi or other regional languages.
  • Questions can be viewed in the candidate’s preferred language.
  • Eliminate English barriers for online examinations
Assign Multi Test to Students - User can assign multiple tests to students at a time. 

How to manage online exam Portal?
Online Exam Portal

Create Users - Just Exam platform allows admin user to create staff, Franchise, Associate and students in their panel. You can suppose you are a super admin of this software. You can create 4 types of users:

  • Staff (will get access as per permissions set by you)
  • Franchise (can create its own packages and assign it to its own student only or can assign package allotted to him by super admin)
  • Associate (super admin directly want to sell test package to an institute for example 50 student account to an institute for a test package can add a new associate and import 50 students excel sheet and it's done.)
  • Student (can be created by admin, staff or self-registration)
Test Management: User can create practice tests as well as mock tests according to their need and allot them into test packages. Following are the key features: -
  • Add Sections
  • Marking Scheme
  • Negative Marking
  • Start and End date
  • Different themes
  • Add multiple types of questions

Buy Package: A student can buy the required product easily from the panel of students. To attract aspirants, the administrator can run timely promotional drives. Using the smooth buying cycle, an aspiring candidate can easily buy a product.

Coupon Management: User can create coupons and allot it to the students by providing a unique coupon code. Students can get discount by using coupon code while purchasing a test package.

Test Report: The reports of these tests can be seen anytime by admin/staff in their panel under the tab 'TEST REPORTS'. There are 5 types of test reports can be generated i.e. answer report, question report, rank report, compare with topper and scorecard.

Sales Reports: Report of sales for any particular test package or test can be filtered and viewed according to GST or non-GST on a single go.

Mobile app for online Tests
Mobile App for Online Test

Just Exam do provide Android and IOS based App platform for conducting online tests on smartphones devices. Just Exam development team has developed two unique and widely used evaluation solutions for your gadgets compatible with Android and iOS. This native application can be easily installed and used on their mobile and tablet devices. This simplified online examination system offers adaptive and algorithmic information flow, navigation features, options for grid viewing, and more. The user interface is designed specifically and customized to improve the user experience for each icon and button placement.

Choose the right online examination system for your organisation