Class/Course - Class IX

Subject - Science

Total Number of Question/s - 4476

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  • 1. Matter in Our Surroundings - Quiz

    1. Matter has ___________
    a) mass but occupies no space
    b) no mass but occupies space
    c) mass and occupies space
    d) no mass and occupies no space

    2. The boiling point of ethane is, -880 C. This temperature will be equivalent to:
    a) 285 K
    b) 288 K
    c) 185 K
    d) 361 K

  • 2. Is Matter Around Us Pure - Quiz

    1. Which of the following are compounds?
    (i) CO (ii) NO (iii) NO (iv)Co
    a) (i) and (ii)
    b) (ii) and (iii)
    c) (i) and (iii)
    d) (ii) and (iv)

    2. Mixture of sand and camphor can be purified by -
    a) sublimation
    b) distillation
    c) filtration
    d) sedimentation

  • 3. Atoms and Molecules - Quiz

    1. Linear molecule among the following is :
    a) CO2
    b) NO2
    c) SO3
    d) SiO2

    2. What will be the weight in grams of 0. 1 mole of CaCO3 ?
    a) 11g
    b) 12g
    c) 3g
    d) 10g

  • 4. Structure of the Atom - Quiz

    1. The radioactive isotope used in the treatment of cancer is:
    a) plutonium-239
    b) arsenic-74
    c) cobalt-60
    d) iodine-131

    2. The first element in the periodictable having a p-orbital electron is :
    a) helium
    b) lithium
    c) boron
    d) fluorine

  • 5. The Fundamental Unit Of Life - Quiz

    1. Ribosome are made up of
    a) lipoprotein
    b) RNA
    c) protein
    d) both b and c

    2. The only cell organelle seen in prokaryotic cell
    a) mitochondria
    b) ribosomes
    c) plastids
    d) lysosomes

  • 6. Tissues - Quiz

    1. Husk of coconut is made of
    a) sclerenchymatous tissue
    b) parenchyma
    c) collenchyma
    d) chlorenchyma

    2. Pseudostratified epithelium is present in:
    a) Larynx
    b) Urinary bladder
    c) Trachea
    d) Nephron

  • 7. Diversity in Living Organisms - Quiz

    1. The presence of the feature which distinguishes a male cockroach from the female cockroach is the presence of:
    a) membranous wings
    b) presence of jointed eggs
    c) presence of chitinous exoskeleton
    d) presence of a pair of anal style in the 9th abdominal segment

    2. The feature that is not a chracteristic of protochordata?
    a) presence of notochord
    b) bilateral symmetery and coelom
    c) joined leg
    d) presence of circulatory system

  • 8. Motion - Quiz

    1. A particle is pushed along a horizontal surface in such a way that it starts with a velocity of 12 m/s. and decrease at the rate of 0.5 m/s2. The time it will take to come to rest is:
    a) 84 s
    b) 48 s
    c) 24 s
    d) 42 s

    2. A body travels 200 cm in the first two seconds and 220 cm in the next four seconds. The velocity at the end of seventh second from start is:
    a) 10 cm/s
    b) 5 cm/s
    c) 15 cm/s
    d) 20 cm/s

  • 9. Force and Laws of Motion - Quiz

    1. When we talk of a force acting on a body, it usually means:
    a) electrical force
    b) balanced force
    c) unbalanced force
    d) nuclear force

    2. If a bomb at rest explodes and splits into two equal fragments. These into two fragments will move in:
    a) One direction and with the same speed
    b) Opposite directions with different velocity
    c) Opposite directions with unequal speed
    d) Opposite directions with equal speed

  • 10. Gravitation - Quiz

    1. Communication satellites move in the orbits of radius 44,400 km around the earth. The acceleration of such a satellite assuming that the only force acting on it is due to the earth is: (Me = 6 x 1024 kg)
    a) 0.4 m/s2
    b) 0.6 m/s2
    c) 0.2 m/s2
    d) 0.1 m/s2

    2. The diagrams represent four measuring cylinders containing liquids. The mass and volume of the liquids in each cylinder are stated. Which two measuring cylinders could contain an identical liquid?

    a) W and X
    b) W and Y
    c) X and Y
    d) X and Z

  • 11. Work and Energy - Quiz

    1. A block is thrown upwards with a kinetic energy 1 J If it goes up to a maximum height of 1 m then the mass of block is :
    a) 110 g
    b) 100 g
    c) 105 g
    d) 104 g

    2. A body is allowed to roll down a hill it will have :
    a) only K.E.
    b) only P.E.
    c) both A and B
    d) data is insufficient

  • 12. Sound - Quiz

    1. Which of the following frequency of sound can be generated by a vibrating simple pendulum as well as by the vibrating vocal cords of a rhinoceros?
    a) 5 kHz
    b) 25 Hz
    c) 10 Hz
    d) 15,000 Hz

    2. Which of the following statement best describes frequency?
    a) the maximum disturbance caused by a wave
    b) the number of complete vibrations per second
    c) the distance between one crest of a wave and the next one
    d) the distance travelled by a wave and the next one

  • 13. Why do we Fall ill - Quiz

    1. Dehydration due to diarrhoea can be prevented by taking :
    a) rice
    b) vitamin pills
    c) bread
    d) boiled and filtered water with some salt,sugar and baking soda

    2. AIDS is due to
    a) reduction to number of helper T-cells
    b) reduction in number of killer T-cells
    c) autoimmunity
    d) non-production

  • 14. Natural Resources - Quiz

    1. ___________fixes carbon in green plants as simple sugars.
    a) Dentitrification
    b) Photosynthesis
    c) Carbonation
    d) Bacteria

    2. Total earth`s surface covered by water is
    a) 1%
    b) 1%
    c) 1%
    d) 0%

  • 15. Improvement in Food Resources - Quiz

    1. A measure of the acidity or alkalinity of the soil is called?
    a) Soil test
    b) Leaching
    c) Soil pH
    d) None of these

    2. The first experiment in artificial insemination was performed by
    a) aristotle
    b) berzelius
    c) spallanzani
    d) linneaus