Class/Course - Class VI

Subject - Science

Total Number of Question/s - 2973

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  • 1. Food: Where Does it Come From? - Quiz

    1. The fruits of this plant are used as spices in the food. Name the plant.
    a) Chilly
    b) Brinjal
    c) Onion
    d) Ginger

    2. We get oil from the seeds of:
    a) Soya bean
    b) Groundnut
    c) Mustard
    d) All of these

  • 2. Components of Food - Quiz

    1. White of an egg turns violet when two drops of copper sulphate and ten drops of caustic soda is added to it. This indicates the presence of:
    a) Proteins
    b) Starch
    c) Fats
    d) Vitamins

    2. Find the odd one out:
    a) Nuts
    b) Wheat
    c) Sweet potato
    d) Sugarcane

  • 3. Fibre to Fabric - Quiz

    1. What material were used for clothes in ancient times?
    a) Animal skin
    b) Grass
    c) Vines
    d) All of these

    2. Which of the following is worm unstitched?
    a) Saree
    b) Blouse
    c) Sweater
    d) Trousers

  • 4. Sorting Materials into Groups - Quiz

    1. Which of the following materials is hard, opaque and shines when freshly cut?
    a) Tin
    b) Rubber
    c) Wood
    d) Plastic

    2. Equal volumes of different substances:
    a) Need not have equal weights
    b) Have equal weights
    c) Have equal densities
    d) None of the above

  • 5. Separation of Substances - Quiz

    1. We separate mixtures to :
    a) remove unwanted components
    b) to get pure substances
    c) both the above
    d) none of these

    2. The alloy bronze contains copper and tin this is a:
    a) homogeneous mixture
    b) heterogeneous mixture
    c) solid solution of two immiscible metals
    d) Pure substance

  • 6. Changes Around us - Quiz

    1. On heating the colour of zinc oxide changes from white to yellow. This is a/an:
    a) physical change
    b) chemical change
    c) photochemical change
    d) irreversible change

    2. Calcium carbonate decomposes into calcium oxide and carbon dioxide.The reactant is:
    a) carbon dioxide
    b) calcium oxide
    c) calcium carbonate
    d) none of these

  • 7. Getting to Know Plants - Quiz

    1. In which of the following the leaves are modified to store food and water?
    a) Dagger plant
    b) Bryophyllum
    c) Datepalm
    d) Cactus

    2. Cells which carry minerals from roots to leaves are made of :
    a) cells which can divide
    b) cells which cannot grow
    c) cells which perform photosynthesis
    d) all of these

  • 8. Body Movements - Quiz

    1. Hinge joints are present in the __________region.
    a) Neck
    b) Elbow
    c) Shoulder
    d) Skull

    2. Gait means:
    a) Manner of movement
    b) Manner of nutrition in animals
    c) manner of reproduction
    d) The habitat of animals

  • 9. The Living Organisms and their Surroundings - Quiz

    1. ___________ is used as a coloring agent to color the slide which is to be observed under the microscope.
    a) Iodine solution
    b) Water
    c) Hydrogen peroxide
    d) Chlorine

    2. Jasmine reproduces from:
    a) Branches
    b) Seeds
    c) Stem
    d) Flowers

  • 10. Electricity and Circuits - Quiz

    1. What happens to a circuit when the switch is off ?
    a) The circuit is complete
    b) There is a gap in the circuit
    c) Electricity flows continuously
    d) Electricity flows discontinuously

    2. If we touch a naked current carrying wire we get a shock this is because our body is a:
    a) conductor of electricity
    b) insulator of electricity
    c) source of electricity
    d) both B & C

  • 11. Fun with Magnets - Quiz

    1. An electromagnet is a magnet that works:
    a) Permanently
    b) Only with the help of electricity
    c) Only when it is made a part of the circuit
    d) Both An and B

    2. In many household articles we can find a magnet instead of a lock or a bolt in the doors. Magnets are used in such places mainly to:
    a) Ensure safety
    b) Make the article airtight
    c) Facilitate frequent usage
    d) Make the article look beautiful

  • 12. Water - Quiz

    1. Which of the following is combustible?
    a) Hydrogen
    b) Oxygen
    c) Carbon dioxide
    d) All of these

    2. Water is a kind of _________oxide
    a) Neutral
    b) Acidic
    c) Basic
    d) Metal

  • 13. Air Around us - Quiz

  • 14. Garbage in, Garbage out - Quiz

    1. Garbage collected from our houses should be dumped in:
    a) Land fill
    b) Garden
    c) A playground
    d) The road side

    2. Composting is :
    a) Burning of wastes
    b) Soaking in water and making the materials into a paste
    c) Rolling and conversion of some material into manure
    d) Disposing wastes in a garbage bin