Class/Course - Class VI

Subject - Science

Total Number of Question/s - 2973

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  • 1. Food: Where Does it Come From? - Quiz

    1. $\frac{1}{2}$ ccc
    a) a
    b) d

    2. The food of butterfly is:
    a) Small insects
    b) Sprouted seeds
    c) Nectar
    d) Blood of other animals

  • 2. Components of Food - Quiz

    1. Which of the following foods turns blue-black with iodine solution?
    a) Raw potato
    b) Milk
    c) Groundnut
    d) Tomato

    2. Mohan has a cup of rice two chappatis two vegetables curries and ghee in his plate of meals. What is missing in his meals?
    a) Proteins
    b) Fats
    c) Salt
    d) Water

  • 3. Fibre to Fabric - Quiz

    1. In which part of India is jute grown?
    a) Assam
    b) West Bengal
    c) Bihar
    d) All of these

    2. Which of the following is made from coconut fibres?
    a) Sweaters
    b) Mattresses
    c) Shoes
    d) Sarees

  • 4. Sorting Materials into Groups - Quiz

    1. Identify the amorphous substance from the following:
    a) sugar
    b) clay
    c) salt
    d) Iron

    2. Kerosene floats on water because:
    a) Kerosene has more density
    b) Kerosene has less energy
    c) Water has more density
    d) Densities of water and kerosene are equal

  • 5. Separation of Substances - Quiz

    1. Vinegar is a solution of acetic acid in water it is:
    a) A homogeneous solid in liquid mixture
    b) A homogeneous liquid in liquid mixture
    c) A heterogeneous liquid in liquid mixture
    d) None of these

    2. A homogeneous mixture:
    a) Is one is which components cannot be distinguished
    b) Is made up of only one kind of molecules
    c) Is one in which component can be distinguished
    d) Is made up of different types of liquids

  • 6. Changes Around us - Quiz

    1. Which of the following is not a reversible change?
    a) Cooking of egg to scrambled eggs
    b) Heating of water to steam
    c) Heating of wax to molten wax
    d) Cooling a cake

    2. We keep food at low temperature in a refrigerator because it?
    a) saves money
    b) makes food more tastier
    c) kills bacteria present in the food
    d) is fashionable to keep the food in the refrigerator

  • 7. Getting to Know Plants - Quiz

    1. Water is absored by the ______ of a plant.
    a) root
    b) Stems
    c) flower
    d) seed

    2. A compound leaf :
    a) has an undivided lamina but no axillary buds at the axils
    b) many leaflets attached at a stalk with axillary buds at the axils
    c) many leaflets attached at a stalk without axillary buds
    d) undivided lamina with an axillary bud at the axil

  • 8. Body Movements - Quiz

    1. The joint which helps in movement in all direction?
    a) Ball and socket
    b) Pivotal joint
    c) Hinge joint
    d) Fixed joints

    2. Underwater divers wear ____________ to move easily in water.
    a) Flippers
    b) A head torch
    c) Oxygen cylinder
    d) A watch

  • 9. The Living Organisms and their Surroundings - Quiz

    1. Fern plants reproduce by:
    a) seeds
    b) spores
    c) laying eggs
    d) giving birth to young fern plants

    2. Which of the following is the largest among animals ?
    a) Rhinoceros
    b) Elephant
    c) Whale
    d) Crocodile

  • 10. Electricity and Circuits - Quiz

    1. The instrument that can measure current is called a/an:
    a) tester
    b) resistor
    c) voltameter
    d) ammeter

    2. Electric heaters used for cooking have the filament or the heating coil on a plate made up of clay because:
    a) clay is a bad conductor of heat
    b) clay is a bad conductor of electricity
    c) both a & b
    d) none of these

  • 11. Fun with Magnets - Quiz

    1. The north pole of a magnet always points towards the ____________when suspended freely
    a) North
    b) South
    c) East
    d) West

    2. Shaving blades are usually made of steel. They will:
    a) Be repelled by a magnet
    b) Be attracted by a magnet
    c) Be attracted only by natural magnet
    d) Not be affected by magnets

  • 12. Water - Quiz

    1. Which of the following is true in an ecosystem?
    a) Plants can survive for long without animals
    b) Animals can live without plants
    c) Plants can live without animals
    d) Animals can survive for long without plants

    2. In seas and oceans a large number of plants fishes and other animals live without air. How is this possible?
    a) The plants and animals come to the surface in regular intervals
    b) Aquatic plants and animals do not need air to survive
    c) They survive because of the interdependence of plants and animals
    d) Water contains dissolved gases which enable them to live

  • 13. Air Around us - Quiz

  • 14. Garbage in, Garbage out - Quiz

    1. Composting is :
    a) Burning of wastes
    b) Soaking in water and making the materials into a paste
    c) Rolling and conversion of some material into manure
    d) Disposing wastes in a garbage bin

    2. Which of the following items cannot be recycled?
    a) Slippers
    b) Groundnut shells
    c) Old clothes
    d) Paper from a notebook