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  • 1. Food: Where Does it Come From? - Quiz


    1. Human beings are:
    a) Carnivores
    b) Herbivores
    c) Both A and B
    d) None of these

    2. The fruits of this plant are used as spices in the food. Name the plant.
    a) Chilly
    b) Brinjal
    c) Onion
    d) Ginger

  • 2. Components of Food - Quiz


    1. Which of the following contain zero value calories?
    a) Milk
    b) Soft drink
    c) Eggs
    d) Fish

    2. Banana is a source of:
    a) calcium
    b) Vitamin A
    c) Iodine
    d) Phosphorus

  • 3. Fibre to Fabric - Quiz


    1. Flax is a/an:
    a) Plant
    b) Animal
    c) Synthetic fibre
    d) Animal

    2. Separation of seeds from cotton bolls is called:
    a) Ginning
    b) Winnowing
    c) Threading
    d) Spinning

  • 4. Sorting Materials into Groups - Quiz


    1. Identify the amorphous substance from the following:
    a) sugar
    b) clay
    c) salt
    d) Iron

    2. Sugar dissolves in water to form sugar- water. Name the solvent.
    a) sugar
    b) sugar
    c) water
    d) sugar-water

  • 5. Separation of Substances - Quiz


    1. The liquid that passes through the filtering agent is called:
    a) filter paper
    b) filtrate
    c) residue
    d) coagulant

    2. A liquid that is two times heavier than water is mixed with another liquid that is lighter than water. What is the easiest way to separate these two liquids?
    a) Filtration
    b) Evaporation
    c) Separating funnel
    d) Distillation

  • 6. Changes Around us - Quiz


    1. To cook a particular dish the optimum temperature is 70
    a) get cooked slower
    b) get cooked faster
    c) not get cooked at all
    d) take twice the time to get cooked

    2. A seed growing into a tree is a an example of:
    a) Slow natural change
    b) Slow physical change
    c) Fast periodic change
    d) Man-made reversible change

  • 7. Getting to Know Plants - Quiz


    1. Tendrils are:
    a) Stem modified into coiled wires
    b) Stems modified to store the food
    c) Stems modified into prop roots
    d) Roots modified to perform photosynthesis

    2. The hard protective covering on the stems of some plants is called:
    a) trunk
    b) bark
    c) axil
    d) bud

  • 8. Body Movements - Quiz


    1. Which of the following statement is not true?
    a) The cartilage is not as hard as bones
    b) All animals show exactly similar movements
    c) A snake moves by making loops
    d) Snails move with the help of their muscular feet

    2. The hip region consists of:
    a) Pelvic bones
    b) Shoulder bones
    c) Pivot joint
    d) Rib cage

  • 9. The Living Organisms and their Surroundings - Quiz


    1. Plants which complete their life cycle in one season are :
    a) annuals
    b) biennials
    c) perennials
    d) thallophtes

    2. An animals that is active during night time is :
    a) bat
    b) crow
    c) fish
    d) low

  • 10. Electricity and Circuits - Quiz


    1. Which of the following statement is true?
    a) electricity can be created
    b) electricity flows in a circuit with gaps
    c) electricity is the flow of negative charge
    d) all of these

    2. The main function of a switch is to :
    a) allow charges to flow
    b) complete or break a circuit
    c) make the bulb glow easily
    d) prevent electric shocks

  • 11. Fun with Magnets - Quiz


    1. Nikhilesh has a small piece of metal and a thread. He wants to find whether the metal is a magnet or not. What are the things he would need?
    a) A piece of magnetic substance
    b) A magnet or a compass
    c) A piece of non-magnetic substance
    d) He does not require anything more

    2. A compass can be used to:
    a) Find all the direction of a place
    b) Find the altitude of a place
    c) Find only the north of a place
    d) Make artificial magnets

  • 12. Water - Quiz


    1. Pure or distilled water is not used for drinking mainly because:
    a) It is poisonous
    b) It is bacteria free
    c) It has a very high solubility
    d) It is not available easily

    2. The process of losing water by plants is called:
    a) Transpiration
    b) Evaporation
    c) Condensation
    d) Translocation

  • 13. Air Around us - Quiz


  • 14. Garbage in, Garbage out - Quiz


    1. To minimize garbage we should:
    a) Recycle paper
    b) Use vermi composting at home and deal with our kitchen waste
    c) Insists on the use of paper bags
    d) All of these

    2. Find the statement that is not true for plastics
    a) Plastics can be burnt to dispose the waste
    b) Plastic are used in most of the articles
    c) Plastic are light and attractive
    d) All of these