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  • 1. Crop Production and Management - Quiz


    1. Identify the correct sequence in farming .
    a) Sowing ->tilling -> irrigation -> manuring
    b) Sowing -> tilling -> manuring -> irrigation
    c) Tilling -> sowing -> irrigation -> manuring
    d) Tilling -> sowing -> manuring -> irrigation

    2. The ill effect of green revolution is:
    a) Improvement in economic condition of farmers
    b) Development of agriculture as an industry
    c) Wiping out of hunger and starvation
    d) Dependence on fertilisers, weedicides and pesticides

  • 2. Microorganisms: Friend and Foe - Quiz


    1. Microorganism which cause disease are called:
    a) Antigens
    b) Pathogens
    c) Antibodies
    d) Vectors

    2. Fungi can be distinguised by :
    a) absence of chorophyll
    b) presence of chitin in cell wall
    c) presence of plastids
    d) Both A and B

  • 3. Synthetic Fibers and Plastics - Quiz


    1. Wool is obtained from _________of sheep .
    a) Skin
    b) Toes
    c) Fleece
    d) All of the above

    2. Polythene is produced by:
    a) Polymerisation
    b) Isomerization
    c) Hydrogenation
    d) All of the above

  • 4. Materials: Metals and Non-Metals - Quiz


    1. Noble gases do not react because they have_________electrons in their valence shell.
    a) 8
    b) 6
    c) 4
    d) 2

    2. Rusting of iron requires the presence of:
    a) air and water
    b) CO2 and water
    c) O2 and H2
    d) O2 and N2

  • 5. Coal and Petroleum - Quiz


    1. Which among the following is a dark colored, viscous, strong smelling liquid?
    a) kerosene
    b) petrol
    c) petroleum
    d) Alcohol

    2. ____________has the highest percentage of carbon.
    a) Bituminous
    b) Peat
    c) Anthracite
    d) Lignite

  • 6. Combustion and Flame - Quiz


    1. In soda-acid fire extinguisher _________helps in putting out the fire .
    a) CO2
    b) CO2 + H2O
    c) H2O
    d) H2O + H2

    2. Arrange the following fuels in increasing order of their calorific value:
    1. Petrol
    2. Diesel
    3. Kerosene
    4. Natural gas
    a) 1,2,3,4
    b) 2,3,4,1
    c) 2,1,3,4
    d) 2,3,1,4

  • 7. Conservation of Plants and Animals - Quiz


    1. Flora and Fauna are :
    a) renewable and non-living resources
    b) non-renewable and living resources
    c) renewable and living resources
    d) non-renewable and non-living resources

    2. Energy flow in an ecosystem is:
    a) Unidirectional
    b) Multidirectional
    c) Bidirectional
    d) Circular

  • 8. Cell — Structure and Functions - Quiz


    1. Arrange the cell organelles useful for intracellular digestion, intracellular respiration, intracellular movements and cell secretion in a sequence.
    (P) Golgi complex
    (Q) Lysosomes
    (R) Mitochondria
    (S) Microtubles
    a) Q-R-S-P
    b) R-Q-P-S
    c) S-P-Q-R
    d) P-S-R-Q

    2. Control room of the cell is :
    a) nucleus with its chromatin network
    b) nucleoplasm
    c) chromosomes only
    d) nucleoid

  • 9. Reproduction in Animals - Quiz


    1. Which of the following structures has an internal wall lined with fingerlike projections ?
    a) Ovary
    b) Vagina
    c) Fallopian tube
    d) Uterus

    2. The sperm head contains:
    a) Nucleus
    b) Mitochondria
    c) Yolk
    d) Follicle cells

  • 10. Reaching the Age of Adolescence - Quiz


    1. Secondary sexual characteristics of girls develop between the ages of:
    a) 9 and 11 years
    b) 15 and 18 years
    c) 11 and 14 years
    d) 19 and 21 years

    2. Which of the following will occur in females at puberty?
    (I) Ovulation
    (II) Enlargement of breasts
    (III) Broadening of hips
    a) I and II only
    b) I and III only
    c) II and III only
    d) I, II and III

  • 11. Force and Pressure - Quiz


    1. In which of the following activity, friction is useful?
    a) Driving a car
    b) Hitting a ball with bat
    c) Sitting on a chair
    d) Rowing a boat

    2. Which of the following is a non contact force ?
    a) muscular
    b) electrostatic attraction
    c) elastic spring force
    d) friction force

  • 12. Friction - Quiz


    1. A streamlined body:
    a) Increase friction
    b) Decreases weight
    c) Reduce friction
    d) Increases weight

    2. A ship moving in sea can be stopped quickly by applying brakes due to:
    a) Excessive friction
    b) High speed
    c) Low friction
    d) None of these

  • 13. Sound - Quiz


    1. The speed of sound in solid , liquid and gas can be correctly compared as :
    a) solid > liquid > gas
    b) liquid > gas > solid
    c) liquid > solid > gas
    d) gas > liquid > gas

    2. The membrane of a drum vibrates to produce sound . Similarly the string of a sitar vibrates to produce sound . Based on these two examples answer the folowing question . Which part of a whistle vibrates to produce sound ?
    a) body of whistle
    b) Air starts vibrating
    c) mouth of the person
    d) all of the above

  • 14. Chemical Effects of Electric Current - Quiz


    1. Splitting a compound using electricity is called:
    a) Electrolyte
    b) Electrolysis
    c) Electrkinesis?
    d) None of the above

    2. When an electron moves from negative electrode to positive electrode :
    a) negative charge moves from negative electrode to positive electrode
    b) positive charge moves from positive electrode to negative electrode
    c) no charge flows from either electrode to other electrode
    d) both A and B

  • 15. Some Natural Phenomena - Quiz


    1. The fragmented outermost layers of earth are known as:
    a) Plates
    b) Crusts
    c) Cores
    d) Zones

    2. High speed winds are accompanied by:
    a) Reduced pressure
    b) Increased pressure?
    c) Water vapour
    d) Static electricity

  • 16. Light - Quiz


    1. In our houses , we use a ___________to look at ourselves .
    a) covex mirror
    b) concave mirror
    c) convex lens
    d) plane mirror

    2. An ideal mirror:
    a) Reflects all the light
    b) Absorbs all the amount of light incident on it
    c) Refract all the light
    d) None of the above?

  • 17. Stars and the Solar System - Quiz


    1. Polar satellite orbits around :
    a) poles
    b) north pole
    c) south pole
    d) equator

    2. The first man to land on the moon is:
    a) Neil Armstrong
    b) Rakesh Sharma
    c) Kalpana Chawla
    d) Yuri Gagarin

  • 18. Pollution of Air and Water - Quiz


    1. The pollutants chlorofluorocarbons are major source of air pollution contributed by :
    a) industrial effluents
    b) aerosols
    c) sewage pollutants
    d) all of the above

    2. Which of the following is NOT due to air pollution?
    a) Increase in the number of diabetic patients
    b) Thinning of the ozone layer
    c) Destruction of habitats
    d) Global warming