Class/Course - Class VIII

Subject - Science

Total Number of Question/s - 3367

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  • 1. Crop Production and Management - Quiz

    1. Which of the following is NOT a rabi crop?
    a) Mustard
    b) Rice
    c) Wheat
    d) Potato

    2. Which of the following is a rabi crop?
    a) Wheat
    b) Groundnut
    c) Maize
    d) Sugarcane

  • 2. Microorganisms: Friend and Foe - Quiz

    1. Which of the following is a protozoan disease ?
    a) Tetanus
    b) Measles
    c) Filariasis
    d) Sleeping sickness

    2. The transmission and infection of Entamoeba histolytica is through:
    a) Mosquito bite
    b) Birds droppings
    c) Sweat
    d) Contaminated food and water

  • 3. Synthetic Fibers and Plastics - Quiz

    1. Terrycot fibre is made using :
    a) wood pulp
    b) esters
    c) acrylic
    d) paper pulp

    2. Which of the following products can,t be decomposed easily ?
    a) Acrylic
    b) Polyethene
    c) Plastic
    d) All of the above

  • 4. Materials: Metals and Non-Metals - Quiz

    1. Fe2O3 is the chemical formula of:
    a) monazite
    b) magnetite
    c) haematite
    d) bauxite

    2. A crucible used in lab to heat solid at high temperature is made of :
    a) sulphure
    b) silicon
    c) graphite
    d) phosphorus

  • 5. Coal and Petroleum - Quiz

    1. Which of the following is not a soild fuel ?
    a) Paraffin
    b) Coal
    c) Tallow
    d) Benzene

    2. Renewable sources of energy are produced in nature :
    a) biennial
    b) annually
    c) continuously
    d) quarterly

  • 6. Combustion and Flame - Quiz

    1. In soda -acid extinguisher, the bottle contains :
    a) H2SO4
    b) NaHCO3
    c) NaOH
    d) HCl

    2. When water is poured over burning wood, the fire goes off. This is because:
    a) Temperature of water goes up
    b) Temperature of wood decrease
    c) Molecules of water reacts with oxygen present in the flame
    d) The flame vaporises

  • 7. Conservation of Plants and Animals - Quiz

    1. Deforestation has an alarming effect on:
    a) To increase the world population of organisms
    b) To help students of botany and zoology
    c) To prevent extinction of endangered species
    d) To help in eco-tourism

    2. The introduction of exotic species into an area :
    a) helps to conserve wildlife
    b) helps to protect biodiversity
    c) affects native species adversely
    d) helps native species survive

  • 8. Cell — Structure and Functions - Quiz

    1. Which one of the following sentences is false?
    a) The cells of a whale are much larger than that of an ant
    b) The cells in our body continue to grow and divide to replace the old and damaged ones
    c) The nucleus control most of the cellular activities within the cell
    d) The cell wall gives plant cells a regular shape

    2. Bacteria are considered more as plants than animals because of the presence of:
    a) Cell wall
    b) DNA
    c) Plasma membrane
    d) Mitochondria

  • 9. Reproduction in Animals - Quiz

    1. Graafian follicles are present in:
    a) Fallopian tube
    b) Ovary
    c) Uterus
    d) Vagina

    2. What is meant by asexual reproduction?
    a) New individuals involves the fusion of male and female gametes
    b) New individuals are produced without the fusion of gametes
    c) reproduction which occur only in plants
    d) None of these

  • 10. Reaching the Age of Adolescence - Quiz

    1. Incomplete development of male secondary sexual characteristics is due to under secretion of the hormone:
    a) Testosterone
    b) Estrogen
    c) Progesterone
    d) Adrenaline

    2. Which sequence is correct about the menstrual cycle based on the information given below?
    W- The ovum dies within 24 hours after ovulation
    X- The uterus wall thickness with blood vessels
    Y-The uterus wall breaks down
    Z - The ovary discharges an ovum
    a) W,Y,X,Z
    b) X,Z,W,Y
    c) Y,W,Z,X
    d) Z,X,Y,W

  • 11. Force and Pressure - Quiz

    1. Question
    a) Option A
    b) Option B
    c) Option C
    d) Option D

    2. The magnetic force between a magnet and magnetic substance can cause:
    a) Change of shape
    b) Change of state
    c) Change of size
    d) Change of property

  • 12. Friction - Quiz

    1. Which of the following statement is NOT true ?
    a) Friction can be reduced by converting sliding friction into roling
    b) Friction in air and water can be reduced by streamlining the shape of the object.
    c) A polished surface will have less friction .
    d) Friction can be reduced to zero

    2. Friction reduces efficiency of machines due to:
    a) Production of heat
    b) Wearing out of moving parts
    c) Increase in energy consumption
    d) All of the above

  • 13. Sound - Quiz

    1. When we say sound travel in a medium we mean _________
    a) The disturbance travel
    b) The particles of the medium travel
    c) The source travel
    d) The medium travel

    2. The difference between a muscial sound and noise is :
    a) amplitude
    b) loudness
    c) vibration
    d) all of the above

  • 14. Chemical Effects of Electric Current - Quiz

    1. When electrons current is flows through a conductor , some amount of :
    a) electrical energy is converted into heat energy
    b) electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy
    c) mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy
    d) heat energy is converted into electrical energy

    2. When the ends of metal wire are not connected to a battery :
    a) electrons move from positive electrode to negative electrode
    b) electride move from negative electrode to positive electrode
    c) electrons move in random directions
    d) protons move in random direction I such a way that their net movement in a unit vloume is zero

  • 15. Some Natural Phenomena - Quiz

    1. A lightning conductor installed in a building:
    a) Conducts electric charge to the ground when lightning strikes the building
    b) Does not allow the lightning to fall on the building
    c) Repels the lightning
    d) Forces the lightning to fall in an area where there are no buildings

    2. When you touch a charged body, the charge flows through you into the earth. This is called
    a) Earthing
    b) Induction
    c) Capacitance
    d) Conduction

  • 16. Light - Quiz

    1. Which of the following statements about human eye is NOT true ?
    a) the iris gives a distinct colour to the eye
    b) the yellow spot is extremely sensitive to light
    c) the space between lens and cornea is filled with celiary muscles
    d) the optic nerves enters the eye near the blind spot

    2. The phenomenon of light coming back after hitting a smooth plane surface is called:
    a) Dispersion
    b) Reflection
    c) Refraction
    d) Total internal reflection

  • 17. Stars and the Solar System - Quiz

    1. Brightest planet visible to naked eye is:
    a) Mars
    b) Venus
    c) Jupiter
    d) Mercury

    2. A spy satellite is deployed in :
    a) low - earth orbit
    b) geostationary orbit
    c) both A and B
    d) none of the above

  • 18. Pollution of Air and Water - Quiz

    1. Exposure to too much ultraviolet rays can affect the:
    a) Immune system
    b) Skeletal system
    c) Nervous system
    d) Digestive system

    2. The ozone layer in our atmosphere protects from the bad effects of ;
    a) carbon dioxide
    b) CFCs
    c) the suns ultraviolet rays
    d) all of thses