Class/Course - Class VIII

Subject - Science

Total Number of Question/s - 3367

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  • 1. Crop Production and Management - Quiz

    1. The milch cattle are given more of_____________ diet to get useful food products.
    a) Protein
    b) Carbohydrate
    c) Fat
    d) Water

    2. The method which enables us to select better and healthy seedlings for cultivation of rice is:
    a) Broadcasting
    b) Transplantation
    c) Spacing
    d) All of the above

  • 2. Microorganisms: Friend and Foe - Quiz

    1. Which of the following is a viral disease ?
    a) AIDS
    b) Tetanus
    c) Whooping cough
    d) Cholera

    2. Which of the following is an unbranched filament ?
    a) Spirogyra
    b) Vaucheria
    c) Volvox
    d) Cladophora

  • 3. Synthetic Fibers and Plastics - Quiz

    1. The process of obtaining wool is:
    a) Shearing, scouring, sorting and dyeing
    b) Shearing, sorting, scouring and dyeing
    c) Scouring, sorting, shearing and dyeing
    d) Sorting, scouring, shearing and dyeing

    2. Which type of cloth dries faster in rainy season?
    a) Polyester
    b) Wool
    c) Cotton
    d) Silk

  • 4. Materials: Metals and Non-Metals - Quiz

    1. The nonmetal which is haed is :
    a) sulphur
    b) chlorine
    c) graphite
    d) diamond

    2. Metals are malleable and ductile because :
    a) metals can shine
    b) metals produce sound
    c) layers of metals atoms can slip over each other
    d) atoms from close cluster

  • 5. Coal and Petroleum - Quiz

    1. Natural gas mainly consists of:
    a) CH4
    b) C2H6
    c) C3H8
    d) C4H10

    2. Plants store solar energy in the form of :
    a) electric energy
    b) thermal energy
    c) chemical energy
    d) bio energy

  • 6. Combustion and Flame - Quiz

    1. Which among the following is the best fuel ?
    a) Wood 4000 cal /g
    b) Coke 8000 cal / g
    c) Coal 7000 cal / g
    d) Kerosene 11,200 cal / g

    2. Acid rain is caused by:
    a) Deforestation
    b) Oxides of sulphur and nitrogen
    c) CO2
    d) CO

  • 7. Conservation of Plants and Animals - Quiz

    1. Energy flow in an ecosystem is:
    a) Unidirectional
    b) Multidirectional
    c) Bidirectional
    d) Circular

    2. Uncontrolled deforestation leads to:
    (I) the destruction of habitats
    (II) landslides
    (III) flooding
    a) I only
    b) I and II only
    c) II and III only
    d) I, II and III

  • 8. Cell — Structure and Functions - Quiz

    1. The membrane - bound, scalike structures which store food, wastes and water are called:
    a) Vacuoles
    b) Iysosomes
    c) Centrosomes
    d) Chromosomes

    2. Blood is :
    a) Connective tissue
    b) Epithelial tissue
    c) Muscle tissue
    d) Nervous tissue

  • 9. Reproduction in Animals - Quiz

    1. Ampluxory pads that help in copulation are present in:
    a) Fish
    b) Earthworm
    c) Frog
    d) Butterfly

    2. Milt of frog consists of :
    a) Ova
    b) sperm mother cells
    c) spermatozoa
    d) both A and C

  • 10. Reaching the Age of Adolescence - Quiz

    1. Changes during puberty in females are caused by:
    a) Sex hormones
    b) Sex cells
    c) Enzymes
    d) Nutrients

    2. In humans , sex of the offspring is determined :
    a) through mothers sex chromosomes
    b) through fathers sex chromosomes
    c) by enzymes
    d) by hormones

  • 11. Force and Pressure - Quiz

    1. The speed of a falling body increases continuously. This is because:
    a) No force acts on it
    b) It is very light
    c) The earth attracts it
    d) Air exerts a frictional force along the direction of motion

    2. In cities water supply from an overhead tank to the house is done due to:
    a) Gravitational force
    b) Difference in pressure
    c) Decrease of friction in pipes
    d) Flow of liquid

  • 12. Friction - Quiz

    1. The soles of our shoes wears out because :
    a) sples are made of poor material
    b) of poor design
    c) of friction
    d) none of the above

    2. The surface of a table is smoother as compared to that of a road. This is due to:
    a) Irregularities in the surface of road
    b) Polishing of the table
    c) A road surface may have more dust as compared to a table
    d) All of the above

  • 13. Sound - Quiz

    1. An object oscillates 50 times in one second. What would be its frequency?
    a) 0.2 hz
    b) 0.02 hz
    c) 50 hz
    d) 0.002 hz

    2. In which of three media ; air, water and steel, does sound travel the fastest?
    a) Air
    b) Water
    c) Steel
    d) non of these

  • 14. Chemical Effects of Electric Current - Quiz

    1. To protect iron from corrosion and rust, it is coated by:
    a) Zinc
    b) Mercury
    c) Tin
    d) Copper

    2. A cell converts:
    a) Chemical energy into electrical energy
    b) Electrical energy into chemical energy
    c) Magnetic energy into electrical energy
    d) Electrical energy into mechanical energy

  • 15. Some Natural Phenomena - Quiz

    1. Lightning rods are made of :
    a) copper
    b) plastic
    c) bakelite
    d) sand paper

    2. The fragmented outermost layers of earth are known as:
    a) Plates
    b) Crusts
    c) Cores
    d) Zones

  • 16. Light - Quiz

    1. The pupil in human eye can be dilated by :
    a) retina
    b) choroid
    c) optic nerve
    d) iris

    2. The Braille code used by blind people use dot patterns for words. How many dot patterns or characters are used for this code?
    a) 52
    b) 63
    c) 48
    d) 26

  • 17. Stars and the Solar System - Quiz

    1. The number of satellites of Venus is :
    a) one
    b) two
    c) three
    d) zero

    2. Sphere of microscopic dust surrounding the nucleus of a comet is called :
    a) coma
    b) tail
    c) tail
    d) nucleon

  • 18. Pollution of Air and Water - Quiz

    1. Which of the following is NOT an air pollutant?
    a) N2
    b) N2O
    c) NO
    d) CO

    2. Catalytic converters are used in:
    a) Poultry farms
    b) Wind mills
    c) Automobiles
    d) Diary farms