Class/Course - Class VII

Subject - Science

Total Number of Question/s - 3193

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  • 1. Nutrition in Plants - Quiz

    1. Harish wants to test the presence of starch in a leaf. Given below are the instruction to conduct the experiment. Which of the following step is NOT necessary?
    a) Boil the leaf first in water and then in alcohol
    b) Wash the bleached leaf
    c) Heat the leaf on a hot flame
    d) Add a few drops of iodine solution to the bleached leave

    2. Presence of starch is tested by?
    a) Iodine
    b) Ammonium chloride
    c) Hydrochloric acid
    d) Agar agar solution

  • 2. Nutrition in Animals - Quiz

    1. Amoeba procures food through:
    a) probosics
    b) pseudopodia
    c) cilia
    d) tongue

    2. The digestion of food in amoeba is?
    a) Intracellular
    b) Intercellular
    c) Intravenous
    d) None of these

  • 3. Fibre to Fabric - Quiz

    1. The soft silk yarn is an strong as compared to ______.
    a) Cotton
    b) Jute
    c) Steel
    d) Polyster

    2. The eggs of silkworm are stored in
    a) Wooden box
    b) Metal box
    c) Strips of cloth
    d) Plastic box

  • 4. Heat - Quiz

    1. Mercury is the ideal liquid to use in a thermometer because:
    a) It does not stick to glass and is visible
    b) Expands a lot on heating
    c) It has a high boiling temperature
    d) All the above

    2. The best conductor of heat is :
    a) silver
    b) iron
    c) aluminium
    d) copper

  • 5. Acids, Bases and Salts - Quiz

    1. The two kinds of litmus paper are :
    a) blue and red
    b) blue and yellow
    c) red and green
    d) yellow and red

    2. Soaps are __________ and ___________salts of certain acids.
    a) Sodium and potassium
    b) Potassium and calcium
    c) Sodium and calcium
    d) Calcium and magnesium

  • 6. Physical and Chemical Changes - Quiz

    1. The crystal that are obtained after crystallization are:
    a) 10% pure
    b) Between 20% to 50% pure
    c) More than 90% pure
    d) Between 50% to 90% pure

    2. Some pieces of chalk were taken and mixed with water. In this change how many new substance are formed?
    a) 1
    b) 2
    c) 3
    d) No new substance is formed

  • 7. Weather, Climate and Adaptations of Animals to Climate - Quiz

    1. The scaly skin of snakes
    a) Scare human beings
    b) Protects them from drying
    c) makes then beautiful
    d) Helps them to crawl

    2. Which of the following departments prepare weather reports?
    a) Pollution department
    b) Health department
    c) Meteorological department
    d) Envirovenment department

  • 8. Winds, Storms and Cyclones - Quiz

    1. On earth the wind from the north and the south blow towards the equator. From this, we can understand that:
    a) Earth is round or spherical in shape
    b) It is hotter in and around the north and the south
    c) It is hotter in and around the equator
    d) Wind does not flow from the east or the west

    2. An anemometer is an instrument that is most similar to a:
    a) Speedometer
    b) Accelerator
    c) Flag
    d) Electric meter

  • 9. Soil - Quiz

    1. Soil helps plants by
    a) Supplying them air
    b) Supplying them water and minerals
    c) Preparing food in their plants
    d) Helping them move from one place to another

    2. Which of the following are the substances that are present in the soil and required for the growth of crops?
    a) Nutrients
    b) Manures
    c) Pesticides
    d) Fertilisers

  • 10. Transportation in Animals and Plants - Quiz

    1. The main function of white blood cell is
    a) To help red blood cells in the transportation of oxygen and carbon dioxide
    b) To clot the blood art the time of injuries
    c) To defend the body against infections
    d) To accelerate the production of red blood cell in the bone marrow

    2. Deoxygenated blood
    a) Flows to lungs from the right side of the heart
    b) Flows to lungs from the left side of the heart
    c) Flows to right side of the heart from the lungs
    d) Flows to left side of the heart from the lungs

  • 11. Reproduction in Plants - Quiz

    1. The function of corolla in a flower is
    a) To produce male gametes
    b) To produce female gametes
    c) To attract insects
    d) To hold pollen grains

    2. male part of a flower is called
    a) Pollen tube
    b) Stamen
    c) Egg
    d) Stigma

  • 12. Respiration in Organisms - Quiz

    1. In anaerobic respiration
    a) CO2  is given out
    b) O2 is given out 
    c) CO2 is taken in 
    d) O2 is taken in 

    2. Roots respire through
    a) stomata
    b) lenticles
    c) spiracles
    d) air spaces

  • 13. Motion and Time - Quiz

    1. Which of the following does NOT make use any kind of periodic motion to measure time?
    a) Sundial
    b) Table clock
    c) Wall clock
    d) None of these

    2. A car travel with a speed of 50 km/h in the 1st hour and 100 km/h in the 2nd. What is the total distance covered by the car in the two hours?
    a) 150 km
    b) 50 km
    c) 100 km
    d) 200 km

  • 14. Electric Current and its Effects - Quiz

    1. Which of the following statements regarding an electromagnet is NOT true?
    a) It is permanent magnet
    b) It is used in fans and radio
    c) Insulated wire is wound around it
    d) It works only in the presence of electricity

    2. Why is electrical wiring usually covered with a layer of plastic?
    a) To make it safe
    b) To make it strong
    c) To help electricity flow in it
    d) To make it beautiful

  • 15. Light - Quiz

    1. The glow worm produces light energy from :
    a) potential energy
    b) nuclear fusion
    c) electrical energy
    d) chemical energy

    2. Convex mirrors are used as rearview mirrors in the motor vehicles becaues :
    a) they reflect light better than the other mirrors
    b) they produce images which are more clearer than those produced by others .
    c) they produce magnified images
    d) they form images which are much smaller than the objects

  • 16. Water - Quiz

    1. Water is an extremely stable:
    a) Compound
    b) Atom
    c) Element
    d) Mixture

    2. Sea water does not freeze as easily as water from the lake because it contains:
    a) Plants
    b) Salts
    c) Fishes
    d) Frogs

  • 17. Forests Our Lifeline - Quiz

    1. When we destroy a forest we destroy _________
    a) The plant life
    b) An ecosystem
    c) Population of wild life
    d) Food and shelter of wild animals

    2. Which of the following set represents primary consumers ?
    a) Deers, giraffes, cows
    b) Goats, rabbits, horses
    c) Insects, snails
    d) All the above