Class/Course - Class VII

Subject - Science

Total Number of Question/s - 3193

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  • 1. Nutrition in Plants - Quiz

    1. Plants excrete gases through:
    a) Microscopic pores in leaves
    b) Small porous roots
    c) Flowers
    d) Seeds

    2. Veins :
    a) absorb water and minerals from the soil
    b) absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere
    c) transport water food and minerals in a leaf
    d) release oxygen and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere

  • 2. Nutrition in Animals - Quiz

    1. The outer portion of the tooth is called
    a) Crown
    b) Root
    c) Enamel
    d) Pulp

    2. Large intestine absorbs
    a) Digested food
    b) Undigested food
    c) Water
    d) Remaining enzymes

  • 3. Fibre to Fabric - Quiz

    1. Woollen clothes are prepared from?
    a) Wool worms
    b) Carbon compounds
    c) Fleece of sheep
    d) Cotton plants

    2. What materials were used for clothes in ancient times?
    a) Animal skins
    b) Grass
    c) Vines
    d) All of these

  • 4. Heat - Quiz

    1. The range of a clinical thermometer is:
    a) 0-1000C
    b) 32-2140F
    c) 35-420C
    d) 0-2730C

    2. Conduction cannot take place in:
    a) copper
    b) iron
    c) aluminium
    d) vacuum

  • 5. Acids, Bases and Salts - Quiz

    1. Which among the following is a soluble hydroxide?
    a) Al(OH)3
    b) NH4OH
    c) Mg(OH)2
    d) Fe(OH)3

    2. The metal which can not displace hydron from acid is :
    a) copper
    b) zinc
    c) magnesium
    d) aluminium

  • 6. Physical and Chemical Changes - Quiz

    1. Adding sodium chloride to water is a :
    a) Chemical change
    b) Physical change
    c) Chemical reaction
    d) None of these

    2. What is the main cause of acid rain?
    a) Pollution
    b) Deforestation
    c) A forestation
    d) Excessive rains

  • 7. Weather, Climate and Adaptations of Animals to Climate - Quiz

    1. _______ maintains balance in a monkey.
    a) Tail
    b) Hands
    c) Legs
    d) None

    2. Which of the following statement is false?
    a) Some desert plants do not have leaves
    b) Thick skin protects animals from the blazing heat of sun
    c) Bears have thick fur as a protection against the cold
    d) In cold regions, plants grow new leaves during winter

  • 8. Winds, Storms and Cyclones - Quiz

    1. On earth the wind from the north and the south blow towards the equator. From this, we can understand that:
    a) Earth is round or spherical in shape
    b) It is hotter in and around the north and the south
    c) It is hotter in and around the equator
    d) Wind does not flow from the east or the west

    2. What is the best thing to do when strong winds are blowing over a hut having a weak thatched roof?
    a) Close all the door and windows
    b) Open the doors and windows
    c) Make holes in the roof
    d) Burn wood inside

  • 9. Soil - Quiz

    1. Which of the following soil drains water easily?
    a) Wheat
    b) Gram
    c) Paddy
    d) Cotton

    2. Which of the following soils are good at retaining water?
    a) Sand and Clayey
    b) Loamy and Clayey
    c) Loamy and Sandy
    d) All of these

  • 10. Transportation in Animals and Plants - Quiz

    1. The solution of water and minerals absorbed by the roots move upward to the other parts of the plant through
    a) phloem
    b) xylem
    c) blood vessels
    d) spiracles

    2. The main function of white blood cell is
    a) To help red blood cells in the transportation of oxygen and carbon dioxide
    b) To clot the blood art the time of injuries
    c) To defend the body against infections
    d) To accelerate the production of red blood cell in the bone marrow

  • 11. Reproduction in Plants - Quiz

    1. Which of the following reproduces by Fragmentation?
    a) Chalamydomonas
    b) Spirogyra
    c) Bryophyllum
    d) All of these

    2. The seeds of poppy are dispersed by
    a) wind
    b) animals
    c) water
    d) explosion mechanism

  • 12. Respiration in Organisms - Quiz

    1. Earthworms respire through
    a) Moist skin
    b) Ctenidia
    c) Clitellum
    d) Typholosole

    2. In external respiration
    a) oxygen is ejected and carbon dioxide is absorbed
    b) oxygen is absorbed and carbon dioxide is ejected
    c) food is broken down and oxygen is produced
    d) food is broken down and carbon dioxide is produced

  • 13. Motion and Time - Quiz

    1. All of the following is a unit of time except:
    a) Seconds
    b) Light year
    c) Months
    d) Years

    2. Riaz takes 20 min to travel to his school with a speed of 3 m/s. How far is the school?
    a) 3.6 km
    b) 2 km
    c) 3.2 km
    d) 4.1 km

  • 14. Electric Current and its Effects - Quiz

    1. Which of the following is an electrical insulator ?
    a) Aluminium
    b) Gold
    c) Rubber
    d) None of these

    2. Pooja makes a simple circuit with one bulb and five cells. The bulb lights for an instant and then goes out. Why?
    a) Too much electricity passed through the bulb filament
    b) Electricity could not flow through the circuit
    c) The wire melted in the heat
    d) All of these

  • 15. Light - Quiz

    1. The length of the shadow will be longest when the:
    a) Angle between the source of light and the object is 450
    b) Source of light and the object are parallel to each other
    c) Source of light and the object are perpendicular to each other
    d) Angle between the source of light and the object is 600

    2. Light is :
    a) An electromagnetic radiation
    b) A transverse wave
    c) Massless
    d) All of the above

  • 16. Water - Quiz

    1. Water, ice and steam are all:
    a) Compounds
    b) Elements
    c) Mixtures
    d) None of these

    2. By burning which of the following elements would you get water ?
    a) Hydrogen
    b) Oxygen
    c) Carbon
    d) Nitrogen

  • 17. Forests Our Lifeline - Quiz

    1. When we destroy a forest we destroy _________
    a) The plant life
    b) An ecosystem
    c) Population of wild life
    d) Food and shelter of wild animals

    2. Which of the following statements is NOT correct .
    a) Forest protects the soil from erosion
    b) Plants and animals in a forest are dependent on one another
    c) Forest do not influence the climate and water cycle
    d) Soil helps the forests to grow and regenerate