Class/Course - Class VII

Subject - Science

Total Number of Question/s - 3193

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  • 1. Nutrition in Plants - Quiz

    1. When the starch is treated with iodine solution, its colour changes to?
    a) Red
    b) Green
    c) Blue-black
    d) Greenish yellow

    2. In cactus plants,___________perform photosynthesis and manufacture food.
    a) Leaves
    b) Spines
    c) Roots
    d) Stem

  • 2. Nutrition in Animals - Quiz

    1. Pseudopodia are
    a) False feet developed in some unicellular organism
    b) Small hairlike structures present on the unicellular
    c) A long, tube like structure coming out of the month
    d) Suckers which are attached to the walls of intestines

    2. The part of alimentary canal that runs from the mouth to stomach is called :
    a) trachea
    b) bronchi
    c) oesophagus
    d) intestine

  • 3. Fibre to Fabric - Quiz

    1. Woollen clothes are mostly used in
    a) Summer days
    b) Rainy days
    c) Cold days
    d) Cloudy days

    2. Rearing of silk worm is
    a) Silviculture
    b) Sericulture
    c) Apiculture
    d) Horticulture

  • 4. Heat - Quiz

    1. Which of the following is a bad conductor of heat ?
    a) wood
    b) aluminium
    c) iron
    d) bronze

    2. The rise in temperature of a substance depends on:?
    a) The quantity of heat supplied?
    b) The mass of the substance
    c) The nature of the substances
    d) All of the above

  • 5. Acids, Bases and Salts - Quiz

    1. Phenolphthalein turns ________ in acidic and neutral solutions.
    a) colorless
    b) Pink
    c) Red
    d) Green

    2. Common name of H2SOis:
    a) Muriatic acid
    b) Oil of vitriol
    c) Blue vitriol
    d) Green vitriol

  • 6. Physical and Chemical Changes - Quiz

    1. Glowing of an electric bulb is a _________change.
    a) Chemical
    b) Physical
    c) Both physical and chemical changes
    d) None of these

    2. Which of the following are not paired correctly?
    a) Slaked lime - calcium oxide
    b) Baking soda - sodium hydrogen carbonate
    c) Calamine - zinc carbonate
    d) Common salt - sodium chloride

  • 7. Weather, Climate and Adaptations of Animals to Climate - Quiz

    1. An animal is taken to polar region. Which of the following adaptive characteristic may help it to survive in the new environment?
    a) Growth of thick and less hairy skin
    b) Sharp beaks and strong claws
    c) Light weight wings to fly
    d) Growth of thick fur on its skin

    2. _____________________is not an adaptation for self protection.
    a) Change in colour
    b) Migration
    c) Moving in groups
    d) Bearing eyelike patterns

  • 8. Winds, Storms and Cyclones - Quiz

    1. Which drinking a soft drink with the help of a straw the pressure in the straw is_________ and the pressure in the bottle is________
    a) Less, high
    b) High, less
    c) High, high
    d) Less, less

    2. Which of the following will rise the highest?
    a) Air at 400C
    b) Air at 100C
    c) Air at 200C
    d) Air at -50C

  • 9. Soil - Quiz

    1. ________ is used to make pots, toys and status.
    a) Loamysoil
    b) Silt
    c) Clayey soil
    d) Sandy soil

    2. Surahi and Matki are made from __________
    a) Black soil
    b) Sandy soil
    c) Loamy soil
    d) Silt

  • 10. Transportation in Animals and Plants - Quiz

    1. The blood vesseles which carry blood from different parts of the body to the heart are known as
    a) veins
    b) arteries
    c) capillaries
    d) none

    2. _________________ animals excrete ammonia in gaseous form.
    a) Aquatic Animals
    b) Aerial animal
    c) Land animal
    d) Desert animal

  • 11. Reproduction in Plants - Quiz

    1. In many plants, though stamens and ovules are produced by the same flower self-pollination does not occur because
    a) Anthers and ovules mature at different times
    b) Stamen is not compatible with the pistil
    c) The DNA of pollen grains and the ovule belong to different species
    d) Stigma does not hold the gametes belonging to the same flower

    2. Ferns reproduce through
    a) regeneration
    b) spore formation
    c) binary fission
    d) gladioli

  • 12. Respiration in Organisms - Quiz

    1. Lenticels are found in
    a) The stem in which secondary growth has taken place
    b) The root where secondary growth has occurred
    c) The roots as well as the stem where secondary growth has occurred
    d) None of the above

    2. In anaerobic respiration, glucose is broken down into
    a) Carbon dioxide and water
    b) carbon dioxide and oxygen
    c) Alcohol and oxygen
    d) Alcohol and carbon dioxide

  • 13. Motion and Time - Quiz

    1. Which of the following is NOT matched correctly?
    a) Speedometer : Speed
    b) Anemometer : Wind speed
    c) Odometer : Odour
    d) Stopwatch : Time

    2. Which of the following relation is correct?
    a) Time = Distance x Speed
    b) Time = Speed/ Distance
    c) Time = Distance/Speed
    d) Time = 1/Distance x Time

  • 14. Electric Current and its Effects - Quiz

    1. If you place a compass near a current conducting wire, it will:
    a) Get charged
    b) Get deflected
    c) Get hot
    d) Glow brightly

    2. Why is electrical wiring usually made from copper and not silver?
    a) Copper is less expensive
    b) Copper is a better conductor
    c) Copper is a better insulator
    d) Copper is non magnetic

  • 15. Light - Quiz

    1. Nature of the shadow depends on :
    a) the relative distance between the source of light and the object
    b) the relative size of the source of light and the object
    c) the angle between the source of light and the object
    d) all of the above

    2. At a particular time, the constant of ratio of length of a tree and the length of its shadow is found to be 1.5. Now, the length of the shadow of a flag pole is 15 m, calculate the length of the pole.
    a) 22.5 m
    b) 15 m
    c) 2.25 m
    d) 13.5 m

  • 16. Water - Quiz

    1. The chemical formula of ice is:
    a) H2
    b) H2O
    c) O2
    d) H2O2

    2. Water is an extremely stable:
    a) Compound
    b) Atom
    c) Element
    d) Mixture

  • 17. Forests Our Lifeline - Quiz

    1. Which of the following set represents primary consumers ?
    a) Deers, giraffes, cows
    b) Goats, rabbits, horses
    c) Insects, snails
    d) All the above

    2. Ecosystem means
    a) Abiotic components
    b) A community of organism together with the environment in which they live
    c) Organism reacting with one another
    d) Earth and its atmosphere