Class/Course - Class X

Subject - Science

Total Number of Question/s - 4224

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  • 1. Chemical Reactions and Equations - Quiz

    1. The reaction of respiration is:
    a) an oxidation reaction which is endothermic
    b) a reduction reaction reaction which is exothermic
    c) a combination reaction which is endothermic
    d) an oxidation reaction which is exothermic

    2. The term used to indicate the development of unpleasant smell and taste in fat and oil containing foods due to aerial oxidation is:
    a) acidity
    b) radioactivity
    c) rabidity
    d) rancidity

  • 2. Acids, Bases and Salts - Quiz

    1. Which of the following is dibasic acid? 
    (a) HCl 
    (b) H3PO4 
    (c) HNO3 
    (d) H2SO4

    a) only c
    b) only d
    c) a-c
    d) d-a

    2. The reaction Pb(OH)2+HNO3 --> Pb(OH)NO3+H2O shows that Pb(OH)NO3 is:
    a) An acid
    b) A base
    c) An acid salt
    d) A basic salt

  • 3. Metals and Non-metals - Quiz

    1. An element E reacts with water to form a solution which turns phenolphthalein solution pink. The element E is most likely to be:
    a) S
    b) Ca
    c) C
    d) Ag

    2. An element X reacts with hydrogen, when heated, to form a covalent hydride H2X. If H2X has a smell of rotten eggs, the element X is likely to be:
    a) carbon
    b) sulphur
    c) chlorine
    d) phosphorus

  • 4. Carbon and its Compounds - Quiz

    1. Which of the following acts as a dehydrating agent for alcohols ?
    a) Conc.H2SO4
    b) P2O5
    c) A12O3
    d) All

    2. The number of carbon atoms in the organic compound named as 2,2-dimenthylpropane is:
    a) two
    b) five
    c) three
    d) four

  • 5. Periodic Classification of Elements - Quiz

    1. The ascending later of IE can be represented as :
    a) IE1 < IE2 < IE3
    b) IE3 < IE2 < IE1
    c) IE1 < IE3 < IE2
    d) IE1 > IE2 < IE3

    2. The atomic particle whose number in the atoms of an element always remains the same and which forms the real basis for the modern classification of elements is:
    a) electron
    b) proton
    c) neutron
    d) meson

  • 6. Life Processes - Quiz

    1. The energy is stored during photosynthesis is in the form of
    a) ADP
    b) ATP
    c) DNA
    d) Nucleotides

    2. Which of the following are the features of photosynthesis?
    a) Production of oxygen
    b) Production of carbohydrates
    c) Conversion of light energy into chemical energy
    d) All the above

  • 7. Control and Coordination - Quiz

    1. One of the following is an incorrect statement about insulin. This is:
    a) It is produced in pancreas
    b) it regulates growth and development of the body
    c) it regulates blood and glucose level in the blood
    d) its deficiency in the bodt will cause diabetes

    2. Which of the following plant part exhibits negative phototropism?
    a) root
    b) branch
    c) leaves
    d) srem

  • 8. How do Organisms Reproduce? - Quiz

    1. Study of pollen grains is called
    a) pomology
    b) palynology
    c) olericulture
    d) cytology

    2. The accessory glands of human male reproduction system are
    a) one prostate gland two seminal vesicles and cowpers glands
    b) two prostate glands two seminal vesicles and cowpers glands
    c) one prostate gland four seminal vesicles and two cowpers galnds
    d) one prostate gland four seminal vesicles and four cowpers gland

  • 9. Heredity and Evolution - Quiz

    1. Some dinosaurs had features although they could not fly but birds have features that help them to fly. In the context of evolution, this means that:
    a) reptiles have evolved from birds
    b) there is no evolutionary between reptiles and birds
    c) features are homologous structures in both the organisms
    d) birds have evolved from reptiles

    2. According to scientists, aves have evolved from:
    a) mammals
    b) amphibians
    c) reptiles
    d) anthropods

  • 10. Light - Reflection and Refraction - Quiz

    1. The refractive indices of two immiscible liquids are μ1 and μ2 . While placing in a beaker the depth of 1st liquid is d1 and that of the other is d2 . A marked sign at the bottom of the beaker will seem to be at a depth of :
    a) μ₁μ₂ /d₁d₂
    b) d₁d₂ /μ₁μ₂
    c) d₁/μ₁+d₂/μ₂
    d) μ₁/d₁ + μ₂/d₂

    2. A ray of light enters a water filled glass tank from a glass face making a nonzero angle to the normal . The emergent ray from the opposite face will folow the which is :
    a) same
    b) deflected to the right
    c) deflected to the left
    d) parallel but not same

  • 11. Human Eye and Colourful World - Quiz

    1. When white light passes through the achromatic combination of prisms then the following is/are observed .
    a) Deviation and dispersion
    b) Only deviation
    c) Only dispersion
    d) None of these

    2. Radar waves have been sent to the moon and they are reflected back to the earth. It took them 2.6 sec to make the round trip. How far away is the moon ?
    a) 3.9 x 108cm
    b) 2.4 x 108 cm
    c) 2.15 x 108 cm
    d) 1.89 x 108 cm

  • 12. Electricity - Quiz

    1. Electric lines of force about a negative charge are:
    a) Radial and outward
    b) Circular and anti-clockwise
    c) Radial and inward
    d) Circular and clockwise

    2. A wire of resistance R is doubled by stretching. The resistance of half of this stretched wire will be:
    a) 2R
    b) R
    c) R/2
    d) 4R

  • 13. Magnetic Effects of Electric Current - Quiz

    1. Which one of the following is the best material for making connecting wires?
    a) Tungsten
    b) Iron
    c) Copper
    d) Nichrome

    2. An electric motor is a device which transforms:
    a) mechanical energy to electrical energy
    b) heat energy to electrical only
    c) electrical energy to heat energy only
    d) electrical energy to mechanical energy

  • 14. Sources of Energy - Quiz

    1. Coke is............
    a) 80% of carbon
    b) 98% of carbon
    c) 60% of carbon
    d) 90% of carbon

    2. Biogas contains _____ % methane
    a) 80
    b) 75
    c) 60
    d) 55

  • 15. Our Environment - Quiz

    1. Structural and functional unit of nature is called
    a) ecosystem
    b) ecology
    c) biome
    d) biosphere

    2. Which of the following group of organisms are not constituents of a food chain?
    (i) grass, lion, rabbit, wolf
    (ii) plankton, man, fish, grasshopper
    (iii) wolf, grass, snake, tiger
    (iv) frog, snake, eagle, grass, grasshoper
    a) (i) and (iii)
    b) (iii) and (iv)
    c) (ii) and (iii)
    d) (i) and (iv)

  • 16. Management of Natural Resources - Quiz

    1. Which of the following canals brought about greenery in Rajasthan ?
    a) Jawaharlal Canal
    b) Rajiv Gandhi canal
    c) Mahatma Gandhi Canal
    d) Indira Gandhi Canal

    2. pH of water can be tested by using?
    a) Indicators
    b) Reagents
    c) Detergents
    d) Inhibitors