Class/Course - Class X

Subject - Science

Total Number of Question/s - 4224

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  • 1. Chemical Reactions and Equations - Quiz

    1. What is nX in the given reaction?

    Pb(NO3)2→ 2PbO+nX+O2
    a) 4NO2
    b) NO2
    c) 2PbNO2
    d) 2NO3

    2. The equation below could be best read as _____.
    H2(g) + Cl2(g) → 2HCl(g)

    a) hydrogen gas reacts with chlorine gas to produce hydrogen chloride gas
    b) one molecule of hydrogen gas reacts with one molecule of chlorine gas to produce two molecules of hydrogen chloride gas
    c) hydrogen gas reacts with chlorine gas to produce hydrochloric gas
    d) hydrogen gas reacts with chlorine gas to produce hydrochloric acid

  • 2. Acids, Bases and Salts - Quiz

    1. The type of medicines used to treat indigestion is:
    a) Antihistamic
    b) Antibiotic
    c) Antacid
    d) Antiseptic

    2. Acid that contain hydrogen and other nonmetallic element other than oxygen is:
    a) Oxyacid
    b) Mineral acid
    c) Hydracid
    d) Strong acid

  • 3. Metals and Non-metals - Quiz

    1. In the extraction of copper, when molten copper is cooled slowly, blister copper is obtained due to the evolution of:
    a) Carbon monoxide
    b) Carbon dioxide
    c) Sulphur dioxide
    d) Water vapour

    2. One of the following is not a netural oxide. This is:
    a) CO
    b) H2O
    c) N2O
    d) Na2O

  • 4. Carbon and its Compounds - Quiz

    1. The acid present in the cirtus fruits is :
    a) cirtric acid
    b) acetic acid
    c) oxalic acid
    d) formic acid

    2. Which of the following is formed when ethane is heated with conc. H2SO4 at 750C?
    a) Methyl alcohol
    b) Ethyl alcohol
    c) Ethane
    d) Ethanal

  • 5. Periodic Classification of Elements - Quiz

    1. An element X have two orbits which completely filled. Then X is:
    a) Ne
    b) He
    c) O2
    d) Cl2

    2. From left to right in a period the acidic nature in the oxides of elements:
    a) Increases
    b) Decreases
    c) Does not change
    d) Irregular change

  • 6. Life Processes - Quiz

    1. The excretory unit in the human excretory system is called:
    a) nephron
    b) neuron
    c) nephridia
    d) kidneyon

    2. Which of the following plants have sunken stomata?
    a) Mesophytes
    b) Hydrophytes
    c) Xerophytes
    d) All the above

  • 7. Control and Coordination - Quiz

    1. Reflex arc is formed by
    a) Receptor - brain - muscles
    b) Receptor - spinal cord - muscle
    c) Muscles - spinal cord - receptor
    d) Muscle - brain - receptor

    2. The β-cells of pancreas secrete
    a) Glucogon
    b) Thyroxine
    c) Insulin
    d) None of these

  • 8. How do Organisms Reproduce? - Quiz

    1. During adolescence, several changes occur in the human body. Mark one change from the following associated with sexual maturation in boys:
    a) loss of milk teeth
    b) increase in height
    c) cracking of voice
    d) weight gain

    2. If both sepals and petals are coloured and cannot be distinguished then their whorl is known as
    a) perianth
    b) pericycle
    c) calyx
    d) corolla

  • 9. Heredity and Evolution - Quiz

    1. Homologous structures have
    a) Dissimilar origin and dissimilar functions
    b) Similar origin but similar or dissimilar function
    c) Dissimilar origin bit similar functions
    d) Dissimilar origin and dissimilar structure

    2. The human animal which has an XY pair of chromosomes is called:
    a) male
    b) hybrid
    c) female
    d) doomed

  • 10. Light - Reflection and Refraction - Quiz

    1. If a glass prism is dipped in water, its dispersive power:
    a) Increases
    b) Does not change
    c) Decreases
    d) Prism loses its property

    2. A beam of parallel light rays is incident through the holes on one side of a box and emerges out through the holes on its opposite side as shown in the diagram below: 

    a) a rectangular glass block
    b) a concave lens
    c) a convex lens
    d) a glass prism

  • 11. Human Eye and Colourful World - Quiz

    1. The human eye can focus objects at different distances by adjusting the focal length of the eye-lens. This is due to:
    a) presbyopia
    b) accommodation
    c) near-sightedness
    d) far-sightedness

    2. A man wearing yellow coloured glass for eye end red coloured glass for right eye stands in front of a plane mirror .He observes his image in the mirror . Which of the following statenents is correcct ?
    a) Both eyes are of red colour
    b) Both eyes ere of yellow colour
    c) Left eye is yellow coloured and right is red coloured
    d) Left eye is coloured and right is yellow coloured

  • 12. Electricity - Quiz

    1. The other name of potential difference is:
    a) amphereage
    b) wattage
    c) voltage
    d) potential energy

    2. The diagram below shows part of a circuit:

    If this arrangement of three resistors was to be placed by a single resistor, its resistance should be:
    a) 9 Ω
    b) 4 Ω
    c) 6 Ω
    d) 18 Ω

  • 13. Magnetic Effects of Electric Current - Quiz

    1. A short circuit happens because of:
    a) Dry wires
    b) Lack of earthing
    c) Contact between the wires
    d) All of these

    2. A coil of many turns of wire wrapped in the shape of a cylinder is called a ___________
    a) solenoid
    b) magnet
    c) loop
    d) electric motor

  • 14. Sources of Energy - Quiz

    1. The ultimate source of energy stored in fossil fuel is:
    a) moon
    b) earth
    c) sun
    d) sea

    2. When wood is burnt in a limited supply of oxygen, ______ is left behind as residue.
    a) coke
    b) coal
    c) charcoal
    d) teencoal

  • 15. Our Environment - Quiz

    1. Resident time is more for the pollutant :
    a) CO
    b) CO2
    c) N2O
    d) SO2

    2. Free floating organisms are termed
    a) plankton
    b) benthos
    c) nekton
    d) all algae

  • 16. Management of Natural Resources - Quiz

    1. Which of the following is the age old concept in India?
    a) Water harvesting
    b) Conservation
    c) Protection
    d) Irrigation

    2. Which of the following statement is incorrect?
    a) economic development is linked to enviormental conservation
    b) sustainable development meets the current basic human needs and also preserves resources for future generations
    c) sustainable development does not take into consideration the viewpoints of all stakeholders
    d) sustainable development is a long planned and persistant development