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  • 1. Mixed Topic - Quiz


    1. Directions (68 - 69): Read the following information carefully and answer the questions which follow:
    Farhan started from point P, walked 5 m. South and then took a left turn, walked 2m. and reached point Q, He then took a left turn, walked 3m. and then took a right turn and walked 1m. to reach point R. He then took a left turn, walked 2 m. and reached point S and took a final left turn walked 2 m. before stopping at point T ?
    If Farhan walks; 2.m. towards South from point T, and takes a left turn, which point will he be facing ?
    a) None
    b) P
    c) Q
    d) R
    e) S

    2. Directions (86 - 90): Answer the question based on information given below:
    Chandra mohan and his wife Kamini have a family of three generations comprising thirteen members of whom six are female members. Some of Chandra mohan’s children are married, but none of his grandchildren are married.
    A. Kamini has a daughter-in-law named Fullara and two sons-in-law, one being Eshwaran
    B. Harihar’s brother is Devesh, who has two nephews and two nieces- one being Leela.
    C. Bandana, Devesh’s sister has two children.
    D. Fulhara , who is sister-in-law to Devesh has four nephews and nieces.
    E. Manohar, who is married to Rita in the family , has a daughter Indira and a son.
    F. Joy has a sister and two cousins, Akash and Indira.
    Leela is the niece of
    a) Bandana
    b) Eshwaran
    c) Harihar
    d) Kamini
    e) None of these