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  • 1. Mixed Topic - Quiz


    1. Four of the following four are alike in a certain way and hence form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to that group ?
    1) Car 2) Tonga 3) Sledge 4) Scooter
    a) Car
    b) Tonga
    c) Sledge
    d) Scooter

    2. In making decisions about important questions, it is desirable to be able to distinguish between strong arguments and weak arguments. Strong arguments are those which are both important and directly related to the question. Weak arguments are those which are of minor importance and also may not be directly related to the question or may be related to a trivial aspect of the question.
    Statement : Should the parliament elections in India be held on a single day throughout the country ?
    I. Yes, this is the only way to handle such elections.
    II. Yes, this will help the commission to concentrate on a single day for election related issues.
    III. No, some other countries hold such elections spread over several days.
    a) None is strong
    b) Only I is strong
    c) Only II is strong
    d) Only III is strong