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  • 1. Mixed Topic - Quiz


    1. In each of the following questions, a question is followed by information given in three statements. You have to study the questions along with the statements and decide the information given in which statements is/are sufficient to answer the question.
    In a certain code, will you do this* is written as 9 7 3 4.
    What will be the code of this ?
    I. you can do easily* is written as 3 1 2 9.
    II. how are youis written a s 5 3 8
    III. I will give up is written as 6 7 tt $.
    a) Only I and II
    b) Only II and III
    c) Only I and III
    d) Any two of them

    2. In these questions, the relationship between different elements is shown in the statements.
    Statements : N > A ≥ C, P = N, P ≤ L
    Conclusions : I. N > C II. L > A
    a) if only conclusion I follows.
    b) if only conclusion II follows.
    c) if either conclusion I or II follows.
    d) if both conclusions I and II follow.