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  • 1. Mixed Topic - Quiz


    1. The difference between the simple interest and the compound interest compounded anually at the same rate of interest on a sum of money at the end of two years is Rs.50/-. What is definitely the rate of interest percent per annum?
    a) 10%
    b) 4%
    c) Data provided are not adequate to answer the question
    d) 5%
    e) 7.50%

    2. The respective ratio of the sum invested for 2 years each in Scheme A offering 10% p.a. compound interest (compounded annually) and in Scheme B offering 8% simple interest is 1:2. Difference between the interests earned from both the schemes is Rs 990/-. How much was invested in Scheme A?
    a) Rs 9,500/-
    b) Rs 9,000/-
    c) Rs 12,000/-
    d) Rs 11,000/-
    e) Rs 10,000/-