Class/Course - Medical Entrance

Subject - Physics

Total Number of Question/s - 3470

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  • 1. Physical World and Measurement - Quiz

    1. Which of the following is a dimensional constant?
    a) Refractive index
    b) Poissons ratio
    c) Relative density
    d) Gravitational constant

    2. Of the following quantities, which one has dimensions different from the remaining three?
    a) Energy per unit volume
    b) Force per unit area
    c) Product of voltage and charge per unit volume
    d) Angular momentum

  • 2. Motion in One Dimension - Quiz

    1. A stone released with zero velocity from the top of a tower, reaches the ground in 4s .The height of the tower is (g = 10m/s2)
    a) 20m
    b) 40m
    c) 80m
    d) 160m

    2. Two bodies A (of mass 1 kg) and B (of mass 3 kg) are dropped from height of 16m and 25m, respectively. The ratio of the time taken by them to reach the ground is
    a) $\frac{5}{4}$
    b) $\frac{12}{5}$
    c) 5/12
    d) 4/5

  • 3. Motion in Two and Three Dimension - Quiz

    1. The angle between the two vectors $\overrightarrow{A} = 3\hat{i} + 4\hat{j} + 5\hat{k} \ and \ \overrightarrow{B} = 3\hat{i} + 4\hat{j} - 5\hat{k}$ will be
    a) 00
    b) 450
    c) 900
    d) 1800

    2. Two particles are projected with same initial velocities at an angle 300 and 600 with the horizontal . Then
    a) their heights will be equal
    b) their ranges will be equal
    c) their time of flights will be equal
    d) their ranges will be different

  • 4. Laws of Motion - Quiz

    1. Consider a car moving along a straight horizontal road with a speed of 72 km/h. If the coefficient of static friction between the tyres and the road is 0.5, the shortest distance in which the car can be stopped is
    (Take g = 10 m/s2)
    a) 30m
    b) 40m
    c) 72m
    d) 20m

    2. The mass of a lift is 2000kg . When the tension in the supporting cable is 28000N, then its acceleration is
    a) 30 ms-1 downwards
    b) 4 ms-1 upwards
    c) 4 ms-1 downwards
    d) 14 ms-1 upwards

  • 5. Work, Energy and Power - Quiz

    1. An engine pumps water continuously through a hose. Water leaves the hose with a velocity v and m is the mass per unit length of the water jet. What is the rate at which kinetic energy is imparted to water?
    a) $\frac{1}{2}mv^{3}$
    b) mv2
    c) $\frac{1}{2}mv^{2}$
    d) $\frac{1}{2}m^{2}v^{2}$

    2. A metal ball of mass 2kg moving with a velocity of 36km/h has a head on collision with a stationary ball of mass 3kg. If after the collision , the two balls move together, the loss in kinetic energy due to collision is
    a) 140 J
    b) 100 J
    c) 60 J
    d) 40 J

  • 6. Rotational Motion - Quiz

    1. A ball rolls without slipping. The radius of gyration of the ball about an axis passing through its centre of mass is k. If radius of the ball be R, then the fraction of total energy associated energy will be
    a) $\left ( \frac{3}{4} \right )ml^{2}$
    b) 2ml2
    c) $\left ( \frac{3}{4} \right )ml^{2}$
    d) $\left ( \frac{3}{4} \right )ml^{2}$

    2. A round disc of moment of inertia Iabout its axis perpendicular to its plane and passing through its centre is placed over another disc  of moment of inertia Irotating with an angular velocity ω  about the same axis . The final angular velocity of the combination of discs is
    a) $\frac{I_{2} \omega}{I_{1} + I_{2}}$
    b) ω
    c) $\frac{I_{1} \omega}{I_{1} + I_{2}}$
    d) $\frac{(I_{1} + I_{2})\omega}{I_{1}}$

  • 7. Gravitation - Quiz

    1. Two satellite of earth, S1 and S2, are moving in the same orbit. The mass of S1 is four times the mass of S2. Which one of the following statements is true ?
    a) The time period of S1 is four times that of S2
    b) The potential energies of earth and satellite in the two cases are equal
    c) S1 and S2 are moving with the same speed
    d) The kinetic  energies of the two satellites are equal

    2. A seconds pendulum is mounted in a rocket. Its period of oscillation decreases when the rocket
    a) comes down with uniform acceleration
    b) moves round the earth in a geostationary orbit
    c) moves up with a uniform velocity
    d) moves up with uniform acceleration

  • 8. Heat and Thermodynamics - Quiz

    1. A diatomic gas initially at 800 is compressed adiabatically to one-eight of its original volume . The temperature after compression will be
    a) 180C
    b) 668.4K
    c) 395.4C0
    d) 1440C

    2. A carnot engine whose sink is at 300 K has an efficiency of 40% . By how much should the temperature of source be increases so as to increase its efficiency by 50% of original effeciency?
    a) 275 K
    b) 325 K 
    c) 250 K
    d) 380 K

  • 9. Oscillations - Quiz

    1. Two springs A and B have force constants KA and KB such that kB = 2kA . The four ends of the springs are stretched by the same force. If energy stored in spring A is E, then energy stored in spring B is
    a) $\frac{E}{2}$
    b) 2E
    c) E
    d) 4E

    2. When a long spring is stretched by 2cm, its potential energy is U. If the spring is stretched by 10cm, the potential energy in it will be
    a) 10U
    b) 25U
    c) $\frac{U}{5}$
    d) 5U

  • 10. Waves - Quiz

    1. Two waves of wavelength 50 cm and 51 cm produce 12 beats /s. The speed of sound is
    a) 306 m/s
    b) 331m/s
    c) 340m/s
    d) 360m/s

    2. If the amplitude of sound is doubled and the frequency reduced to one -fourth, the intensity of sound at the same point will
    a) increase by a factor of 2
    b) decrease by a factor of 2
    c) decrease by a factor of 4
    d) remains unchanged

  • 11. Electrostatics - Quiz

    1. A charge q is placed at the centre of the line joining two exactly equal positive charges Q. The system of three charges will be in equilibrium , if q is equal to
    a) $\frac{-Q}{4}$
    b) +Q
    c) -Q
    d) $\frac{Q}{2}$

    2. The electric potential at a point in free space due to charge Q coulomb is Q × 1011V. The electric field at that point is
    a) 4πε0 Q × 1022 V/m
    b) 12πεQ × 1020 V/m
    c) 4πε0Q × 1022 × 1020 V/m
    d) 12πε0 Q × 1022 V/m

  • 12. Current Electricity - Quiz

    1. Two wires of the same metal have same length, but their cross-sections are in the ratio 3:1. They are joined in series. The resistance of thicker wire is 10Ω . The total resistance of the combination will be
    a) 10 Ω
    b) 20 Ω
    c) 40 Ω
    d) 100 Ω

    2. Potentiometer measures the potential difference more accurately than a voltmeter because
    a) it has a wire of high resistance
    b) it has a wire of low resistance
    c) it does not draw current from external circuit
    d) it draws a heavy current from external circuit

  • 13. Thermal and Chemical Effects of Current - Quiz

    1. Power dissipitated across the 8Ω resistor in the circuit shown here is 2W. The power dissipitated in watt units across the 3Ω resistor is

    a) 2.0
    b) 1.0
    c) 0.5
    d) 3.0

    2. Two bulbs 25 W, 220 V and 100W, 220V are given. Which has higher resistance?
    a) 25 W bulb
    b) 100 W bulb
    c) Both bulbs will have equal resistance
    d) Resistance of bulbs cannot be compared

  • 14. Magnetic Effects of Current - Quiz

    1. The magnetic field at a distance r from a long wire carrying current I is 0.4 T. The magnetic field at a distance 2r is
    a) 0.2 T
    b) 0.8 T
    c) 0.1 T
    d) 1.6 T

    2. A current carrying coil is subjected to a uniform magnetic field. The coil will orient so that its plane becomes
    a) inclined at 450 to the magnetic field
    b) inclined at any arbitary angle to the magnetic field
    c) parallel to the magnetic field
    d) perpendicular to the magnetic field

  • 15. Magnestism - Quiz

    1. According to Curies law, the magnetic susceptibilty of a paramagnetic substance at an absolute temperature T is proportional to 
    a) $\frac{1}{T^{2}}$
    b) T2
    c) $\frac{1}{T}$
    d) T

    2. Due to the earths magnetic field , charged cosmic ray particles
    a) can never rach the poles
    b) can never reach the equator
    c) require less kinetic energy to reach the equator than the poles
    d) require greater kinetic energy to reach the equator, than the poles

  • 16. Electromagnetic Induction - Quiz

    1. A rectangular , a square, a circular and an elliptical loop, all in the (x-y) plane, are moving out of a uniform magnetic field with a constant velocity $\vec{v} = v\hat{i}$. The magnetic field is directed along the negative z-axis direction . The induced emf, during the passage of these loops , out of the field region, will not remain constant for
    a) the rectangular, circular and elliptical loops
    b) the circular and the elliptical loops
    c) only the elliptical loop
    d) any of the four loops

    2. In the circuit of figure, the bulb will become suddenly bright, if 

    a) contact is made or broken
    b) contact is made
    c) contact is broken
    d) Won't become bright at all

  • 17. AC and Electromagnetic Waves - Quiz

    1. A step-up transformer operates on a 230V line and supplies current of 2A to a loaf. The ratio of the primary and secondary windings is 1:25. The current in the primary coil is
    a) 15 A
    b) 50 A
    c) 25 A
    d) 12.5 A

    2. If ε0 and μ0 are respectively the electric permittivity and magnetic permeability of free space, ε and μ are the corresponding quantities in a medium, the index of refraction of the medium is
    a) $\sqrt{\frac{\varepsilon _{0} \mu_{0}}{\varepsilon \mu_{0}}}$
    b) $\sqrt{\frac{\varepsilon  \mu}{\varepsilon _{0}\mu_{0}}}$
    c) $\sqrt{\frac{\varepsilon_{0} \mu_{0}}{\varepsilon \mu_{0}}}$
    d) $\sqrt{\frac{\varepsilon }{\varepsilon _{0}}}$

  • 18. Ray Optics and Optical Instruments - Quiz

    1. The angular resolution of a 10 cm diameter telecope at a wavelength of 5000Å is order of
    a) 106 rad
    b) 10-2 rad
    c) 10-4 rad
    d) 10-6 rad

    2. Which of the following phenomena exhibits particles nature of light?
    a) Interference
    b) Diffraction
    c) polarisation
    d) multiple total internal reflections

  • 19. Electrons and Photons - Quiz

    1. If the threshold wavelength for a certain metal is 2000Å, then the work function of the metal is
    a) 6.2 J
    b) 6.2 eV
    c) 6.2 MeV
    d) 6.2 KeV

    2. A photocell employs photoelectric effect to convert
    a) change in the frequency of light into a change in electric voltage
    b) change in the intensity of illumination into a change in photoelectric current
    c) change in the intensity of illumination into a change in the work function of the photocathode
    d) change in the frequency of light into a change in the electric current

  • 20. Atomic Physics - Quiz

    1. In the Bohrs model of a hyydrogen atom , the centripetal force is furnished by the coulomb attraction between the proton and the electron. If ais the radius of the ground state orbit, m is the mass and e is the charge on the electron,  ε0 is the vacuum permittivity , the speed of the electron is
    a) zero
    b) $\frac{e}{\sqrt{\varepsilon_{0}a_{0} m}}$
    c) $\frac{e}{\sqrt{4\pi \varepsilon_{0}a_{o}m}}$
    d) $\frac{\sqrt{4\pi \varepsilon_{0}a_{o}m}}{e}$

    2. The energy of ground electronic state of hydrogen atom is -13.6 eV. The energy of the first excited state will be
    a) -54.4 eV
    b) -27.2eV
    c) -6.8 eV
    d) -3.4 eV

  • 21. Nuclear Physics - Quiz

    1. A free neutron decays into a proton, an electron and
    a) a beta particle
    b) an alpha particle
    c) an antineutrino
    d) a neutrino

    2. The radius of germanium (Ge) nuclide is measured to be twice the radius of $_{4}^{9}Be$. The number of nucleons in Ge are
    a) 73
    b) 74
    c) 75
    d) 72

  • 22. Solid and Semiconductors Devices - Quiz

    1. Which one of the following gates will have an output of 1?

    a) A
    b) B
    c) C
    d) D

    2. The peak voltage in the output of a half-wave diode rectifier fed with a sinusoidal signal without filter is 10V. The DC component of the output voltage is
    a) $\frac{10}{sqrt{2}}V$
    b) $\frac{10}{\pi}V$
    c) 10V
    d) $\frac{20}{\pi}V$