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  • 1. Physical World - Quiz


    1. Force of friction and tension in a string in
    a) gravitational forces
    b) weak forces
    c) electromagnetic forces
    d) nuclear forces

    2. Match the scientist name against the discovery:
    A Scientist B Discovery
    1 Faraday a Law of Gravitation
    2 Rutherford b Quantum model of hydrogen atom
    3 Chadwick c Nuclear Model of Atom
    4 Bohr d Laws of electromagnetic induction
    5 Newton e Neutron

    a) 1-b, 2-c, 3-a, 4-e, 5-d
    b) 1-d, 2-c, 3-e, 4-b, 5-a
    c) 1-c, 2-e, 3-b, 4-a, 5-d
    d) 1-d, 2-e, 3-a, 4-a, 5-a

  • 2. Units and Measurements - Quiz


    1. The number of significant figures in 0.008403 is
    a) 6
    b) 4
    c) 3
    d) 2

    2. Force F is given in terms of time t and distance x by F = A sin Ct + B cos Dx. Then the dimesions of A/B and C/D are
    a) [M0L0T0] , [M0L0T-1]
    b) [MLT-2], [M0L-1T0]
    c) [M0L0T0], [M0LT-1]
    d) [[M0L1T-1],[M0L0T0]

  • 3. Motion in a Straight Line - Quiz


    1. Oscillations of a mass suspended from a vertical spring is _________motion.
    a) one dimensional
    b) two dimensional
    c) both a and b
    d) none of these

    2. A person is throwing two balls in the air one after the other . He throws the second ball when the first ball is at highest point. If he is throwing the balls every second, how high do they rise?
    a) 5m
    b) 3.75 m
    c) 2.50 m
    d) 1.25 m

  • 4. Motion in a Plane - Quiz


    1. A water fountain on the ground sprinkles water all around it. If the speed of water coming out of the fountain is υ, the total area around the fountain that gets wet is

    2. Many bullets are projected with equal velocity νc, with the horizontal in different directions, the area in which these bullests can spread is πν2/g.
    a) True
    b) False

  • 5. Laws of Motion - Quiz


    1. In the figure shown, the acceleration of A is $\vec{a}_{A}$ = $15\hat{i} + 15\hat{j}$, then the acceleration of B is (A remains in contact with B)

    a) $6\hat{i}$
    b) $-15\hat{i}$
    c) $-10\hat{i}$
    d) $-5\hat{i}$

    2. A heavy iron bar of weight W is having its one ends on the ground and the other on the shoulder of a man. The rod makes an angle θ with the horizontal. What is the weight experienced by the man?
    a) W sin θ
    b) W cos θ
    c) W
    d) W/2

  • 6. Work, Energy and Power - Quiz


    1. A uniform chain of length L and mass M is lying on a smooth table and third of its length is hanging vertically down over the edge of the table. If g is acceleration due to gravity, the work required to pull the hanging part on to the table is
    a) MgL
    b) Mg L/3
    c) Mg L/9
    d) Mg L/18

    2. An engine pumps water continuously through a hose. Water leaves the hose with a velocity υ and m is mass per unit length of the water jet. What is the rate at which K.E. is imparted to water?
    c) mυ3

  • 7. System of Particles and Rotational Motion - Quiz


    1. The moment of interia of a thin uniform rod of mass M and length L about an axis passing through its midpoint and perpendicular to its length is I0. Its moment of interia about an axis passing through one of its end and perpendicular to its length is
    a) I0 + ML2 / 2
    b) I0 + ML2/4
    c) I0 + 2ML2
    d) I0 + ML2

    2. A fire craker following a parabolic path explodes in mid air. The centre of mass of all the fragments will follow a path
    a) Along horizontal
    b) Along vertical
    c) Along same parabola
    d) Along circle

  • 8. Gravitation - Quiz


    1. A satellite is seen after each 8h over the equator at a plane on the earth when it sense of rotation is opposite to the earth. The time interval after which it can be seen at the same place when the sense of rotation of the earth and the satellite is the same will be
    a) 8h
    b) 12h
    c) 24 h
    d) 6 h

    2. Masses of 1kg each are placed 1m, 2m , 4m, 8m, …. From a point P. The gravitational field intensity at P due to these masses is
    a) G
    b) G
    c) 4G
    d) 4G/3

  • 9. Mechanical Properties of Solids - Quiz


    1. Young modulus of the material of a wire is numerically equal to stress which will ___________ of a wire.
    a) Single the length
    b) Double the length
    c) Both a and b
    d) None of these

    2. The load versus elongation graph for four wires of the same material is shown in the (figure). The thinnest wire is represented by the line

    a) OC
    b) OD
    c) OA
    d) OB

  • 10. Mechanical Properties of Fluids - Quiz


    1. If the velocity head of a stream of water is equal to 10.0 cm, its speed of flow is 100 cm/s.
    a) True
    b) False

    2. It is observed that during storm, the roof, of some houses are blown off. It is because
    a) The wind creates high pressure over the roof
    b) The wind creates low pressure over the roof
    c) Of the structure and shape of the roof
    d) Of natural calamity

  • 11. Thermal Properties of Matter - Quiz


    1. A steel ball of mass m1 = 1kg moving with velocity 50m/s collides with another ball of mass m2 = 200g lying on the ground. During the collision their internal energies change equally and T1 and T2 are the rise in temperature of masses m1 and m2, respectively. If specific heat of steel is 0.105 and J = 4.18 J/cal, then
    a) T1 = 7.10C and T2 = 1.470C
    b) T1 = 1.470C and T2 = 7.10C
    c) T1 = 3.4K and T2 = 17.0K
    d) T1 = 7.1K and T2 = 1.4 K

    2. At NTP , water boils at 1000C. Deep down the mine, water will boil at a temperature
    a) 1000C
    b) > 1000 C
    c) < 1000 C
    d) Will not boil at all

  • 12. Thermodynamics - Quiz


    1. First law of thermodynamics gives us the concept of temperature
    a) True
    b) False

    2. The temperature T1 and T2 of heat reservoirs in the ideal carnot engine are 15000C and 5000C respectively. If T1 increases by 1000C, what will be the efficiency of the engine?
    a) 62%
    b) 50%
    c) 95%
    d) 100%

  • 13. Kinetic Theory - Quiz


    1. One litre of oxygen at a pressure of 1 atm and two litres of nitrogen at a pressure of 0.5 atm are introduced into a vessel of volume 1 litre. If there is no change in temperature, the final pressure of the mixture of gas (in atm) is
    a) 1.5
    b) 2.5
    c) 2
    d) 4

    2. 1 mole of h2 gas is contained in a box of volume V = 1.00 m3 at T = 300K; The gas is heated to a temperature of T = 3000K and the gas gets converted to a gas of hydrogen atoms. The final pressure would be (considering all gases to be ideal)
    a) same as the pressure initially
    b) 2 times the pressure initially
    c) 10 times the pressure initially
    d) 20 times the pressure initially

  • 14. Oscillations - Quiz


    1. For propagation of mechanical waves, the medium must process ____ ; ___ ; _____
    a) inertia ; minimum friction ; elestically
    b) elestically ; inertia ; minimum friction
    c) Both a and b
    d) none of these

    2. The density ρ of a liquid varies with depth h from the free surface as ρ = kh. A small body of density ρ1 is released from the surface of the liquid . The body will
    a) come to a momentary rest at a depth 2ρ1/k from the free surface
    b) execute S.H.M about a point at a depth ρ1/k from the surface
    c) execute S.H.M. of amplitude ρ1/k
    d) all of these

  • 15. Waves - Quiz


    1. A standing wave can be produced by combining
    a) two longitudinal travelling waves
    b) two transverse travelling waves
    c) two sinusoidal travelling waves travelling in opposite directions
    d) all of the above

    2. The intensity levell of two sounds are 100dB and 50dB. What is the ratio of their intensities?
    a) 101
    b) 103
    c) 105
    d) 1010

  • 16. Scalar and Vector - Quiz


    1. A vector perpendicular to $\hat{i} + \hat{j} + \hat{k}$ is
    a) $\hat{i} - \hat{j} + \hat{k}$
    b) $\hat{i} - \hat{j} - \hat{k}$
    c) $-\hat{i} - \hat{j} - \hat{k}$
    d) $3\hat{i} + 2\hat{j} - 5\hat{k}$

    2. The angle which the vector $\vec{A}$ = $2\hat{i} + 3\hat{j}$ makes with the y-axis, where $\hat{i}$ and $\hat{j}$ are unit vectors along x - and y-axes, respectively, is
    a) cos-1(3/5)
    b) cos-1(2/3)
    c) tan-1(2/3)
    d) sin-1(2/3)

  • 17. Conservation of momentum and Collision - Quiz


    1. A gun which fires small balls of mass 20 g is firing 20 balls per second on the smooth horizontal table surface ABCD. If the collision is perfectly elastic and balls are striking at the centre of table with a speed of 5 m/s at an angle of 600 with the vertical just before collision, then force exerted by one of the legs on ground is (assume total weight of the table is 0.2 kg)

    a) 0.5 N
    b) 1 N
    c) 0.25 N
    d) 0.75 N

    2. A ball moving with a velocity of 6 m/s strikes an identical stationary ball. After collision each ball moves at an angle of 300 with the original line of motion. What are the speeds of the balls after the collision?
    a) $\sqrt{3}/2 \: \: m/s$
    b) 3 m/s
    c) $2\sqrt{3}\, m/s$
    d) $\sqrt{3}\: m/s$

  • 18. Rotational Dynamics - Quiz


    1. A sphere is placed rotating with its centre initially at rest in a corner as shown in figures (a) and (b). Coefficient of friction between all surfaces and the sphere is 1/3. Find the ratio of the friction forces ƒab by ground in situations (a) and (b).

    a) 1
    b) $\frac{9}{10}$
    c) $\frac{10}{9}$
    d) none of these

    2. A solid sphere, a hollow sphere and a disc, all having the same mass and radius, are placed at the top of an incline and released. The friction coefficients between the objects and the incline are same and not sufficient to allow pure rolling. The smallest kinetic energy at the bottom of the incline will be achieved by
    a) the solid sphere
    b) the hollow sphere
    c) the disc
    d) all will achieve the same kinetic energy

  • 19. Fluid Dynamics - Quiz


    1. A lawn sprinkler has 20 holes, each of cross-sectional area 2.0 × 10-2 cm2, and is connected to a hose pipe of cross sectional area 2.4 cm2. If the speed of water in the hose pipe is 1.5 ms-1, the speed of water as it emerges from the holes is
    a) 2.25 ms-1
    b) 4.5 ms-1
    c) 9 ms-1
    d) 18 ms-1

    2. Air is streaming past a horizontal airplane wing such that its speed is 90 ms-1 at the lower surface and 120 ms-1 over the upper surface. If the wing is 10 m long and has an average width of 2 m, the difference of pressure on the two sides and the gross lift on the wing respectively, are (density of air = 1.3 kg m-3)
    a) 5 Pa, 900 N
    b) 95 Pa, 900 N
    c) 4095 Pa, 900 N
    d) 4095 Pa, 81900 N