Class/Course - Class IX

Subject - Math

Total Number of Question/s - 3271

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  • 1. Number Systems - Quiz

    1. The rational number 0/7
    a) has a positive numerator
    b) has a negative numerator
    c) has a either a positive numerator or a negative numerator
    d) has neither a positive numerator noe a negative numerator

    2. The value of √8+√18 is
    a) 26
    b) 2(√2+√3)
    c) 7
    d) 5√2

  • 2. Polynomials - Quiz

    1. If (3x-4)(5x+7) = 15x2-ax-28 then a = _________
    a) 1
    b) -1
    c) -2
    d) none

    2. Factorise y3-2y2-y+2
    a) (y-2)(y-1)(y+1)
    b) (y+2)(y-1)(y+1)
    c) (y-2)(y+1)2
    d) (y+1)(y-1)2

  • 3. Coordinate Geometry - Quiz

    1. The distance of the point (2,0) from the origin is _________
    a) 1 units
    b) 2 units
    c) 4 units
    d) none

    2. The point (0,-2) lies on
    a) +ve X-axis
    b) +ve Y-axis
    c) -ve X-axis
    d) ve Y-axis

  • 4. Linear Equations in Two Variable - Quiz

    1. The equations of the line parallel to y-axis is _________
    a) y = -2
    b) y=0
    c) y=5
    d) x=-4

    2. An equation of the form ax+by+c= 0, where a,b are non zero numbers represents ________
    a) a straight line
    b) a circle
    c) a triangle
    d) a quadrilateral

  • 5. Introduction to Euclid's Geometry - Quiz

  • 6. Lines and Angles - Quiz

    1. The common end point
    a) vertex
    b) zero
    c) end point
    d) none

    2. In a right angled triangle is equal to the sum of two _____angles
    a) 650
    b) 550
    c) 450
    d) 300

  • 7. Triangles - Quiz

    1. State the property by which ∆ADB ≅ ∆ADC in the following figure,

    a) SAS property
    b) SSS property
    c) RHS property
    d) ASA property

    2. If a,b and c are the sides of a ∆le, then
    a) a-b>c
    b) c>a+b
    c) c=a+b
    d) b
  • 8. Quadrilaterals - Quiz

    1. The ngles of a quadrilateral are x0, x-100, x+300 and 2x0. Find the greatest angle.
    a) 1360
    b) 1800
    c) 680
    d) none

    2. In a quadrilateral the angles are in the ratio 3:4:5:6. Then the difference between the greatest and the smallest angle is
    a) 1080, 720
    b) 540
    c) 1800
    d) 3600

  • 9. Area of Parallelograms and Triangles - Quiz

    1. The areas of a square is 16cm2. Its perimeter is ____________
    a) 4cm
    b) 8cm
    c) 112cm
    d) 16cm

    2. ABCD is a parallelogram and `O` is the point of intersection of its diagonals  and . If the area of ΔAOD = 8cm2 , the area of the parallelogram is _________
    a) 2cm2
    b) 4cm2
    c) 16cm2
    d) 32cm2

  • 10. Circles - Quiz

    1. A telegraph wire spans 20m with a dip at the centre of 10cm. Assuming the wire is in the form of a circular arc, its radius is
    a) 45m
    b) 116m
    c) 208m
    d) 500.05 cm

    2. AB, BC and CD are equal chords of a circle with O as centre. ∠AOB is
    a) 600
    b) 1200
    c) 900
    d) not necessarily any of the foregoing

  • 11. Constructions - Quiz

    1. The ∆le formed by BC = AC = 7.2 cm and ∠C = 900 is
    a) a right angled ∆le
    b) an isoceles ∆le
    c) a right angled isoceles ∆le
    d) no ∆le is formed

    2. It two angles in a ∆le are 650 and 850 , themn the anglke is
    a) 300
    b) 450
    c) 600
    d) 900

  • 12. Heron's Formula - Quiz

    1. Adjacent sides of parallelogram are 5cm and 3.5 cm . One of its diagonals is 6.5cm. The the area of parallelogram is
    a) 8√3cm2
    b) 9√3cm2
    c) 10√3cm2
    d) 12√3cm2

    2. Two adjacent sides of a parallelogram are 51cm and 37cm. One of its diagonals is 20cm, then its area is
    a) 412cm2
    b) 521cm2
    c) 612cm2
    d) 712cm2

  • 13. Surface Areas and Volumes - Quiz

    1. A right circulat cone of diameter K cm and height 12 cm rests ion the base of a right circular cylinder of radius K cm (their bases lie in the same plane, as shown in figure). The cylinders is filled with water to a height of 12 cm. If the cone is then removed, the height to which water will fall is

    a) 11 cm
    b) 10 cm
    c) 8 cm
    d) cannot be determined from given data

    2. The lateral surface area of a right circular cylinder with base radius 7 cm and height 10 cm is
    a) 440cm2
    b) 404cm2
    c) 240cm2
    d) none

  • 14. Statistics - Quiz

    1. The mode of a set of observations is the value which
    a) occurs most frequently
    b) is central
    c) is beteen maximum and minimum
    d) none of the foregoing


    What is the percentage decrease in temperature between 17.00 hrs and 19.00 hrs?
    a) 1.02%
    b) 1.03%
    c) 1.04%
    d) 1.01%

  • 15. Probability - Quiz

    1. When two dice are thrown , the probability of getting a number always greater than 4 on the seconds dice is
    a) 1/6
    b) 1/3
    c) 1/36
    d) none

    2. In a single throw of dice, the probability of getting a sum of 10 is
    a) 1/2
    b) 1/36
    c) 1/6
    d) none