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  • 1. Number Systems - Quiz


    1. Multiplicative inverse of (0) is
    a) 1/0
    b) 0
    c) does not exist
    d) none of these

    2. The biggest surd among 3√2, √3, 3√5 is
    a) 3√2
    b) √3
    c) 3√5
    d) none

  • 2. Polynomials - Quiz


    1. If (x2+3x+5)(x2-3x+5) = m2-n2, then m = __________
    a) x2-3x
    b) 3x
    c) x2+5
    d) none

    2. Onr of the factors of x7+xy6 is
    a) x2+y2
    b) x
    c) either A or B
    d) neither A nor B

  • 3. Coordinate Geometry - Quiz


    1. The point (0,3) lies on
    a) +ve X-axis
    b) +ve Y-axis
    c) -ve X-axis
    d) ve Y-axis

    2. The point (3,0) lies on
    a) +ve X-axis
    b) +ve Y-axis
    c) -ve X-axis
    d) ve Y-axis

  • 4. Linear Equations in Two Variable - Quiz


    1. The solution of the equation x-3y = 2 is _________
    a) (2,3)
    b) (-3,2)
    c) (2,-3)
    d) (5,1)

    2. The equation of the line passing through the origin is _______
    a) y=2
    b) x=4
    c) y=5x
    d) none of these

  • 5. Introduction to Euclid's Geometry - Quiz


  • 6. Lines and Angles - Quiz


    1. When two lines meet at a point forming right angles they are said to be _____ each other
    a) parallel
    b) perpndicular
    c) adjacent
    d) none

    2. If two supplementary angles are in the ratio 4:5 then the angles are
    a) 800, 1000
    b) 850, 950
    c) 400, 500
    d) 600, 1200

  • 7. Triangles - Quiz


    1. If two ∆les have their corresponding angles equal , thgenm they are always congruent.
    a) 1
    b) 0
    c) cannot be determined
    d) none

    2. In ∆ABC if ∠B= ∠C = 450 , which of the following is the longest side?
    a) AB
    b) AC
    c) BC
    d) none

  • 8. Quadrilaterals - Quiz


    1. In a quadrilateral PQRS, if ∠P= ∠R = 1000 and ∠S= 750 then ∠Q= _________
    a) 500
    b) 850
    c) 1200
    d) 3600

    2. In a rhombus ABCD, ∠A=600 and AB=6cm. Find the diagonals BD.
    a) 2√3 cm
    b) 6 cm
    c) 12 cm
    d) insufficient data

  • 9. Area of Parallelograms and Triangles - Quiz


    1. ABCD is a parallelogram and `O` is the point of intersection of its diagonals  and . If the area of ΔAOD = 8cm2 , the area of the parallelogram is _________
    a) 2cm2
    b) 4cm2
    c) 16cm2
    d) 32cm2

    2. The areas of a trapezium is 24cm2. The distance between its parallel sides is 4 cm. If one of the parallel sides is 7cm, the other parallel sides is _________
    a) 5cm
    b) 8cm
    c) 12cm
    d) 7cm

  • 10. Circles - Quiz


    1. One side of a regular polygon with vertices on a circle subtends an angle of 200 at the centre of this circle. This polygon is
    a) 20-sided
    b) 18-sided
    c) 9-sided
    d) 6-sided

    2. In the figure given below O is the centre of the circle. Line AB interesects the circle only at points B, and line DC intersects the circle only at point C. If the circle has a radius of 2cm. ,then AC is

    a) 4 cm
    b) 2+√2 cm
    c) 4+√2 cm
    d) 2+2√cm

  • 11. Constructions - Quiz


    1. The top of a broken tree touches the ground at a distance 15m from its base. If the tree is broken at a height of 8m from the ground, then the actual height of the tree is
    a) 20m
    b) 25m
    c) 30m
    d) 17m

    2. The angles in a right angled ∆le othere than the right angle are
    a) acute
    b) obtuse
    c) right
    d) none

  • 12. Heron's Formula - Quiz


    1. The adjacent sides of a parallelogram are 4cm and 9cm . The ratio of its altitudes is
    a) 16:81
    b) 9:4
    c) 2:3
    d) 3:2

    2. The side of a triangles are in the ratio of 13:13:15 and its perimeter is 84cm. Then the area of the triangle is
    a) 136cm2
    b) 236cm2
    c) 336cm2
    d) 436cm2

  • 13. Surface Areas and Volumes - Quiz


    1. With a bucket of radius 14cm and height 16 cm , 27 buckets of lime was poured to form a conical heap. If its area is 5544 cm2, the canvas required to cver it is _________
    a) 19802
    b) 19800cm2
    c) 198cm2
    d) none

    2. A metallic right circular cone of height 9 cm and base 7 cm is melted into a cuboid whose two sides are 11cm and 6cm. What is the third side of the cuboid?
    a) 5 cm
    b) 6 cm
    c) 7 cm
    d) 10 cm

  • 14. Statistics - Quiz


    1. The arithmetic mean of five given numbers is 85. Their sum is
    a) 425
    b) 85
    c) between 85 and 425
    d) more than 425

    2. The sum of the deviation of a set of values x1,mx2, ….. , xn measured from 50 is -10 and the sum of deviations of the values from 46 is 70 . The mean is
    a) 49
    b) 49.5
    c) 49.75
    d) none

  • 15. Probability - Quiz


    1. When two dice are thrown , the probability of getting a number always greater than 4 on the seconds dice is
    a) 1/6
    b) 1/3
    c) 1/36
    d) none

    2. The chance that a non-leap year contains 53 saturdays is
    a) 2/7
    b) 1/7
    c) 2/365
    d) 1/365