Class/Course - Class VII

Subject - Math

Total Number of Question/s - 3433

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  • 1. All Chapters - Quiz

  • 2. Integers - Quiz

    1. If the exponent of a negative integer is even then the result is a ________ integer.
    a) positive
    b) negative
    c) 0
    d) none

    2. In yc,y is
    a) power
    b) exponent
    c) base
    d) alphabet

  • 3. Fractions and Decimals - Quiz

    1. The fractions with the same denominator are called ________fractions.
    a) unit
    b) unlike
    c) like
    d) none

    2. 7.8 = 7 + $\frac{8}{?}$
    a) 1
    b) 8
    c) 10
    d) 100

  • 4. Data Handling - Quiz

    1. If each entry of a data is increased by 5, then the arithematic mean
    a) remains the same
    b) increases by 5
    c) decreases by 5
    d) none of the foregoing

    2. The arithematic mean of first ten natural numbers is
    a) 5.5
    b) 6
    c) 7.5
    d) 10

  • 5. Simple Equations - Quiz

    1. The sum of 4 consecutive integers is 70. Then the greatest among then is
    a) 19
    b) 23
    c) 17
    d) 16

    2. If two supplementary angles are differ by 440 then one of the angle is_______
    a) 1020
    b) 650
    c) 1120
    d) 720

  • 6. Lines and Angles - Quiz

    1. The common end point where the two rays meet is called
    a) arms
    b) vertex
    c) ray
    d) 0

    2. Instrument used to measure or construct angles is
    a) compasses
    b) scale
    c) protractor
    d) set square

  • 7. The Triangle and its Properties - Quiz

    1. In a right angled triangle, the circumradius is half the
    a) perimeter
    b) hypotenuse
    c) area
    d) none

    2. In a ΔABC, if ∠B is an obtuse angle, then the longest side is
    a) AB
    b) BC
    c) AC
    d) none

  • 8. Congruence of Triangles - Quiz

    1. Which of the following statement(s) is/are false?
    a) Two Δ les having same area are congruent
    b) If two sides and one angle of a Δ le are equal to the corresponding two sides and the angle of another Δ le, then the two Δles are congruent
    c) If the hypotenuse of one right triangle is equal to the hypotenuse of another triangle, then the triangles are congruent
    d) All the above

    2. If A: Two Δ les are said to be congruent if two sides and an angle of the one triangle are respectively equal to the two sides and an angle of the other and R : Two Δles are congruent if two sides and the included angle of the one must be equal to the corresponding two sides and included angle of the other, then which of the following statement is correct?
    a) A is false and R is the correct explanation of A
    b) A is true and R is the correct explanation of a A
    c) A is true and R is false
    d) None of these

  • 9. Comparing Quantities - Quiz

    1. In the given proportions 9 : 3 : : 36 : 12 extremes are
    a) 9, 3
    b) 36, 12
    c) 3, 36
    d) 9, 12

    2. In our country India the ratio of number of states to the number of union territories is
    a) 7 : 28
    b) 25 : 7
    c) 28 : 7
    d) 7 : 25

  • 10. Rational Numbers - Quiz

    1. Which of the following rational numbers is in the standard form?
    a) $\frac{8}{-36}$
    b) $\frac{-7}{56}$
    c) $\frac{3}{-4}$
    d) None

    2. What is the percentage of least number in the greatest number if $\frac{3}{5}, \frac{9}{5}, \frac{1}{5}, \frac{7}{5}$ are arranged in ascending or descending order?
    b) 10%
    c) 20%
    d) 25%

  • 11. Practical Geometry - Quiz

    1. In a ΔPQR, PQ = PR and ∠ Q is twice that of ∠ P. Then ∠ Q =
    a) 720
    b) 360
    c) 1440
    d) 1080

    2. If a, b and c are sides of a Δle, then
    a) a - b > c
    b) c > a + b
    c) c = a+ b
    d) b < c + a

  • 12. Perimeter and Area - Quiz

    1. Find the altitude of a Δle whose base is 24 cm and area is 672 cm2.
    a) 48 cm
    b) 56 cm
    c) 56 m
    d) None

    2. The longer side of a parallelogram is 81 cm and the corresponding altitude is 16 cm. If the length of shorter side is 24 cm, then the altitude corresponding to shorter side is
    a) 36 cm
    b) 48 cm
    c) 54 cm
    d) 24 cm

  • 13. Algebraic Expressions - Quiz

    1. Half of a number is added to 18 then the sum is 46. The number is
    a) 92
    b) 56
    c) 65
    d) 0

    2. Simplify $x^{2}y^{3} - 1.5x^{2}y^{3} + 1.4x^{2}y^{3}$ .
    a) 0.9x2y3
    b) -0.9x2y3
    c) 0.9
    d) -0.9

  • 14. Exponents and Powers - Quiz

    1. $\left (\frac{16}{81} \right )^{\frac{3}{4}}$= ___________
    a) $\frac{9}{2}$
    b) $\frac{2}{9}$
    c) $\frac{8}{27}$
    d) $\frac{27}{8}$

    2. If 8x-1 = 2x+3 then x =
    a) 2
    b) 4
    c) 1
    d) 3

  • 15. Symmetry - Quiz

    1. The mirror image of is __________

    2. Which of the following alphabet has horizontal line of symmetry?
    a) B
    b) E
    c) H
    d) All the above

  • 16. Visualising Solid Shapes - Quiz

    1. Which shade is divided into two EQUAL parts by the dotted lines?

    2. A rectangle has 4 vertices and 4 sides.
    A triangle has 3 vertices ans 3  sides.
    A circle has _____ vertices and_______ sides.
    a) V=2,s=2
    b) v=5,s=5
    c) v=1,s=1
    d) v=0,s=0