Class/Course - Class X

Subject - Math

Total Number of Question/s - 3049

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  • 1. Real Numbers - Quiz

    1. The irrational number between 2 and 3 is
    a) √2
    b) √3
    c) √5
    d) √11

    2. An irrational number is
    a) a terminating and nonrepeating decimal
    b) a nonterminating and non repeating decimal
    c) a terminating and repeating decimal
    d) a non terminating and repeating decimal

  • 2. Polynomials - Quiz

    1. Express x- (1/x) as a rational expressions.
    a) (x-1)/x
    b) (1-x)/x
    c) (x2-1)/x
    d) (1-x2)/x

    2. Express (x3+y3+z3-3xyz)/(x2+y2+z2-xy-yz-zx)
    a) x+y-z
    b) x+y+z
    c) x-y+z
    d) x-y-z

  • 3. Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables - Quiz

    1. If the ratio of boys to girls in aclass is B and the ratio of girls to boys is G, then B+G is
    a) greater than 1 or equal to 1
    b) greater than 1
    c) less than 1
    d) equal to 1

    2. The age of a women is four times the age of her daughter. Five years hence, the age of the women will be three times the age of her daughter. The present age of daughter is__________.
    a) 40 years
    b) 10 years
    c) 18 years
    d) 20 years

  • 4. Quadratic Equations - Quiz

    1. In the equation {x(x-1)-(m+1)} / {(x-1)(m-1)} = x/m the roots are equal when
    a) m=1/2
    b) m=-1/2
    c) m=0
    d) m=1

    2. The number of roots satisfying the equation √(5-x) = x√(5-x) is /are
    a) 1
    b) 2
    c) 3
    d) unlimited

  • 5. Arithmetic Progressions - Quiz

    1. In a given AP, if the pth term is `q` and the qth term is `p` then its nth term is?
    a) p+q-n
    b) p+q+n
    c) p-q+n
    d) P-q-n

    2. The AM between (a-b)2 and (a+b)2 is
    a) ab
    b) a2+b2
    c) a4/b2
    d) none

  • 6. Triangles - Quiz

    1. If ΔABC is ab equilateral triangle with side 8 cm, then the area of triangle formed by joining its mid points is _______.
    a) 4√3 sq cm
    b) 2√2 sq cm
    c) 64 sq cm
    d) none of these

    2. In ΔABC the bisector of ∠ intersects BC in D. If BD :DC = 4:7 and AC =3.5 cm then AB = _________.
    a) 7 cm
    b) 4 cm
    c) 2 cm
    d) 8 cm

  • 7. Coordinate Geometry - Quiz

    1. If the distance between points (p,-5),(2,7) is 13 units , then p is __________
    a) -3 or 7
    b) -7 or 3
    c) -3 or-7
    d) 3 or 7

    2. The point (2,3) is at a distance of _______ units from X- axis
    a) 2 units
    b) 5 units
    c) 3 units
    d) none

  • 8. Trigonometry - Quiz

    1. An aeroplane at an altitude of 300m observes the angles of depression of opposite points on the two banks of a river to be 450 and 600. The width of the river is _________
    a) (300-100√3)m
    b) (300+100√3)m
    c) (30√3+100)m
    d) (30√3-100)m

    2. 1/(secθ-tanθ) = ___________
    a) secθ - tanθ
    b) secθ + tanθ
    c) 1
    d) none

  • 9. Circles - Quiz

    1. In an equilateral ΔABC, BC is trisected at D. Then 7AB2________

    a) 9DE2
    b) 9BD2
    c) 9AD2
    d) 9EC2

    2. In the figure , P and Q are midpoints of AC and BC. Then 5AB2 = _________

    a) 4(AQ2+BP2)
    b) 4(AC2+BC2)
    c) AP2 + BQ2
    d) PC2+ CQ2

  • 10. Constructions - Quiz


    PT is the tangent drawn from P. If the radius is 7 cm ; and OP is 25 cms. Then the length of the tangent is
    a) 18cm
    b) 12.5cm
    c) 24cm
    d) 16cm

    2. If d = 5 cm; R=2.5; r =1.5cm; then the length of the direct common tangent is
    a) 3
    b) 4
    c) 2√6
    d) 3√2

  • 11. Areas Related to Circles - Quiz

    1. A sector of 1200 cut out from a ircle has an area of  sq cm. The radius of the circle is
    a) 3 cm
    b) 2.5 cm
    c) 3.5 cm
    d) 3.6 cm

    2. If the ratio of circumference of two circles is 4:9, the ratio of their area is
    a) 9:4
    b) 16:81
    c) 4:9
    d) 2:3

  • 12. Surface Areas and Volumes - Quiz

    1. The area of the bese of a cone is 616 sq cm.Its height is 48 cm. Then its total surface is
    a) 2186cm2
    b) 2861cm2
    c) 2618cm2
    d) 2681cm2

    2. A piece of metal pipe is 77 cm long with inside diameter of the cross section as 4cm. If the outer diameter is 4.5cm and the metal weighs 8 gm/cu cm, the weight of pipe is _________
    a) 2.057kg
    b) 20.57kg
    c) 205.7kg
    d) none

  • 13. Statistics - Quiz

    1. Ibn the calculation of mode , Δ1
    a) (f+f1)/2
    b) f-f1
    c) (f2-f1)/2
    d) f+f1

    2. The measure which takes into account all the data is
    a) A.M.
    b) median
    c) range
    d) mode

  • 14. Probability - Quiz

    1. Twi dice are thrown at a time. The probability that the difference of the numberes shown on the dice is 1 is
    a) 5/18
    b) 1/36
    c) 1/6
    d) none

    2. The probability of getting an even number when a die is rolled is
    a) 1/6
    b) 1/36
    c) 1/2
    d) none