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  • 1. Theory of Demand - Quiz


    1. For a commodity with a unitary elastic demand curve if the price of the commodity raises, then the consumer’s total expenditure on this commodity would:
    a) Increase
    b) Decrease
    c) Remains constant
    d) Either increase or decrease

    2. Law of demand is a ________
    a) Quantitative Statement
    b) Qualitative Statement
    c) Both a & b
    d) Hypothetical

  • 2. Theory of Consumer Behaviour - Quiz


    1. Indifference curves are convex to the origin because they are based on:
    a) Increasing marginal rate of substitution
    b) Diminishing marginal rate of substitution
    c) Constant marginal rate of substitution
    d) Zero marginal rate of substitution

    2. When total utility increase at a diminishing rate, marginal utility is
    a) Zero
    b) Diminishing
    c) One
    d) Maximum

  • 3. Theory of Supply - Quiz


    1. If the supply of a commodity is perfectly elastic, an increase in demand will result in:
    a) Decrease in both price and quantity at equilibrium
    b) Increase in both price and quantity at equilibrium
    c) Increase in equilibrium quantity, equilibrium price remaining constant
    d) Increase in equilibrium price, equilibrium quantity remaining constant

    2. If there is an improvement in the technology, ___________:
    a) The supply curve shifts to the left
    b) The supply curve shifts to the right
    c) Quantity supplied increase
    d) Both (b) and (c)

  • 4. Theory of Production - Quiz


    1. _________ shows the overall output generated at a given level of input :
    a) Cost function
    b) Production function
    c) Iso cost
    d) Marginal rate of technical substitution

    2. Labour force wants more_______.
    a) Facility
    b) Leisure
    c) Benefit
    d) All of the above

  • 5. Theory of Cost - Quiz


    1. The cost of resources owned and employed by the entrepreneur himself in his business is termed as ________ cost.
    a) Explicit
    b) Implicit
    c) Fixed
    d) Variable.

    2. Average total cost to a firm is Rs. 600 when it produces 10 units of output and Rs 640 when the output is 11 units. The MC of the 11th unit is:
    a) Rs. 40
    b) Rs. 540
    c) Rs. 840
    d) Rs. 1,040

  • 6. Market - Quiz


    1. MR of n the unit is given by:
    a) TRn/ TRn-1
    b) TRn + TRn-1
    c) TRn - TRn-1
    d) All of these

    2. Profits of the firm will be more at:
    a) MR=MC
    b) Additional revenue from extra unit equals its additional cost
    c) Both of above
    d) None

  • 7. Determination of Price - Quiz


    1. Equilibrium price may be determined through
    a) Only demand
    b) Only supply
    c) Both demand & supply
    d) None

    2. Condition for producer equilibrium is:
    a) TR=TVC
    b) MC=MR
    c) TC=TSC
    d) None of these

  • 8. Price and Output Determination - Quiz


    1. Demand curve is equal to MR curve in which market?
    a) Oligopoly
    b) Monopoly
    c) Monopolistic Competition
    d) Perfect Competition

    2. When elasticity of demand is Equal to one in monopoly, marginal Revenue will be _______.
    a) Equal to one
    b) Greater than one
    c) Less than one
    d) Zero

  • 9. Introduction to Microeconomics - Quiz


    1. Where does price mechanism exists?
    a) Capitalist Economy
    b) Socialist Economy
    c) Both type of economies
    d) None of the above,

    2. If the opportunity cost is constant, then PPC would be:
    a) Convex
    b) Straight line
    c) Backward bending
    d) Concave

  • 10. Money - Quiz


    1. Broad Money refers to _________:
    a) M1
    b) M2
    c) M3
    d) M4

    2. Money in static sence, refers to:
    a) A store of Value
    b) Medium of Exchange
    c) Standard of deferred payments
    d) All of above

  • 11. Commercial Banks - Quiz


    1. In case RBI wants to increase rate of interest then it should:
    a) Sell securities
    b) Buy securities
    c) Hold securities
    d) None of the above

    2. Bad and doubtful banks are scheduled commercial banks are known as
    a) Nonperforming assets
    b) Withdrawals of assets
    c) Non recoverable assets
    d) None of the above

  • 12. Reserve Bank of India - Quiz


    1. Which of the following is not qualitative credit control measure of the RBI?
    a) Capital Rationing
    b) Moral Suasion
    c) SLR
    d) Margin requirement

    2. The portion of total deposit which a commercial bank has to keep with itself in liquid assets is known as
    a) CRR
    b) SLR
    c) REPO
    d) Reverse REPO

  • 13. Economic Reforms in India - Quiz


    1. DFEC stands for :
    a) Direct foreign exchange control
    b) Direct finance exchange control
    c) Duty free export credit
    d) Duty free exchange credit

    2. Quantitative restrictions on ________ items were removed in the EXIM policy of 2000-01:
    a) 123
    b) 193
    c) 715
    d) 183

  • 14. Liberalisation, Privatization and Disinvestment - Quiz


    1. Privatisation can be achieved by:
    a) Leasing
    b) Franchising
    c) Contracting
    d) All of these

    2. Deregulation of the economy and to introduce the policy of laissez-faire is:
    a) Liberalization
    b) Globalization
    c) Privatization
    d) None

  • 15. Globalization - Quiz


    1. The other name of World Bank is :
    a) IDA
    b) IFC
    c) IBRD
    d) All of these

    2. Long terms investment loans to various countries are given by.
    a) World Bank
    b) World Trade Organisation
    c) International monetary fund
    d) None of the above

  • 16. Indian Economy - Quiz


    1. Which year is known as the “Year of Great Divide”.
    a) 1921
    b) 1951
    c) 1981
    d) 1991

    2. To measure the inequality of income and wealth generally which of these is used:
    a) Human development index
    b) Gini index
    c) Per capita income
    d) National income

  • 17. Role of Different Sectors - Quiz


    1. ________ provides crop storage facility in India
    a) IDBI
    b) FCI
    c) ICICI
    d) IFCI

    2. Indian Agriculture is characterized by
    a) Gamble of monsoon
    b) Disguised unemployment
    c) Subdivision and fragmentation of land holdings
    d) All of the above

  • 18. National Income - Quiz


    1. Personal disposable income means:
    a) Personal income – personal direct taxes
    b) Personal income – Net Indirect taxes
    c) Personal income + personal direct taxes
    d) Personal income + Net indirect taxes

    2. Which of the following is not correct?
    a) NNPMP = GNPMP - depreciation
    b) NNPMP = NNPFC+ net indirect taxes
    c) GDPMP+.NFIA
    d) NDPFC = GDPFC- depreciation

  • 19. Tax System - Quiz


    1. VAT is levied by __________.
    a) Central Government
    b) State Government
    c) Local Government
    d) All of the above

    2. Corporate tax is levied on the incomes of ________.
    a) Registered companies and corporations
    b) Individuals and HUFs
    c) Both (a) and (b)
    d) None of the above

  • 20. Population - Quiz


    1. Which year is known as ‘year of great divide’ for India’s population?
    a) 1921
    b) 1951
    c) 1991
    d) 1981

    2. According of 2001 Census of India the state having highest urban population is—
    a) Uttar Pradesh
    b) Maharastra
    c) Tamil Nadu
    d) Kerela

  • 21. Poverty - Quiz


    1. Which of the following Statements is correct.
    a) The concept of absolute poverty is used for measuring poverty in India
    b) The concept of relative poverty is more relevant for the less developed countries
    c) The concept of Absolute poverty is more relevant for the developed countries
    d) None of the above

    2. The integrated Rural Development Programme (IRDP) started in India in which plan period?
    a) Fifth
    b) Sixth
    c) Seventh
    d) Eighth

  • 22. Unemployment - Quiz


    1. SJSRY stands for :
    a) Swarna Jaynati Shahari Rojgar Yojana
    b) Shahari Jeewan Sudhar Rashtriya Yojana
    c) Sampoorna Jeewan Shahari Rojgar Yojana
    d) None

    2. Which type of unemployment is more in India?
    a) Disguised
    b) Open
    c) Cyclical
    d) Educational

  • 23. Infrastructrual Challenges - Quiz


    1. Hydel power contributes _________of the total power generation:
    a) 10%
    b) 17%
    c) 20%
    d) 25%

    2. When was Personal Identification Number (PIN) introduced:
    a) 1970
    b) 1972
    c) 1974
    d) 1976

  • 24. Inflation - Quiz


    1. Which of the following measures can be used for curbing inflation?
    a) Monetary measures
    b) Fiscal measures
    c) Investment controls
    d) All of the above

    2. Inflation resulting from increased money expenditure is called:
    a) Cost push inflation
    b) Demand pull inflation
    c) Stagflation
    d) None of the above

  • 25. Budget and Fiscal Deficits - Quiz


    1. Fiscal Policy refers to a policy of :
    a) Money lenders
    b) Government Finance
    c) Commercial banks
    d) Monetary authority

    2. If borrowing and order liabilities are added to the budget deficits we get ______:
    a) Fiscal deficit
    b) Primary deficit
    c) Capital deficit
    d) Revenue Deficit

  • 26. Balance of Payment - Quiz


    1. __________ is a systematic record of all transactions of a country in a year.
    a) Balance of payment
    b) Balance of trade
    c) Current Account of Balance of Payment
    d) None

    2. If foreign exchange rate changes from 1dollar = 46 to1dollar = 36, the money is _______.
    a) Depreciated
    b) Appreciated
    c) Devalued
    d) None.

  • 27. External Debt - Quiz


    1. When external debt of a country is more than its interest obligation, it is _______:
    a) Debt Trap
    b) Liquidity trap
    c) Entry trap
    d) None

    2. The share of concessional debt in total external debt has :
    a) Remained the same
    b) Doubled
    c) Reduced
    d) Increased