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  • 1. Mixed Topic - Quiz


    1. Q. (1 - 5): Following the passage, there are questions with four suggested answers. Select the best answer:
    The video wave has swept too far. It bears a large responsibility for the declining interest in reading among the young. If we do not do something to stem the tide, the reading impulse will be soon doomed.The time-honored way of improving reading is by reading fiction. Everyone needs stories. Cavemen told them round their fires. Mythologies and folk stories have been passed between generations for centuries. Most of us are literate and in theory, our fictional needs could be satisfied by reading. But it is not so. Today’s generation of average and below average school children rely on video television and film. While many of these offerings may be harmless in themselves, they do nothing to build up reading skills. They replace the consolidatory work which turns halting mechanical reading into the real thing. If some of the hours children spend watching television are devoted to reading, the population will be better educated. Watching a story is a totally passive pastime. Someone else has made all the decisions about casting, set, clothing, facial expression, tone and so on. Reading a story is an active partnership between writer and reader. Ideas are sketched and the mind of the reader creates the rest. Why is the dramatized fiction usurping the written kind? It is because children whose reading is hesitant cannot readily identify and enjoy the plot. Watching something is easier. This is leading to a generation whose mental processes are stultified. The problem is that many children will read very slowly. I worry for instance about the children who carry the same 1000 word book with them for a fortnight. It is hardly surprising that such children declare that they find reading boring and prefer to watch television. Their difficulty is not reading the words—it is interpreting them. They need to be able to read fast enough for a story. That means practice. Only by reading daily will a child become strong and independent reader. Parents need to be convinced of the importance of preventing their children from wasting their hours on inert viewing. Without the television, the child is likely to turn to books for entertainment. I used to think that filmed version of enjoy able books were a spur to reading. I have changed my mind. Visual images drown the imagination. A dramatization, seen once, can spoil your reading forever. Dramatized fiction is literary equivalent to empty calories. It replaces the appetite for real food. Children must have a nutritionally balanced reading diet.
    What tends to put children off reading fiction?
    a) There are frequently words in it which they cannot read.
    b) They lose interest because of their reading deficiencies.
    c) The stories they were given take too long to develop.
    d) They are often required to do it for their home work.

    2. Directions: (6 - 10) Every word is followed by four option:You have to find out the word which is meant in meaning to the given word.
    a) Postpone
    b) Avoid
    c) Complain
    d) Suppress