Class/Course - Bank Clerk

Subject - English

Total Number of Question/s - 3175

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  • 1. Mixed Topic - Quiz

    1. Which of the phrases 1,2,3 and 4 gh en below each sentence should replace the phrase printed in bold to make the sentence grammatically correct ?U the sentence is correct as it is, mark 45, ie No correction required, as your answer,
    We have agreed to get part with company after differences of opinion.
    a) part company
    b) different associating
    c) check our company
    d) get out to company

    2. In the following questions, a sentence has been given with some of its part bold. To make the sentence correct, you have to replace the bold part with the correct alternative given below. If the sentence is correct as it is, please give 4) as your answer, ie No correction required.
    Though dishonesty is rampant almost everywhere, but honesty is the best policy.
    a) all places but
    b) each where but
    c) wherever, and
    d) everywhere, yet