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  • 1. Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry - Quiz


    1. The ratio of masses of oxygen and nitrogen in a particular gaseous mixture is 1:4. The ratio of number of their molecule is
    a) 1:4
    b) 7:32
    c) 1:8
    d) 3:16

    2. The molarity of a solution obtained by mixing 750 mL of 0.5 M HCl with 250mL of 2M HCl will be
    a) 0.875 M
    b) 1.00 M
    c) 1.75 M
    d) 0.0975 M

  • 2. States of Matter - Quiz


    1. a and b are van der waals constants for gases, Chlorine is more easily liquified than ethane because
    a) a and b for Cl2 > a and b for C2H6
    b) a and b for Cl2 < a and b for C2H6
    c) a for Cl2 > a for C2H6 but b for Cl2 > b for C2H6
    d) a for Cl2 > a for C2H6 but b for Cl2 < b for C2H6

    2. An ionic compound has a unit a unit cell consisting of A ions at the corners of a cube and B ions on the centre of the faces of the cube. The empirical formula for this compound would be
    a) A3B
    b) AB3
    c) A2B2
    d) AB

  • 3. Atomic Structure - Quiz


    1. Energy of H-atom in the ground state is -13.6 eV Hence energy in the second excited state is
    a) -6.8 eV
    b) -3.4 eV
    c) -1.51 eV
    d) -4.53 eV

    2. The wavelength of the radiation emitted, when in hydrogen atom electron falls from infinity to stationary state 1, would br (Rydberg constant = 1.097 × 107m-1)
    a) 91 nm
    b) 192 nm
    c) 406 nm
    d) 9.1 × 10-8 nm

  • 4. Chemical Bonding - Quiz


    1. The bond order in NO is 2.5 while that in NO+ is 3. Which of the following statements is true for these two species?
    a) Bond length in NO+ is greater than in NO
    b) Bond length in NO is greater than in NO+
    c) Bond length in NO+ is equal to that in NO
    d) Bond length is unpredictable

    2. Which of the following molecules/ions does not contain unpaired electrons?
    a) $O_{2}^{2-}$
    b) B2
    c) $N_{2}^{+}$
    d) O2

  • 5. Thermodynamics - Quiz


    1. The enthalpy change for a reaction does not depend upon the
    a) physical state of reactants and products
    b) use of different reactants for the same products
    c) nature of intermediate reaction steps
    d) difference in initial or final temperatures of involved substances

    2. In view of the signs of ΔrG0 for the following reactions
    PbO2 + Pb → 2PbO , ΔrG0 < 0
    SnO2 + Sn → 2SnO , ΔrG0 > 0
    Which oxidation states are more characteristic for lead and tin?
    a) For lead + 4, for tin +2
    b) For lead +2, for tin +4
    c) For lead +4, for tin +4
    d) For lead +2, for tin +4

  • 6. Solutions - Quiz


    1. A pressure cooker reduces cooking time for food because
    a) heat is more evenly distributed in the cooking space
    b) boiling of water involved in cooking is increased
    c) the higher pressure inside the cooker crushes the food materials
    d) ccoking involves chemical changes helped by a rise in temperature

    2. For an aqueous solution, freezing point is -0.1860C. Elevation of the boiling point of the same solution is Kf = 1.860 mol-1 kg and Kb = 0.512 0 mol-1 kg)
    a) 0.1860
    b) 0.05120
    c) 1.860
    d) 5.120

  • 7. Equilibrium - Quiz


    1. The first and second dissociation constants of an acid by H2A are 1.0 x 10-5 and 5.0 x 10-10, constant of the acid will be
    a) 5.0 x 10-5
    b) 5.0 x 1015
    c) 5.0 x 10-15
    d) 0.2 x 105

    2. Phosphorous pentachloride dissociates as follows , in a closed reaction vessel,
    $PCl_{5}\left ( g \right ) \rightleftharpoons PCl_{3}\left ( g \right ) + Cl_{2}\left (g \right )$
    If total pressure , at equilibrium , of the reaction mixture is p and degree of dissociation of $PCL_{5}$ is x, the partial pressure of PCl3 will be
    a) $\left (\frac{x}{x + 1} \right )p$
    b) $\left (\frac{2x}{1 - x} \right )p$
    c) $\left (\frac{x}{x - 1} \right )p$
    d) $\left (\frac{x}{1 - x} \right )p$

  • 8. Redox Reactions and Electrochemistry - Quiz


    1. Resistance of 0.2M solutions of an electrolyte in 50Ω . The specific conductance of the solution is 1.4 Sm-. The resistance of 0.5M solution of the same electrolyte is 280Ω . The molar conductivity of 0.5 M solution of the electrolyte in S mol-1 is
    a) 5 x 10-4
    b) 5 x 10-3
    c) 5 x 103
    d) 5 x 102

    2. Standard reduction electrode potentials of three metals A, B and C are +0.5V, -3.0 V and -1.2V, respectively. The reducing power of these metals are
    a) B>C>A
    b) A>B>C
    c) C>B>A
    d) A>C>B

  • 9. Chemical Kinetics and Surface Chemistry - Quiz


    1. In a first order reaction, the concentration of the reactant, decreases from 0.8M to 0.4M in 15 min. The time taken for the concentration to change from 0.1M to 0.025M is
    a) 30 min
    b) 15 min
    c) 7.5 min
    d) 60 min

    2. The volume of a colloidal particle, VC as compared to the volume of a solute particle in a true solution, VS, could be
    a) $\frac{V_{C}}{V_{S}}\approx 10^{3}$
    b) $\frac{V_{C}}{V_{S}}\approx 10^{-3}$
    c) $\frac{V_{C}}{V_{S}}\approx 10^{23}$
    d) $\frac{V_{C}}{V_{S}}\approx 1$

  • 10. Periodicity of Elements - Quiz


    1. In which of the following arrangements the order is not according to the property indicated against it?
    a) Li < Na < K < Rb Increasing metallic radius
    b) I < Br < F < Cl Increasing electron gain enthalpy ( with negative sign)
    c) B < C < N < O Increasing first ionisation enthalpy
    d) Al3+ < Mg2+ < Na+ < F- Increasing ionic size

    2. Which one of the following ions has the highest value of ionic radius?
    a) Li+
    b) B3+
    c) O2-
    d) F-

  • 11. Principles and Processes of Metallurgy - Quiz


    1. Refining of impure copper with zinc impurity is to be done electrolysis using electrodes as
    a) cathode - pure copper, Anode - pure zinc
    b) cathode - pure zinc, Anode - copper
    c) cathode - pure copper, Anode - impure copper
    d) cathode - pure zinc, Anode - impure zinc

    2. Cyanide process is used for the extraction of
    a) barium
    b) silver
    c) boron
    d) zinc

  • 12. Hydrogen, s and p-Block Elements - Quiz


    1. In curing cement plasters, water is sprinkled from time to time. This helps in
    a) keeping it cool
    b) developing interlocking needle-like crystals of hydrated silicates
    c) hydrating sand and gravel mixed and cement
    d) converting sand into silicic acid

    2. The solubilities of carbonates decraese down the magnesium group due to a decrease in
    a) lattice energies of solids
    b) hydration energies of cations
    c) inter ionic attraction
    d) entropy of solution formation

  • 13. d- and f-Block Elements and Coordination Chemistry - Quiz


    1. Which one of the following has a square planar geometry?
    a) $[CoCl_{4}]^{2-}$
    b) [FeCl4]2-
    c) [NiCl4]2-
    d) [PtCl4]2-

    2. The value of the spin only magnetic moment for one of the following configuration is 2.84BM. The correct one is
    a) d5 (in strong ligand field)
    b) d3 (weak as well as in strong fields
    c) d4 ( in weak ligand field)
    d) d4 (in strong ligand field)

  • 14. Environmental Chemistry - Quiz


    1. The gas leaked from a storage tank of the Union Carbide plant in Bhopal gas tragedy was
    a) Methylisocyanate
    b) Methylamine
    c) Ammonia
    d) Phosgene

    2. The smog is essentially caused by the presence of
    a) O2 and O3
    b) O2 and N2
    c) oxides of sulphur and nitrogen
    d) O3 and N2

  • 15. General Organic Chemistry - Quiz


    1. The order of stability of the following carbocations

    a) III > II > I
    b) II > III > I
    c) I > II > III
    d) III > I > II

    2. Out of the following , the alkene that exhibits optical isomerism is
    a) 3-methyl-2-pentene
    b) 4-methyl-1-pentene
    c) 3-methyl-1-pentene
    d) 2-methyl-2-pentene

  • 16. Hydrocarbons and their Halogen Derivatives - Quiz


    1. On mixing ethyl acetate with aqueous sodium chloride, the composition of the resultant solution is
    a) $CH_{3}COOC_{2}H_{5} + NaCl$
    b) $CH_{3}COONa + C_{2}H_{5}OH$
    c) $CH_{3}COCl + C_{2}H_{5}OH + NaOH$
    d) $CH_{3}Cl + C_{2}H_{5}COONa$

    2. How many chiral compounda are possible on monochlorination of 2-methyl butane?
    a) 8
    b) 2
    c) 4
    d) 6

  • 17. Organic Compounds Containing Oxygen - Quiz


    1. When CH2=CH-COOH is reduced with LiAlH4, the compound obtained will be
    a) CH3-CH2-COOH
    b) CH2=CH-CH2OH
    c) CH3-CH2-CH2OH
    d) CH3-CH2-CHO

    2. The correct order of acid strength of the following compounds is
    I. Phenol. II. p-cresol
    III. m-nitrophenol. IV. p-nitrophenol
    a) III > II > I > IV
    b) IV > III > I > II
    c) Ii > IV > I > III
    d) I > II > IV > III

  • 18. Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen - Quiz


    1. Fluorobenzene (C6H5F) can be synthesized in the laboratory
    a) by heating phenol eith HF and KF
    b) from aniline by diazotisation followed by heating the diazonium salt with HBF4
    c) by direct fluorination of benzene with F2 gas
    d) by reacting bromobenzene with NaF solution

    2. On heating an aliphiatic primary amine with chloroform and ethanolic potassium hydroxide , the organic compound formed is
    a) an alkanol
    b) an alkanediol
    c) a alkyl cyanide
    d) an alkyl isocyanide

  • 19. Polymers and Biomolecules - Quiz


    1. Monomers are converted to polymer by
    a) hydrolysis of monomers
    b) condensation reaction between monomers
    c) protonation of monomers
    d) None of the above

    2. Nylon threads are made up of
    a) polyvinyl polymer
    b) polyester polymer
    c) polyamide polymer
    d) polyethylene polymer

  • 20. Analytical Chemistry and Chemistry in Everyday Life - Quiz


    1. Compound A given below is

    a) antiseptic
    b) antibiotic
    c) analgesic
    d) pesticide

    2. which one of the following types of drugs reduces fever?
    a) Transquiliser
    b) Antibiotic
    c) Antipyretic
    d) Analegsic