Class/Course - Class XII

Subject - Biology

Total Number of Question/s - 4195

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  • 1. Reproduction in Organisms - Quiz

    1. Consider the following statements and choose the correct option
    (i) The genetic constitution of a plant is unaffected in vegetative propagation
    (ii) Rhizome in ginger serves as an organ of vegetative reproduction
    (iii) Totipotency of cell enables us to micropropagate plants
    a) Statements (i) and (ii) alone are true
    b) Statements (ii) and (iii) alone are true
    c) Statements (ii) alone is true
    d) Statements (iii) alone is true
    e) All the three statements [ (i) (ii) and (iii) are true

    2. Development of embryo from the cell of the nucellus is called
    a) Parthenocarpy
    b) Apocarpy
    c) Adventive embryony
    d) Apospory

  • 2. Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants - Quiz

    1. Animal vectors are required for pollination in
    a) Vallisneria
    b) Mulbery
    c) Cucumber
    d) Maize

    2. Female gametophyte of a typical dicot at the time of fertilization is
    a) 8 celled
    b) 7 celled
    c) 6 celled
    d) 4 celled

  • 3. Human Reproduction - Quiz

    1. There are some special types of cell found in the seminiferous tubules known as sertoli cells. These are
    a) Germinal cells
    b) Reproductive cells
    c) Somatic cells
    d) Protective cells

    2. The structure formed after release of ova from Graafian follicles and secretory in nature, is or A temporary endocrine gland formed after ovulation in ovary is
    a) Corpus callosum
    b) Corpus luteum
    c) Corpus albicans
    d) Corpus stratum

  • 4. Reproductive Health - Quiz

    1. Which of the following is a hormone releasing Intra Uterine Device (IUD)
    a) Cervical cap
    b) Vault
    c) Multiload 375
    d) LNG-20

    2. Foetal sex can be determined by examining cells from the amniotic fluid by looking for
    a) Barr bodies
    b) Autosomes
    c) Chiasmata
    d) Kinetochore

  • 5. Principles of Inheritance and Variation - Quiz

    1. Genes for cytoplasmic male sterility in plants are generally located in
    a) Motochondrial genome
    b) Cytosol
    c) Chloroplast genome
    d) Nuclear genome

    2. A gene is said to be dominant, if
    a) It is never expressed in any condition
    b) It is expressed only in heterozygous condition
    c) It is expressed its effect only inhomozygous stage
    d) It is expressed both in homozygous and heterozygous conditions

  • 6. Molecular Basis of Inheritance - Quiz

    1. The specfic FNA sequence where Eco R1 cuts is
    a) ATTCGA
    b) GAATTC
    c) GCTTAA
    d) GTTCAA

    2. In a mutational event, when adenine is replaced by guanine it ia a case of
    a) Transition
    b) Transversion
    c) Frameshift mutation
    d) Transcription

  • 7. Evolution - Quiz

    1. As per modern synthetic theory organic evolution depends upon
    a) Mutationm reproductive isolation and natural selection
    b) Gene recombination and natural selection
    c) Mutation and natural selection
    d) All of these

    2. When an organ is used if will develop and if it is not used, it weakens to become vestigial. Who could have said their theory
    a) Darwin
    b) de Vries
    c) Lamarck
    d) Mendel

  • 8. Human Health and Disease - Quiz

    1. Sever Acute Respiratory Syndrome
    a) Is caused by a variant of Pneumococcus
    b) Is caused by a variant of the common cold virus (Corona virus)
    c) Is an acute form of asthma
    d) Affects non-vegetarians much faster than the vegetarians

    2. Which one of the following statement is correct
    a) Patients who have undergone surgery are given cannabinoids to relieve pain
    b) Benign tumours show the property of metasis
    c) Heroin accelerates body functions
    d) Malignant tumours may exhibit metastasis

  • 9. Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production - Quiz

    1. Hybrid vigour is mostly due to
    a) Superiority of all the genes
    b) Homozygosity of pure characters
    c) Heterozygosity
    d) None of these

    2. Trangenic plants are the ones
    a) Produced by a somatic embryo in artificial medium
    b) Generated by introducing foreign DNA in to a cell and regenrating a plant from that cell
    c) Produced after protoplast fusion in artificial medium
    d) Grown in artificial medium after hybridization in the field

  • 10. Microbes in Human Welfare - Quiz

    1. Which one of the following is a wrong matching of a microbe and its industrial product, while the remaining three are correct
    a) Clostridium butylicum - lactic acid
    b) Aspergillus nigher - citric acid
    c) Yeast - statins
    d) Acetobacter aceti - acetic acid

    2. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched
    a) Spirulina - single cell protein
    b) Rhizobium - biofertilizer
    c) Streptomyces - Antibiotics
    d) Serratia - Drug addiction

  • 11. Biotechnology : Principles and Processes - Quiz

    1. The linking of antibiotic resistance gene with the plasmid vector became possible with
    a) DNA polymerase
    b) Exonucleases
    c) DNA ligase
    d) Endonucleases

    2. The figure below is the diagrammatic representation of the E.coli vector pBr 322. Which one of the given options correctly identifies its certain omponent(s)

    a) Ori-Original restriction enzyme
    b) Rop-reduced osmotic pressure
    c) Hind III, EcoRI - selectable markers
    d) ampR, tetR - antibiotic resistance genes

  • 12. Biotechnology and its Applications - Quiz

    1. Some of the steps involved in the production of humulin are given below. Choose the correct sequence
    (i) Synthesis of gene (DNA) for human insulin artificially
    (ii) Culturing recombinant E.coli in bioreactors
    (iii) Purification of humulin
    (iv) Insertion of human insulin gene into plasmid
    (v) Introduction of recombinant plasmid into E. coli
    (vi) Extraction of recombinant gene product from E.coli
    a) (ii), (i), (iv), (iii), (v), (vi)
    b) (i), (iii), (v), (vi), (ii), (iv)
    c) (i), (iv),(v), (ii),(vi), (iii)
    d) (iii), (v), (ii), (i), (vi), (iv)

    2. Monoclonal antibodies are
    a) Obtained from a cell and act on ane antigen
    b) Obtained from a group of cells and act on more than one antigens
    c) Obtained from a group of same type of cells and act on single antigen
    d) Obtained from a group of same type of cells and act on more than one antigens

  • 13. Organisms and Populations - Quiz

    1. Niche overlap indicates
    a) Sharing of one or more resouirces between the two specis
    b) Mutulism between two species
    c) Active cooperation between two species
    d) Two different parasites on the same host

    2. Release of phosphayes and nitrates in water bodies (i.e.rivers and lakea) lead to
    a) Increased algae growth
    b) Increased growth of decomposer
    c) Nutrient enrichmant
    d) Reduced alage growth

  • 14. Ecosystem - Quiz

    1. In a food chain, lion is
    a) Secondary consumer
    b) Primary consumer
    c) Tertiary consumer
    d) Secondary producer

    2. When peacock eats snake which eat insects thriving on green plants, the peacock is
    a) A primary consumer
    b) A primary decomposer
    c) Final decomposer
    d) The apex of food pyramid

  • 15. Biodiversity and Conservation - Quiz

    1. Red data book provides data on
    a) Red flowered plants
    b) Re coloured October
    c) Endangered plansta and animals
    d) Red eyed birds

    2. In India the rhinoceros is the most important protected species in
    The single horned rhinoceros is protected at
    a) Dachigam National park (J & K)
    b) (Kaziranga National Park (Assam)
    c) (Sunderbans National Park (West Bengal)
    d) Dudhwa National Park (U.P.)

  • 16. Environmental Issues - Quiz

    1. Carbon dioxide is called green-house gas because it is
    a) Uses in green house to increase plant growth
    b) Transparent to heat but traps sunlight
    c) Transparent to sunlight but traps heat (Infrared radiation)
    d) Transparent to both sunlight and heat

    2. select The correct statements  
    According to Contral Pollution Control Board (CPCB), which pariticulate size in diameter (in micrometers) of the air polutants is responsible for greatest harm to human health 
    a) Particulate matter of size 10μ can create severe damage to the lungs
    b) .Particulate matter of size greater than 2.5 μ can get trapped in lungs and cause problems
    c) Particulate matter of size less than 2.5μ penetrate deep into lungs
    d) None of these

  • 17. Common Human Diseases - Quiz

    1. Kala azar is caused and transmitted respectively by
    a) Leishmania and Phlebotomus
    b) Trypanosoma and sand fly
    c) Leishmania and tsa-tsa fly
    d) Trypanosoma and Glossina palplis

    2. The secondary host of malaria parasite is
    Plasmodium is inoculated in human body
    a) Male culex
    b) Male anopheles
    c) Female culex
    d) Female anopheles

  • 18. Animal Husbandry - Quiz

    1. In poultry industry, production of hatching eggs is more expensive than the production of market eggs mainly because
    a) Cost of males and their depreciation value is high
    b) Mortality among females is usually lower when they are mated with males
    c) Number of eggs produced by hatchery flock are to be sold only as market eggs
    d) Some of the eggs produced by hatchery flocks are not acceptable for induction

    2. Domestication of silkworm is called
    Obtaining silk from silkworms is called
    a) Sericulture
    b) Pisiculture
    c) Apiculture
    d) Horiculture

  • 19. Bioenergy - Quiz

    1. What is required for nitrogen fixation by Rhizobium
    a) Potassium
    b) Phosphorus
    c) Nitrate
    d) Sodium

    2. Which one of the following is not biofertilizer
    a) Mycorrhiza
    b) Agrobacterium
    c) Rhizobium
    d) Nostoc

  • 20. Conservation of Natural Resources - Quiz

    1. Chipko Andolan (movement)which was started in 1973 in Garhwal/Himalayas (Gopeshwar)near Alaknanda river was for the first time initiated by
    a) Chandi Prasad Bhatt
    b) Sundar Lal Bahuguna
    c) Baba Amte
    d) Vinoba Bhave

    2. More than 70% of worlds freshwater is contained in
    a) Polar ice
    b) Glaciers and mountains
    c) Antartica
    d) Greenlands

  • 21. Drug Addiction, Mental & Community Health - Quiz

    1. Which of the following stimulates the heart
    a) Mescalin
    b) Epinephrin
    c) LSD
    d) Hasish

    2. Cyclospiorin A an immunosuppressive drug is produced by
    a) Aspergillus niger
    b) Manascus purpureus
    c) Penicillium notatum
    d) Trichoderma polysporum

  • 22. Biome and Biogeochemical Cycle - Quiz

    1. Succulent xerophytes are likely to be found in
    a) Tropical rain forest
    b) Deciduous forest
    c) Desert
    d) Tundra

    2. CO2 of atmosphere has increased in the last 150 years from
    a) 25 to 35 ppm
    b) 270 to 340 ppm
    c) 0.027 to 0.34 ppm
    d) 0.2 to 0.3 ppm