Class/Course - Class XII

Subject - Biology

Total Number of Question/s - 4195

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  • 1. Reproduction in Organisms - Quiz

    1. In which one pair both the plants can be vegetatively propagated by leaf pieces
    a) Bryophyllum and Kalanchoe
    b) Chrysanthemum and Agave
    c) Agave and Kalanchoe
    d) Asparaus and Bryophyllum

    2. What is common between vegetative reproduction and Apomixis
    a) Both occur round the year
    b) Both produces progeny identical to the parent
    c) Both are applicable to only dicot plants
    d) Both bypass the flowering phase

  • 2. Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants - Quiz

    1. A pollen tube grows down the style because
    a) It helps in fertilization
    b) It takes nutrients from the style
    c) Filiform apparatus of synergids attracts the pollen tube
    d) Of chemical attraction

    2. Embryo sac is
    a) Megasporangium
    b) Megaspore
    c) Female gametophytr
    d) Female gamete

  • 3. Human Reproduction - Quiz

    1. Cryptorchidism is the condition in man when
    a) There are two testis in each scrotum
    b) Testis do not descent into the scrotum
    c) Testis enlarge in the scrotum
    d) Testis degenerate in the scrotum

    2. Which is immortal
    a) Plasma cell
    b) Germ cell
    c) Brain cell
    d) Kidney cell

  • 4. Reproductive Health - Quiz

    1. July 11 is observed as
    a) World population day
    b) No tobacco day
    c) World environment day
    d) World health day

    2. Which one of the following statements is correct regarding Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD)
    a) A person many contact syphilis by sharing milk with one already suffering from the disease
    b) Heamophilia is one of the STD
    c) Genital herpes and sickle - cell anaemia are both STDD
    d) The chances of a 5 year boy contacting a STD are very little

  • 5. Principles of Inheritance and Variation - Quiz

    1. Both sickle cell anaemia and huntingtons chorea are
    a) Pollutant induced disorders
    b) Virus -related diseases
    c) Bacteria-related diseases
    d) Congenitial disorders

    2. Mongoloid condition is related to or in mongolism a patient shows
    a) Monosomy
    b) Trisomy
    c) Nullisomy
    d) None of the above

  • 6. Molecular Basis of Inheritance - Quiz

    1. Which one of the following group of codons is called as degenerate codons
    a) UAA, UAG and UGA
    b) GUA, GUG, GGA, GCG and GAA
    c) UUC, UUG, CCU, CAA and CUG
    d) UUA, UUG, CUU, CUC and CUG
    e) AAC, AAG, GAC and CGG

    2. Restriction endonucleases
    a) Are used for in vitro DNA synthesis
    b) Are synthesized by bacteria as part of defense mechanism
    c) Are present in mammalian cells for degraduation of DNA when the cells dies
    d) Are used in genetic engineering for ligating two DNA molecules

  • 7. Evolution - Quiz

    1. Which is basis of evolution
    a) Cell
    b) Individual
    c) Population
    d) Species

    2. Two zoogeographical regions separated by high mountain ranges are
    a) Palaeartic and Oriental
    b) Oriental and Australian
    c) Nearctic and Palaearctic
    d) Neotropical and Ethiopian

  • 8. Human Health and Disease - Quiz

    1. ELISA is used to detect viruses, where
    a) Alkaline phosphatase is the key reagent
    b) Catalase is the key reagent
    c) DNA-probes are requried
    d) Southern blotting is done

    2. A person likely to develop tetanus is immunized by administering
    a) Dead germs
    b) Preformed antibodies
    c) Wide spectrum antibiotics
    d) Weakened germs

  • 9. Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production - Quiz

    1. Credit for bringing green revolution to India goes to
    a) B.P. Pal
    b) Norman Borlaug
    c) M.S. Swaminathan
    d) K.C. Mehta

    2. Aims of plant breeding are to produce
    a) Disese-free varieties
    b) High yielding varieties
    c) Early maturing varieties
    d) All of the above

  • 10. Microbes in Human Welfare - Quiz

    1. Germinating barely seeds are employed in the preparation of
    a) Cheese
    b) Wine
    c) Bear
    d) Lactic acid

    2. Reninn used in cheese industry is
    a) Antibiotic
    b) Alkaloid
    c) Enzyme
    d) Inhibitor

  • 11. Biotechnology : Principles and Processes - Quiz

    1. In genetic engineering , the antibiotics are used
    a) As selectable markers
    b) To select healthy vectors
    c) As sequences from where replication starts
    d) To keep the cultures free of inflection

    2. An analysis of chromosomal DNA using the southern hybridization technique does not use
    a) Autoradiograpgy
    b) PCR
    c) Electrophoresis
    d) Blotting

  • 12. Biotechnology and its Applications - Quiz

    1. Most widely used bioweapon is
    a) Bacillus subtiles
    b) Pseudomonas putida
    c) Bacillus anthracis
    d) None of the above

    2. What is true about Bt toxin
    a) The inactive protoxin gets converted into active form in the insect gut
    b) Bt protein exists as active toxin in the Bacillus
    c) The activated toxin enters the ovaries of the pest to sterilize it and thus prevent its multiplication
    d) The concerned Bacillus has antitoxins

  • 13. Organisms and Populations - Quiz

    1. An area of soil is thoroughly wetted and allowed to chain until capillary movement of water stopped. The water contents of the soil will give an estimate of its
    a) Capilliary water
    b) Storage water
    c) Field capacity
    d) Gravitational water

    2. Niche overlap indicates
    a) Sharing of one or more resouirces between the two specis
    b) Mutulism between two species
    c) Active cooperation between two species
    d) Two different parasites on the same host

  • 14. Ecosystem - Quiz

    1. Flow of energy declined from low to higher trophic level in ecosystem, is mainly explained by
    a) First law of thermodynamics
    b) Second law of thermodynamics
    c) Both of thesed
    d) None of the above

    2. The character of an ecosystem is determined by the enviornmental factor which is shortest supply. This is the
    a) Law of minimum
    b) Law of diminishing returns
    c) Law of limiting factors
    d) Law of supply and demand

  • 15. Biodiversity and Conservation - Quiz

    1. Choose the wrongly matched pair
    a) World Summit on Sustainable - Johannesburg Development , 2002
    b) Carror grass - Lantana
    c) Wildlife safari parks - Ex-sity conservation
    d) Amazon rain forest - Lungs of the planet
    e) Khasi and Jaintia hills - Meghalaya

    2. Rajaji National park is situated in
    a) Tamil nadu
    b) Karnataka
    c) Uttranchal
    d) Rajasthan

  • 16. Environmental Issues - Quiz

    1. Positive pollution is soil is due to
    a) Excessive use of fertilizers
    b) Addition of wastes on soil
    c) Reduction in soil productivity
    d) All of these

    2. Sewage water can be purified for recycling with the action of
    a) Aquatic plants
    b) Penicillin
    c) Micro-organisms
    d) Fishes

  • 17. Common Human Diseases - Quiz

    1. A patient brought to a hospital with myocardial infarction is normally immediately given
    a) Penicillin
    b) Streptokinase
    c) Cyclosporin-A
    d) Statins

    2. Which of the following will be curable in next two decades
    a) Cancer
    b) Polimyelitis
    c) Tuberculosis
    d) None of these

  • 18. Animal Husbandry - Quiz

    1. Silk contains a protein known as
    a) Fibroin
    b) Casein
    c) Sericin
    d) Both (a) and (c)

    2. Apiculture is associated with which of the following groups of plants
    a) Grapes, maize, potato
    b) Sugarcane, paddy, banana
    c) Guvava, sunflower, strawberry
    d) Pineapple , sugarcane, strawbeery

  • 19. Bioenergy - Quiz

    1. Pyrethrin is ectracted from
    a) Azadirachta indica
    b) Helianthus anus
    c) Poa indica
    d) Chrysanthemum cinerarifolium

    2. Which of the following plant species you would select for the production of bioethanol
    a) Brassica
    b) Zea mays
    c) Pongomia
    d) Jatropha

  • 20. Conservation of Natural Resources - Quiz

    1. Removal of top fertile soil by wind or water is
    a) Siltation
    b) Sil erosion
    c) Weathering of soil
    d) Leaching

    2. Land mass occupied by forest is about or according to Indian forest policy what percentage of the land area should be under forest cover
    a) 11%
    b) 22%
    c) 30%
    d) 60%

  • 21. Drug Addiction, Mental & Community Health - Quiz

    1. Nictosine acts as a stimulant bacause it mimics the effect of
    a) Thyroxine
    b) Acetylcholine
    c) Testosterone
    d) Dopamine

    2. Which of the following is a hallucinogen
    a) Lysergic acid diethylamide
    b) Psilocybin
    c) Mescaline
    d) All of thse

  • 22. Biome and Biogeochemical Cycle - Quiz

    1. Treeless biome of cold climate is
    a) Savannah biome
    b) Chapparal biome
    c) Temperate biome
    d) Tundra biome

    2. Succulent xerophytes are likely to be found in
    a) Tropical rain forest
    b) Deciduous forest
    c) Desert
    d) Tundra