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Q. Direction (66 - 70) : Study the following information to answer the given questions. Three ladies and four men are a group of friends i.e. R, M, T, S, L, w and Z. Each on has a different profession i.e. Lawyer, Travel Agent, Air-hostess, Doctor, Professor, Consultant and Jweller and each one owns a different car i.e. Alto, Corolla, Santro, Lancer, Lkon, Scorpio and Esteem, not necessarily in that order. None of the ladies is a Consultant or a Lawyer. T is an Air-hostess and she owns an Lkon car. R owns a Scorpio. M is not a Doctor. L is a Jeweller and he owns Corolla. W is a Lawyer and does not own Alto. Z is a Consultant and owns Santro. The Doctor owns Esteem car whereas the Professor owns Scorpio. The Travel Agent owns an Alto. None of the ladies owns a Scorpio.
Who owns the car Lancer?
  Data inadequate
  None of these 

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