Online Exam Software - Full Control

This Product is useful for the Institutes who want to conduct online tests for their student for various course/batch with own system and contents and also want to sell online test series. Institute can allot this software to its franchises or clients with website. Student can take test via laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile
    This Advance software gives you : :
  • Advance Online Examination Platform
  • Franchise/Client Management
  • Dynamic Website with Admin Panel (For online sales of test)
  • SMS/E-mail Integration and Channel
  • Payment Gateway Integration
B2B Module + B2C Module :
Create a New Franchise or Client and allot new software to them with a website. An Online Examination Management Software will automatically allot to franchises/client with website. Create Test Series and allot to Franchise or sell Test Series in your Website.


We provide Just Exam platform for conducting online test of enrolled students under any course or subject in a batch of an Institute and outsider Students can also purchase test series of that Institute. All registered institutes can use this Advance Examination software for conducting online exam & sell test series in market. Create a franchise/branch or client and allot new online examination software to them.

1. Super Admin Panel (B2B + B2C) : Super Admin is the head and can control working of Online Examination Software. It has right to create a new franchise/client and allot new software to them with website. Super Admin can use this software to conduct online test series in institute and can sell test series online in his website
    Things to be given :
  • Dynamic Website
  • Online Examination Software
  • Test Series Seller Platform
  • B2B Module Software(Software & Website)
  • Payment Gateway
  • SMS & E-Mail Gateway

2. Admin Panel (B2C) : In this panel admin(franchie/client) has right to create batches, test series, create question bank and student with limited controls and permission. Admin has authority to managing everything inside the application like batch management, student management, test series with section management and question bank management. Admin can use software easily to conduct online exam in institute.
Things to be given:
  • Website
  • Online Examination Software.

  • 3. Student Panel : In this panel, student can view his/her details and start the test at particular time which set by admin. Complete test and get results in Score Card, Question Report & Answer Report. Compare Result with topper and check your rank in Test.

    Application Working & Features

    This application having many module and we are describe some module brefely.
    1. Staff Management : Create staff and assign them work according to their profile. Staff can access a limited feature which is allotted by Super Admin/Admin.

    2. Franchise /Client Management : Create Franchise or client and allot them new software for conducting online Exam. Franchise/Client will open their panel and create test, add students and conduct exam. New Client will get Software and Website both for their institute purpose.

    3. Course/Batch Management : Create Course/Batch and its details (Amount & No. of tests) and allot test series into Course/Batch. Course/Batch will reflect in website and test series is available for sell. Admin is not bound to take test in a particular field while he is free to take a exam for various category like Engineering, Medical, Banking, SSC, Academics, GATE, IIT-JAM etc. After creating batch, admin schedule test series in a particular batch.

    4. Test Series Management : Create Tests according to test module and allot them into course. Add Sections, Marking Scheme, Test Start & close date and time and create instructions for the test.

    5. Question Bank Management : Admin can add question as per section wise in each test series either by adding one by one or import multi question from excel file. Each question has some tagging like difficulty level (easy, medium, difficult). Admin can set number of question as per test. Add questions in test. Just Exam provides 8 Indian Languages for Online Exam Module. Add Images, use mathematical formulas, scientific equation and create tables in question & answer.

    6. Coupon Management : Create coupons for particular course and assign discount or full discount on purchase of test series. Create validity date for coupon which is used at once.

    7. Student Management : Student can Register them from website and purchase your test series according to requirement. In Institute, staff can add students and allot them test according to their course.

    8. Payment Gateway : Payment Gateway will be integrated into Website so student can purchase their test series. All the transaction records are fully maintained into your Payment gateway provider panel. Net Banking, Credit/Debit Cards & NEFT applicable.

    9. SMS/E-mail Integration & Channels : SMS & E-mail channels will be linked into your software and send custom notifications to your client or student.

    10. Website : Dynamic Website will be given to Super Admin for promotion their brand value and for selling test series. Their Clients will also get website for conducting exam into their name.

    * Exam Management : As per requirement of Institutes, We create examination envirnment and our examination manager allow the following :-
    • Refreshing during live exam/test has no effect on reverse timer.
    • Student answer selection is fed into system in real time.
    • Student can change the chosen option (as per admin permission).
    • Unmark the selected option.
    • No effect of internet connection lost.
    • Back up is maintained on internet lost or electricity disconnection.
    * Some Other Benefits are as :-
    • Print facilities of student admit card (individual/batch wise)
    • Print facilities of any test for offline test.
    • Set message and email permission for all steps.
    • Deeply student result reports.
    • Send notification to any student.
    • No exam lost after disconnect internet connection.
    • No time lost after power failure.
    • Mobile, tablets, desktop optimization.
    • Color combination as per client requirement.
    • User friendly panel with organization name and logo.
    On demand we also provide the question bank for various subject as per class/course.


    For live demo, feel free to write at or Call at +91 - 9212462845

    HOW TO USE [Any one can implement this product in 3 ways]

      We provide complete authority of Super Admin, Admin and Students panel to using this product on annual base. Payment terms will be as per module.

      For any query contact us at or call at +91 - 9212462845
      For instant query for plan and pricing, fill following form and got all details at your email..
      Interested institutes can run this product at own website or at own domain (like User need to pay in following terms :-
      1. One Time Set Up Fee.
      2. Server Rent (depends on the load of their website traffic).
      For any query contact us at or call at +91 - 9212462845
      For instant query for plan and pricing, fill following form. We will update you soonly.
      We provide complete source code of admin and students panel's to using this product. User can run it any where at any server and editing every thing as per their requirement.
      For any query contact us at or call at +91 - 9212462845
      For instant query for plan and pricing, fill following form. We will update you soonly.