Online Assessment - DGET MODULE

This product is usefull for the assessment body who want to conduct online assessment to trained student for any sector skill council under Director General of Training (DGE&T).

Online Assessment


We provide just platform to be conduction online assessment of enrolled students under any sector skill council of DGET. All registered assessment body can use this application for conductioning assessment at any centre/batch. We provide 3 panel for operating this application :-

1. Admin Panel : In this panel assessment body has to right to create assessors and student with limited controls and permission. Admin has authority to managing every thing inside the application like assessor manangement, student management, sector management, centre and batch management, question bank management, assessment management and more..

2. Assessor Panel : In this panel assessor can use the application as per his/her authority. Main uses of this panel is to conduct student assessment for a particular centre wise batch at scheduling time.

3. Student Panel : In this panel, student can view his/her details and create a link for continue assessment at particular time which set by admin.

Application Working & Features

This application having many module and we are describe some module brefely.
1. Sector Management : We provide all sector list to admin from which they can choose sectors as per requirement. Currently sectors are

2. Question Bank Management :Admin can add question as per section wise in each sector either by adding one by one or import multi question from excel/word file. Each question has some taging like difficulty level (easy, medium, difficult) and type of question like MCQ, MSQ, True - False, One Word, Integer Type etc. At the time of scheduling an assessment, admin can choose number of question from question pool as per requirement.

3. Assessment Management : At the time of scheduling of any assessment, admin can schedule with following features :-
Set assessor's for particular assessment.
Schedule assessment for a particular batch at any centre.
Set Pic Permission before start assessment for students.
Set allowded time for completion of assessment.
Set schedule date and time of assessment.
Set exam password for opening assesment.
Set question channel permission during the assessment like Single question pattern, multiple question pattern, View back question, Inform before submittion, Change opted option/s, View attempted answer sheet, All questions are mandatory.
Set question pattern permission during the assessment like Randomly Every Question, Randomly as per Level ASC, Randomly as per Level DESC, As per level ASC, As per level DESC.
Set Typing test or Viva after completion of MCQ Test
See questions from pool as per selection of section wise with difficulty level.

4. Examination Management : As per DGET guideline, We create examination envirnment and our examination manager allow the following :-
Refreshing during live exam/test has no effect on reverse timer.
Student answer selection is fed into system in real time.
Student can change the chosen option (as per admin permission).
Unmark the selected option.
No effect of internet connection lost.
Back up is maintained on internet lost or electricity disconnection.
Window cannot navigate during the assessment.

5. Some Other Benefits are as :-
Print facilities of student admit card (individual/batch wise)
Print facilities of student admit card (individual/batch wise)
Print facilities of assessor admin card.
Set multicentre with single assessor.
Deeply student result reports.
Send notification to any assessors at exam times.
No exam lost after disconnect internet connection.
No time lost after power failure.
Multi type of question is a exam. (i.e. single correct option, multi correct option, true – false, fill in the blanks, one word, integer type..etc)
Mobile, tablets, desktop optimization.
Color combination as per client requirement.
User friendly panel with organization name and logo.


For live demo, feel free to write at or Call at +91 - 9212462845

HOW TO USE [Any one can implement this product in 3 ways]
    We provide complete authority of Admin, Assessor and Students panel to using this product on the bases on number of assessment. Payment terms will be as follow :-
    1. Initial amount for creating panels
    2. Per assessment charge
    3. Annual Maintanance

    For any query contact us at or call at +91 - 9212462845
    Interested assessment body can run this product at own website or at own domain (like User need to pay in following terms :-
    1. One Time Set Up Fee.
    2. Server Rent (depends on the load of their website traffic).
    For any query contact us at or call at +91 - 9212462845
    We provide complete source code of admin, assessor and students panel's to using this product. User can run it any where at any server and editing every thing as per their requirement.
    For any query contact us at or call at +91 - 9212462845
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