How to deal with stress - Stress Management for Students

How to deal with stress - Stress Management for Students

As a young generation, Students must be happy and filled with a new enthusiasm to experience the world. But being a generation with least responsibility, they actually face more stress. A recent survey found that 65% of students feel stressed.
Factors for students stress can be following:

                Financial Difficulties
                Combining Job with studies
                Family expectations
                Deadlines and workload all induce stress in students

When amount of stress is moderate it can be useful for students and will work for them to be motivated, but high amount of stress will create disturbance in their life.
Being a student each and every spare minute of the day is filled with various worries like what and how to achieve make future plans. Despite of relaxing in holidays, look to do internship to make impact into CV or working somewhere part time for that extra pocket money.

Below are given few tips for relieving stress.

Have healthy diets – It’s a very old saying healthy minds leaves in a healthy body. You must take healthy food and avoid junk foods. Try taking more of vitamin C such us Oranges or Citrus limetta. It will increase your immunity further helping in release stress.
Regular exercise: Exercise here does not mean going to gym or typical gym exercises. A 20 min walk or cycling will be enough to refresh your mind. One must play atleast one sports once in a week to relive stress.
Following your hobby: Giving time to your favorite activity is really a stress buster. One must give it a try. It can be any thing like  listening to music , Drawing , Sketching , Playiong with your pet  etc. 
Laugh: We all must have heard an old saying “laughter is the best medicine”, and it's really true. Laughing out loud actually boosts oxygen and blood flow which automatically reduces stress level. Take out time for yourself, log out of social Media and take small breaks.
Time Management: Students must manage their time well. Divide your time efficiently for every work. So that one must not get confused between. 

The thumb rule is to be positive and manage things; we hope the above tips will help you to regain a stress free life soon!!