Necessary Information for Online Examinations Platform

Necessary Information for Online Examinations Platform

If you are looking to implement Online Examination platform for your institute then it is essential to understand new platform implications in terms of process change, automation, security aspect during online examination process.

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1. Defining the Process:
While traditional examination has defined process, it is important to understand process changes related to online examination. Technology infrastructure is needed compared to traditional classrooms so that each student can have single computer for the exam. Apart from infrastructure there should be power backup to manage smooth processing of the examination. Infrastructure setup is one time activity and it would provide huge cost saving for subsequent online examinations to be conducted.

2. Technology Security:
Online Examination platform should be secure and it should have proper mechanism to store results and responses of each student along with timer management. Platforms like Eklavvya provide secure way to manage all such information. Platform should be secure to handle scalability when hundreds of students simultaneously appearing for the exam.

3. Prevention of Copying:
Online examination is generally included objective questions and each student get random sequence of questions. So it prevents copying of the answers by the students. There is timer for each student so exam gets finished as soon as timer show no time remaining. Since question sequence for each student is different and pattern of exam is same, such exam can be conducted over the period of time instead of having thousands of students simultaneously appearing for the exam.

4. Automation of Authentication:
Online Assessment solution like Just Exam provides automated authentication with Web Camera photo capture. It can capture image of the student sitting in front of computer during random times.

5. Cost Saving :
While analyzing overall cost saving institute can look at the long term and short term aspect. Platform like Just Exam is available with cloud hosting pay as you go model so investment related to software is zero. However if your institute does not have IT infrastructure then there will be initial investment related to purchase of computers, networking devices etc.

Dr. Shiv Anand
Dr. Shiv AnandSubject Matter Expert
Anand Sir is ex lecturer in post graduate college (Janta Vedic College, Baraut, UP) and having 15 Years teaching experience to teach B.Sc/M.Sc standard students of Indian University as well as US/UK Students. His mission is To provide world-class education through latest technology and high quality educational services to students around the world so he launch an International Online Educational Company.

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  • neeraj kumar
    neeraj kumar

    Update at 16/06/2016

    this application is freekly good. test series are also cheaper as compare to other application.

  • kamal

    Update at 16/06/2016

    really helpful for modern era where answer keys are leaked aday before exams.

  • Rajesh Jain
    Rajesh Jain

    Update at 14/02/2016

    This application is totally hassle free for teachers. On time of taking exam, teachers make different types of preparation for taking successful exam. But taking exam on this system is fully secure and save.

  • Anil Swami
    Anil Swami

    Update at 14/02/2016

    It is very easy to use this application because all necessary information are already explained in a systematic way. All features of this system are meaningful but security feature is very useful and save.

  • Varun khurana
    Varun khurana

    Update at 14/02/2016

    This system of online test series is very cheaper in comparing with other online test series in market. Only required functions are in it. There are no other hidden charges included in it. Only reasonable charges are charged.