Leading Online Examination Software
 Jul 06, 2016

Leading Online Examination Software

Unique Tutor Arc Pvt. Ltd. provides you the best online examination software.
Our team of specialized and experts had developed this software according to the market requirement. We had made certain changes and introduced this software with some new features. We are working on this market from past 10 decades.
Our software has beautiful interface which can be easily used by both test conductors and students appearing in the exam. The main objective of our software is to provide all specification that examination software must have with a user friendly interface
Specification of our software:

  • User’s management (creates, insert, update, delete, login)
  • Categories management (supports multiple-level categories)
  • Question management (supports 4 types of question with audio, video for each question)
  • Papers management (a paper is a set of questions, which will used for creating an exam or practice)
  • Exams management (admin can create, update, delete an exam, assign users to take exam)
  • Practices management (like Exam but practice is created for improving, revising knowledge purpose)
  • Exam's Parts management
Our motto is to give best to you so that you can lead your market with best precision. We never compromise with quality. we offer A grade product at cheap price, so that you can work effectively an efficiently.