How to Launch an Online Test Series for Your Coaching Institute

How to Launch an Online Test Series for Your Coaching Institute

Launching an online test series for your coaching institute can be a great way to improve the customer experience and grow your business. You’ll need to create a well-written test series, make sure your participants are interested in participating, and measure the results. If all goes according to plan, you should see increased customer engagement and new business opportunity.

What is an Online Test Series

An online test series is a way to create and manage a series of tests that can be used to assess the skills of potential clients or students. The tests can be created and administered by a third party such as Just Exam.

How to Start an Online Test Series

To start an online test series, you first need to contact a company like Just Exam. They will give you a presentation and demo that matches your requirement. After every thing is finalized an online test series software will be activated on your desired domain for you. A website is created where all live test series will be published. From the admin account you will create the staff and assign them roles to create practice tests, mock tests and quizzes. All the features and tools required for creating, managing, and administering your tests will be available in the admin. The students on your website will register for free to attempt some free tests. Later on they can buy the full fledged test series for their exams.

How to Use an Online Test Series

Once you have created your test series, you can use various tools within the provider’s platform to administer and measure the results of your tests. These tools include:
- A scoring engine that calculates how well each question was answered;
- An analysis tool that helps you understand how well each question was answered;
- A feedback tool that allows you to rate how well each question was answered;
- A history tool that allows you to see how frequently each question has been asked;
- A chat room where users can discuss questions and answer questions together;
- A viewer which allows you to view video examples of questions from your test series; and
- A study guide that allows you to follow the steps needed to answer questions in your test series.

The Benefits of Launching an Online Test Series

The benefits of launching an online test series can be many, depending on the type of test series you choose to create and run. For example, a client development test series can offer testers the opportunity to learn new software development techniques and how to work with different teams. Additionally, online test series can also be used as a way to measure progress and assesses readiness for future projects.

What are the Benefits of Using an Online Test Series

When using an online test series, there are a few key benefits that should be considered:
- The ability to conduct tests from anywhere in the world
- The convenience of having tests sent directly to your participants
- The ability to have multiple rounds of testing at different times (this allows for better reliability and accuracy)
- The ability to explore different test series designs and content
- The ability to adjust test series conditions, such as difficulty levels or time limits

Tips for Starting an Online Test Series

If you’re starting an online test series for your coaching institute, make sure to use the right software. In order to run a successful online test series, you need to have the proper testing tools in place. This includes a software that is specifically designed for online exams, such as JUST EXAM.
Choose the Right Test Series
When choosing a test series, make sure to choose one that will be of use to your coaching institute. For example, if you’re planning on running tests in multiple cities throughout different months of the year, choose a series that covers all of those cities at once. Additionally, make sure to choose a timed-out period so students can easily PASS or FAIL without wasting time.
Choose the Right Time of Year to Start an Online Test Series
It’s important to choose the right time of year when launching an online test series so students have plenty of opportunities to take them and avoid too much stress during busy coaching seasons. You can launch tests in 2 months prior the tests dates so there are plenty of days off from coaching for students and instructors alike, and there are no major holidays that would cause Test Day headaches.
Choose the Right Place to Launch an Online Test Series
Finally, it’s important to find a place where your testing environment will be comfortable and conducive to learning (e.g., a library). Make sure your testing location is close by shops and restaurants that offer good food and drinks, so students can relax after taking their tests!
Launching an online test series can be a great way to get your business up and running. However, it's important to follow some simple steps in order to make sure your test series goes well. By choosing the right online test series software and timing the launch correctly, you can ensure a successful rollout. Additionally, by choosing the right place to launch your online test series, you can minimize any potential glitches. Thanks for reading!