Comparision of ONLINE and PAPER BASES exams

Comparision of ONLINE and PAPER BASES exams

With many educational institutes trying to adopt online assessment/examination methodology and some are still favoring traditional method of exam. Just Exam provide all facilities to ORGANIZATION/INSTITUTES/SCHOOLs to conduction online exams for their ward (Students/Clients/Employee). Here We are explaining some of the differences for Online Examination approach.

SN Parameters Online Exam Paper Based Exam
1 Security of Examination Paper Online exam provides flexibility and security for question paper as each student can get random questions of same exam pattern. It is not possible to set different exam paper for different student and there are chances of leakage of exam paper while passing it to different examination centers.
2 Result Processing Online Examination Results are instant and accurate In case of paper based exam overheads associated with verification of answers and result processing are huge and prone to errors
3 Examination Center Online Exam can be conducted where candidate can appear for it from remote examination centers with web camera surveillance technique. So hundreds or thousands of students can appear for it from various locations In case of traditional exam, management of examination includes classroom infrastructure, question paper, answer sheets
4 Logistic Logistic cost is minimum Logistic cost is high
5 Subjective Questions Online Exam can have limitations for subjective exams like drawing, diagrams. While Just Exam provide all facilities to conducting Subjective Exams. No such limitations for paper based exam.
6 Per Examination Cost Due to flexibility of online examination cost per candidate can be around Rs. 5 to Rs. 25 including examination center cost. Paper based exam would cost more than Rs 50 to Rs. 100 per candidate.
7 Supervisor Online Exam can be managed in auto surveillance mode where web camera connected to the system would take snapshot of the student appearing for the exam. This would ensure that same student is appearing for the exam and system is able to keep track on student during exam. For each designated set of students supervisor is required.

Dr. Shiv Anand
Dr. Shiv AnandSubject Matter Expert
Anand Sir is ex lecturer in post graduate college (Janta Vedic College, Baraut, UP) and having 15 Years teaching experience to teach B.Sc/M.Sc standard students of Indian University as well as US/UK Students. His mission is To provide world-class education through latest technology and high quality educational services to students around the world so he launch an International Online Educational Company.

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  • vaishali

    Update at 17/06/2016

    This test series will build up confidence in you. The more test you’ll give, the better you’ll understand your strong and weak areas. It also gives you the opportunity to try every question with a confident attitude.