Bringing ease in examination through online exam software

Bringing ease in examination through online exam software

Online Exam software’s play a vital role in bringing improvement and ease in examination process for every stakeholder like students, teachers and educational institutions.

Online Exam software is a step towards providing a better environment by making available an option for the introduction of automation in examination process which includes setting of question paper by teacher evaluation of answer book and the preparation of result, report cards for the students.

The online exam software performs various functions related to examination process which are otherwise performed by teachers and administrator of institutions and thus bringing ease in examination system.

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Some of these functions are –

  • Online Exam software simplifies the whole examination process and create an ease in all operational difficulties which arise during conduction of examinations in offline manner such as registering students, generating a unique ID for students, generating different set of question papers, evaluation of digital answer books based on answer already fed in exam software, generating report cards and analyzing student’s performance of all these in digital format.
  • Online Exam software makes exams a convenient and easy to perform activity for all teachers, students and educational institutions. The exam software introduces an element of quickness in the entire examination process. The students can obtain the solution of the question paper immediately after completing their exams. This feature helps the student to check their performance and correct error for future use and learn the concept when it is still fresh in their mind. In this way it plays an important role in learning and development of in-depth knowledge of the subject concerned.
  • Online Exam software is designed to store and retrieve bulk data. It helps the institutions not only in handling the large amount of data processing but also in reduction of operational cost and also in saving the precious time.
  • For teachers and professor, the use of online exam software serves dual advantage. At first the software enables them to enter the sequencing of questions in question paper which can easily lead to generation of multiple set of same paper. Secondly it helps in quick and automated grading of their student performance right after the completion of the exam in almost no time. Both of these feature saves a lot of time and energy which again can be used for some extra teaching or research work.
  • Online exam software has remote accessibility and are not constrained by any geographic boundaries. Hence these are less nerve-wracking for both teachers and students as they provide a synchronized user-friendly interface.